Monday, December 29, 2014

Weekend Review {12/29}

Due to lack of participation, we've dropped the Music Monday linkup.  Boooo.

We're gonna take it back a bit since it was a long weekend and I didn't post on Friday because I'm a slacker.


Christmas Eve.. I had to be at Target at 0430 and ughhhh, it was difficult.  Granted, I think that's what time the flow team should normally come in since I think it looks like ass to have a team unpacking and stocking shelves and making the store look like ass right at opening time, but my opinion doesn't matter.

I picked up Starbucks with Lauren from Target before heading home.  Mr. Mystery (which will no longer be a mystery tomorrow, so come back!) had messaged me to tell me that he was going to get a haircut before coming home.  That was perfect since it gave me a chance to swing by the post office and mail off Teh MD Roomies' cmas presents (because better late than never, but I couldn't be too late since I got Teh MD Teenage Roomie a Disney gift certificate (which she knows now so I can tell you too) since they are going to DW in January).  I came home and Mr. Mystery kept giving me crap for not being ready since he was home before me.

I wasn't really in a rush on Wednesday since we were going to home, home, NC to be with my family on Cmas and the only thing we had to accomplish was the 3.5 hour drive to get there.  I knew that there was no reason to get in a hurry since there were going to be lots of people on the road and it was raining, so I was taking it all in strides.. UNTIL Mr. Mystery threw away the remainder of my Starbucks and I tried to slay him with my eye daggers.

We managed to make it to home, home before dinnertime.  After spaghetti for dinner, Mr. Mystery and I took the dogs on a walk and scalded our skin off in Teh Dad's hot tub.  Mr. Mystery was right, we should have gotten Teh Dad a hot tub thermometer for Christmas since that thing is so unbearably hot.

The first best part of the drive.

The 2nd best part of the drive.

The only real issue we had was that Teh Stepsister was being awkward and refusing to hang out with us, which we tried to ignore, and she also had the big bedroom, which meant that Mr. Mystery, myself, Phil, and Meri were supposed to all fit in "the dungeon" which is a small room that is almost literally filled with the full size bed.  As in, the door doesn't fully open all the way.  Thus, the dungeon.  Teh Dad said that Phil and Meri could sleep with them, since Teh Stepsister refused to give up the big bedroom for 2 nights while we were there.  Le siiigh.


It was Christmas Day and by 0830 apparently, no one wanted to get up.  Teh Puppies had woken up Teh Dad and Teh Stepmom at 0600 and instead of telling them to go back to bed, they got up with them and fed them and took them out for business.  They came back in and went to back to bed since it was after-breakfast-naptime for the dogs.

Mr. Mystery didn't seem to keen on getting out of bed so I left him in bed and went upstairs to check the internets.  Teh Dad finally got out of bed and soon after Teh Stepmom emerged and Mr. Mystery came upstairs.  We were waiting on Teh Stepsister to come upstairs for presents and at first she said she wasn't coming up and I got pissed off.  Really?  On Christmas day you want to be like that?  In the end, she ended up coming upstairs and hanging out with us and opening presents.  It was great for it not to be as awkward as it was the night before and everyone was together and happy and yay.  I don't do well with situations like that and said as much when Teh Stepmom said that Teh Stepsister was going to stay in her room and open presents later.  No, we are not children.  /endrant.

Phil and Meri opened their presents before we left SC.
2 huge bags of beggin' strips and 2 busy bones later, they were pleased puppies.

After the slow start to the day, Christmas was awesome.  We opened presents and everyone was pleased with their presents.  After breakfast, Mr. Mystery, the doggies, and I headed over to see Teh Granny.  Phil and Meri had a good time playing in Teh Granny's yard.  While we were watching them play, Teh BFF and her husband were driving home and they stopped to socialize for a short bit.  Meri found a baby copperhead, which Teh BFF's husband killed since he finds snakes fascinating.  I was just glad she didn't get bit since that would have been a definite e-vet visit.  No baby rabbits were killed in this yard session, but Meri did dig a HUGE hole in Teh Granny's yard, le siiigh.  It's good she's cute.  After a while, we headed back to Teh Dad's with Teh Granny's computer so I could do some updates on it.

Phil was really having a good time with the 2nd half of his busy bone.
I gave them their bones while we were opening presents to keep them occupied.  Me = genius.

Eww.  Everyone thought I was strange for taking a photo.

I spent several hours going through photos on my computer to transfer to her's since she likes looking at photos.  I gave her almost 16gigs of photos.  While I was doing that, everyone else was napping.  Boooooring.  I tried to lay down with Mr. Mystery but I got bored not falling asleep, so I got back up and went to the computer to pass my time.

