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2014: October, November, December


October 1st marked 3 more navy working days and I was freaking out on the inside but I didn't tell anyone because I'm the master of nonchalance.  What if my worst nightmare came true and I couldn't find a job despite everyone's reassurances?  (Well, your life will suck, that's what.. and you'll just see won't you.. because that's exactly what happened.)

Target got in their halloween stuffs and I couldn't contain my excitement.

I got to ride in the MH-60R for my last day at the squadron.  I was having heart palpitations with my feet hanging out the door when we were over 70 feet in the air, but it was exhilarating and I can see why people would choose to be rescue swimmers.

I realized just how important I was to VX-1 when I had to schedule my own going away dinner and the only departing gift I received was a flask (which was pretty awesome), but I didn't get the standard navy treatment for when people leave the squadron (getting out or transferring) and I was a bit disappointed.  I tried not to be, but it stung a bit.  Teh MD Adult Roomie made up for it when she gave me a SoMD throw that she personalized for me.

I got a call for an interview but I couldn't make it to SC that day, so I scheduled an interview the next week...  I was unbearably pumped because the position was a perfect fit.  It didn't end up working out because the world hates me.

Teh MD Roomies and I did a color run my last weekend in town.

I noticed something very NOT good on Teh MD Teenage Roomie and we had a heart-to-heart because sometimes talking to your mom about certain things isn't what you really want and when it comes from someone else it helps a little more.  We still talked with Teh MD Adult Roomie about the situation, because as Mom she had to know.  I'm not good at being serious 99% of the time.  But when it comes to someone hurting themselves, I get very serious, very quickly.  I even get tears in my eyes thinking about the conversation we had to have as I type this.**  Being a teenager is difficult, but being an adult in that situation was even more difficult.

I accidentally killed my Camelbak water bottle and my life was crushed.

I got my 2nd holes in my ears that I'd been dreaming about the entire time I was in the Navy.

Teh MD Roomies and I made a final trip to DC to walk the Tidal Basin and take photos and we stopped at a corn maze on the way home and did a last Red Robin visit.

I left Teh Puppies in MD with Teh MD Roomies when I left for SC since Mr. Mystery and I were going on a cruise.  After we got back, I met Teh MD Adult Roomie in NC for a dog exchange.

We went on a cruise to Mexico and I got land sickness after coming back.  It's a real thing.

My song of the month was Jesus Paid It All after hearing it in PA when I went to church with the Raleigh Roomies.

The Teh Household started our weekly Saturday night hangouts with Teh SC House Finder and her husband (and eventually family).

I became a Target employee.  Little did I know how quickly my life would complete it's downward spiral.

Kathy announced no more Humpday Confessions and the blogging world was crushed.

I dyed my hair blue.

We went to NC to pick up Mr. Mystery's new motorcycle and hit up the NC State Fair with Teh Advising Sister while we were in Raleigh because I'd never been despite living a mile away for 3 years.  Megan fail.

I finally finished How I Met Your Mother and I'm still not sure if I liked the ending or not.

I was Thing 2 for Halloween since I had blue hair.

I went to motorcycle safety class.


Job hunting really started getting the best of me and the depression about the entire situation was going strong.

I day-drank and it was a disaster because I was drinking with a purpose and I ended up with a trashcan in my lap by 1830 and Mr. Mystery could barely tolerate the last drink I had poured myself.  #whyistherumgone (because Megan drank it)

I started playing Katamari again.

I started to tolerate football season (again).

The weekly Saturday hangout was still going in full swing.

I admitted that I missed running.  I haven't really been running since I arrived in SC and I can tell via the 10 lbs that I've packed on and how tight my pants are, bleh.

I took up reading again for serious.  I finished several books, to include The Help, Gone Girl, If I Stay, Where She Went, and a few others.  I finally figured out that I hate almost all books until several chapters in.

I went to a Greyhound event in the area and was disappointed.

I purchased some Cards Against Humanity stuff and now the only expansion I don't have is #5, but that is fixable.  Side note:  I just realized that the instructions on the box expansion (the cards that came with the Bigger Blacker Box) actually say do not use.  That would explain why no one ever wins when they play those cards.  I hate the box expansion, honestly.

I went to my first SC church and wasn't a fan.

I was unbearably excited for the release of 22 Jump Street.

I became infatuated with menstrual cups and wouldn't haven't stopped talking about them.

I was getting the hair blues.. bahahah blues, like blue.  Get it?

Working on the weekend hit me and it sucked and I hated it and I need a real life job.

My interview with a temp agency was crap and they've only contacted me once since to see how my job search is going (that they've done nothing to help me with).