We didn't have a big thanksgiving Christmas meal, which was ok with me.  We had a normal dinner and afterwards Teh BFF and her husband came back to exchange cmas presents and she let me borrow her external hard drive so I could finish transferring the photos to Teh Granny's computer.  After they left, we watched some TV with Teh Dad and eventually went to bed.  Since we left while everyone was at work/gone on Friday, we said our goodbyes before bed.

Phil couldn't figure out why he couldn't have any cheeseball.


After taking care of the dogs, I got ready to leave.  I waited on Mr. Mystery to get up and get ready and then we had to take Teh Granny's computer back to her and then we were headed back to SC.  We spent a little longer at Teh Granny's that I had intended, but we weren't on a time schedule, so I didn't really mind spending the extra time with her to look through some photos.

I let Mr. Mystery drive back to SC, which was to both of our mental peace.  He's an unbearable passenger and I'd rather listen to him yell at every possible asshole on the road than deal with his over the top reactions to what he judges as bad driving, even though I was driving almost exactly like he does.  Whatevs, he obviously didn't read that one post about my skillz.

When we got home, we unloaded Yurtle and Phil was ready to leave again and jumped back in the car which was adorable but too soon.  A few minutes later, I realized that Meri was NO WHERE to be found...  After searching the entire house, I looked outside and realized the gate to the backyard had broken and the gate was open.  I panicked.  I immediately started yelling for Meri and having a minor heart attack.  When I reached the front of the house, she ran up to me from the garage like, Mom, I've been waiting for you to let me in the front door, duh!  I managed to grab her and Mr. Mystery and I assessed the gate situation and realized it was broke, broke and it needed to be fixed.  We closed it back and hoped for the best.

Let's go, Mom! -Phil

We didn't really feel motivated to make dinner so we went out to Texas Roadhouse.  Our service this time was phenomenal, which was a nice change of pace from the last few times we'd been there.  After, we came home and I started the NC puzzle that Mrs. Reflective (yep, there was a subtle change of designation there) got me for cmas.  Since I was supposed to go to Target on Saturday morning, we went to bed by 10pm.

Mrs. Reflective got me the puzzle mat AND the NC puzzle.  WIN!


I woke up late on Saturday morning and would have been an hour late getting to Target for work.. if I had actually went.  I just didn't really feel like going, so I didn't.  I didn't even call in and I don't feel a little bad about it.  I was dressed, had on my name tag, and even had my lunchbox in my hand and was headed out the door.  I was almost to the laundry room, which is the last room before going to the garage, when I looked back at the puzzle and though, nahhhhhhh, do not want.  I put my lunch back in the fridge and restarted working on the puzzle.  When Mr. Mystery got up a bit later, he was confused at why I was still home and I explained that I didn't feel like going to Target.  His response was, "I wish I could do that."  My response, "I waited 6 years to be able to do that.  I would never do this with a real job that I actually cared about."

We finished the NC puzzle and while Mr. Mystery got ready to go on a motorcycle ride, I pulled out the puzzle I had gotten myself for Christmas (don't judge).  I spent most of the day working on the puzzle until Mr. Mystery came home from his ride with liquor for our white elephant party later that evening.  Once he reminded me it was time to get ready, I pried myself away from the puzzle, which is extremely difficult for me, and baked cookies and wrapped our presents.

Complete!  Mr. Mystery was so NC educated after we were finished.
(Yes, I stood on the chair to get the photo.  #shortpeoplerule)

Mom, let me in! -Meri

Phil has taken to laying in the dead flowers.  Le siiigh.

Teh Stepmom gave me a musical jewelry box for cmas and since I already have the full length mirror/jewelry box that I got when I was in MD, I didn't really have a need for it.  I regifted that and a bottle of cranberry rum that Mr. Mystery had picked up.  For Mr. Mystery's gift, I wrapped the bottle of vodka that he had picked up and a bottle of Bath and Body Works soap.  I actually meant to also include a cranberry candle that has 2011 printed on it, but failed at that part.  Regift fail.

We went to the white elephant party with Teh SC House Finder and Teh Architect.  I was surprised that the cranberry rum was so popular that it was traded the max amount of times!  I was 7th out of 40 people, so I was picking based on which wrapping paper was the most awesome.  I found one with mustaches and I knew it was for me.  The probably was, every time I touched it, it vibrated and it kinda freaked me out.. but I proceeded anyways.  When I opened it, it was a vibrating pillow and inside of it was a summer sausage.  Teh SC House Finder and I agreed that it was very fitting that I got the most inappropriate gift of all.  Everyone got a good cackle when I pulled the sausage in and out of the pillow in the dirtiest way possible.  You can take the girl out of the navy, but you can't take the sailor out of the girl.  I then proceeded to hide my present because I didn't want anyone stealing it, which was a success.

I thought it was a very interesting tree.
All the art in the house was done by one of the residents, which was awesome.