I wrote a feelz post about just how downward the spiral had gotten.

Mr. Mystery and I went out for a super fancy dinner downtown and it was expensive and delicious and we both agreed that those types are places are for special occasions only.

I cohosted Thanksgiving dinner for the first time ever in my own house.  It was pretty awesome and our neighbor invited herself over and Teh Sister and gang came as well as Teh Wisconsin Blond.

Teh Sister helped me dye my hair purple.  I was all the sads.

Despite dying it purple, the blue was holding on.

I worked on Black Thursday Friday, bleh.  After coming home and taking a nap, Mr. Mystery and I braved the crowd and watched a movie and went to the outlets.

I tried to go to a different SC church and have yet to actually attend a service because every time I try they are having a combined service or not a normal service and I'm starting to get frustrated about that mess.

Mr. Mystery and I went to Magnolia Plantation and Gardens.  I also made the final determination that the only things in Charleston to do are look at old shit and eat.


Another feelz post about what happens when it doesn't work out..

The first Friday of the month I got several job type interactions and I was over-the-moon.. and ended up with 3 interviews for the coming weeks.  I'm still holding out for one of the positions, not holding my breath on another, and the 3rd I've already been told I wasn't selected for after the lady blatantly discriminated against my military background.

I made another SC friend: Lauren from Target.

My Cards Against Humanity Kwanzaa thingy started coming in (10 days of things for $15) and most of it was awesome.  I now own a square foot of Hawaii 2, which is an island off the coast of Maine.  I even have a deed.

I started drinking Starbucks fraps again and my life was better for it.

I became an official SC resident, but ended up too poor to actually apply for an SC tag since I need SC insurance as well and it's gonna cost me about $200 more a year than NC.. boooooo.  This was all after an unsuccessful trip to NC to get the motorcycle endorsement on my driver's license and get Yurtle inspected so I could renew my tag....

I learned bad news about the menstrual cup and was crushed, but later got some good news and I'm going to try it anyways.

Meri made up a new rule where if I'm still in bed after 9am, she gets to join me.  I've accepted it.

Mr. Mystery took me on a motorcycle ride and I was sore for 2 days afterwards.  I need a real job so I can pay off Yurtle and buy a motorcycle, because riding bitch hurts too much and driving is way better.

Teh Humanitarian and her mommy came for an overnight and remembered just how much I miss her.

I survived working at Target the weekend before Christmas.

I got the best news of 2014 Christmas Eve, Eve: a job offer at the company I realllllyyyy wanted!!!!  WOOOOOO!!!!!

Mr. Mystery and I went to NC with the pups for Christmas since Teh Sister and Teh Mom had said they were also planning on going.  Then the week before Christmas they both informed me that they weren't going to home, home.  Le sigh.  We still went because I don't go back on what I've said I'm going to do.  It's a thing.

I "didn't feel like" going into work at Target so I didn't one day.  I didn't feel the least bit bad about it.

We arranged a small New Year's Eve gathering so we I could toast some marshmallows and we could play Cards Against Humanity.

**Nothing about hurting yourself is ok.  Ever.  Nothing is so bad that you need to hurt yourself.  It doesn't really matter (despite how much you might think so) what other people think of you.  Yes, things might hurt right then, but hurting yourself to relieve that pain isn't pain relief at all.  Dealing with the pain in healthy ways isn't as easy as hurting yourself, but it makes the pain permanently go away, hopefully.  Additionally, hurting yourself is worse than asking for help.  Finally, hurting yourself is selfish.  Just because one person doesn't like or love you doesn't mean that there aren't others out there that do.  You are loved, you just have to remember that through the difficult times, because hurting yourself is NEVER ok.  EVER.

And because I said I would, Mr. Mystery = Mr. Scrooge.  Mr. Scrooge and I dated back when we were stationed in VA Beach.  We actually met playing World of Warcraft (keep your judgement to yourself).  After Teh Bear and I were done, I started chatting with Mr. Scrooge on a pretty regular basis.  Having met in DC after my birthday had been awesome for both of us.  After several weeks of talking, things kinda became more official, and eventually we discussed the possibility of living together where ever he was stationed next, since I would be out of the Navy, since we knew that the long distance relationship wasn't really going to work for either of us.  Thus, the shortened story of how Teh Megan ended up living with Mr. Mystery/Scrooge in SC.  Tada.

Bring on 2015!

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  1. Congrats on the job!! As I was reading your recap, I kept thinking, oh please let her get a job and you did! I love that about recapping is being able to look at the big picture and realizing that those times when we think things are awful and not working out, in the end they usually do.
    Thanks so much for recapping.


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