She made everyone at the party be quiet so we could listen to the music.

Apparently these sailboat sailors really love their rum.
Which I believe is a solid life choice.

There was lots of liquor/wine as presents.  Teh SC House Finder and Teh Architect brought lottery tickets which were a hot commodity and a baking set, which no one wanted.  Mr. Mystery ended up with an ear wax vacuum and a tortilla bowl maker.  But we had a good time, which is what counted.

We came home and let the pups out and went to bed.  Mr. Mystery insisted on reading, so he got to use his new book light that Teh Dad got him for cmas, which was awesome for me because that meant drunk Megan got to pass out without the lamp on, which only serves to keep me awake.


I intended to go to church Sunday morning, but the church I've been trying to go to for a month was having another combined service.  /wrist.  So since I was aware beforehand, I figured I'd go to the other church in the area that I went to that I wasn't a huge fan of.  When I got there, I noticed the sign said Dec 28th: combined service - 10am.  FML.  Really?  Ugh.

Instead, I went to Walmart and picked up OTC Nexium (yay no insurance for my prescription) and milk and decided to have a religious experience with some nexium and a carnation instant breakfast shake while doing more puzzle.  Mr. Mystery went out on another ride, which I practically pushed him out the door for, so I could do my puzzle and listen to my musics.  I was able to get the very hard puzzle about halfway done and take a nap and skype with Teh MD Roomies.  It was good Teh Megan time.

Oh how I missed you Nexium.  I underestimated the ways you were making my life better.
I'm sorry.

IDK why I thought this puzzle was a good idea.  The bottom half is 4 bags of red and one orange.  Ugghhh.

TWICE during my me time Meri disappeared.  The first time while I was skyping with Teh MD Roomies.  Teh MD Adult Roomie asked where Meri was and I said, "Oh, she's around here somewhere."  When I did a visual assessment, I couldn't find her inside, so I figured she was out in the yard playing, which is her preference of places to be 88% of the time.  A little while later she came running inside and got some water.  I then heard a knock on the door.  I figured it was my neighbor, but instead it was a girl who was about to ask me a question, then saw me trying to fight to keep Meri and Phil inside and she said, "Oh, she's your dog!  She's been all over the neighborhood!"  /facepalm.

Then we had a quick conversation about how the girl's family used to have greyhound, but they don't anymore and she asked to pet Phil and I kinda remembered her from Halloween.  After they left, I ran outside and closed the gate again and got back to my skype date.  A while later, Meri disappeared again and I couldn't find her and when I looked, the gate was open again!  HEART ATTACK!  I stood at the back gate and started yelling for her and she came running like she'd known she was going to get in trouble and like she missed me while she was gone.  This time, I worked smarter not harder and put the random cinder block that came with the house in front of the gate so it can't push open again.  I guess now I kinda know why the random building supplies were in the yard.

Mr. Mystery came home right after I had woken up from my nap.  While I worked on puzzle (yes, I'm an addict) Mr. Mystery worked on getting the grill going for dinner.  We watched the Panthers slay Atlanta while eating dinner and I worked on this post while he played Skyrim.  I had my megahuge Reese's Cup as dessert.. holy moly that thing.

I bought one of the 2lb packages of Reese's Cups from Target before Christmas and gave it to myself.  When I opened it, they looked perfect, but I knew there was no way I could eat a whole one so I cut one cup into quarters.  I'm hoping that Teh MD Adult Roomie can take the other cup off my hands when I get to see them the 19th (fingers crossed)!  I looked at the nutrition info (#badlifechoice) and saw that 1/12 of the package was 190 calories.

While it didn't really feel like Christmas at all this year, it was a good long weekend and I got to go home, home for a few days.  It wasn't as stress-free as I would have liked, butttttt  I HAVE A JOB!  That's become my mantra for when things are going crappy and I need a pick-me-up.

This week I'm planning on going shopping for my first day of school work outfit.  I've also got some stuff to return to a few stores and Victoria's Secret coupons and Kohl's cash I need to use before they expire.  This will be my last week working at Target, WOOOOOOO!!!!!!!  We're planning on doing a New Year's Eve gathering here since we have available sleeping spaces for people who want to partake of adult beverages.  Then next week, we're headed to CA for Russian Xmas with Mr. Mystery's family.  

2015 here I come!!

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  1. I hate when family has to act all weird, but at least it didn't last through Christmas! And I love that you just decided you didn't feel like going in! Haha! Take that work!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS ON THE NEW JOB!!!! I knew you'd find the right something soon!

    Because of you and all the puzzle talk I got Kev 2 puzzles for Christmas. We started to do one and I got overwhelmed by the 1000 pieces. I think I need a beginners puzzle, like 25 pieces.


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