Wednesday, December 10, 2014

2014: January, February, and March

One of my favorite December bloggy things is reading everyone's year reviews.  It's also one of my favorite things to do as a blogger because I get to be reminded of all the awesome things I did too!  I forget a lot, so I'm pretty pumped about remembering some of the things about this year.

Also, I will reveal who Mr. Mystery is by the end of the year review... so stay tuned!


I started off January with the resolution to better manage my dollas.  I kinda succeeded this year.  The biggest change I made was that I did actually stop using my credit card for all the things.  I semi used my You Need a Budget program for most of the year, but by October I had stopped using it because I would get a month behind and then play catch up and really it wasn't effective.  Meh.  There was never a "not eat out month" but then again, I went from paying for 2 mouths to just paying for 1, which kinda made a HUGE difference.

Teh Blog got it's own domain!  That was a huge step for me.  I had been debating buying my domain for a long time after I realized I was serious about blogging, but never wanted to bite the bullet and spend the dollas.  I finally rationalized that it was something I really wanted and it was only $25 for a few years.  I spend that on crap on a regular basis.  Worth it.

I started doing the "So What Wednesday" posts, which I loved....

I finally found Phil's "sibling"/my 2nd dog.  Now on her 3rd name, Meri is my crazy fuzzy face girl and I haven't regretted that adoption fee for a minute.. in fact, that adoption fee has saved her fuzzy ass many times.  $650 is a lot of dollas, Gentle Readers.

I was voluntold to apply for a Navy special program, about which I never heard anything else.  This was not only disappointing to me, but also to my CO and CMC, who would ask me about it anytime they saw me in the following 2 months.

Goo Goo Dolls - Come to Me was my favorite song of the month/season.

Teh Bear quit his job and I was vague-booking about it on Teh Blog.

I finally got my Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal that I'd been working towards since I got to GTMO.

It snowed a few times (wooooot!) and we watched some crazies do a polar plunge and we attended the Burns Supper of 2014.

Burns Supper

This crazy guy did the Polar Plunge.
I attempted to keep warm.


The Super Bowl did NOT fall on my birthday, which means it was a successful year.  Instead, my first day of my much anticipated Full Motion Video class in DC started on my birthday.  It was the best birthday present the Navy ever gave me.  I also got a SECOND birthday poem from Teh Worldwide Jesus Lover.  She's the best, seriously.  I need more of her in my life.

While in DC, I met up with Mr. Scrooge since he was also in town.  We hadn't seen each other since April 2010, when I came home on leave from GTMO.  I was pretty sure he was going to stand me up, but he didn't.  We played some games and went to a hookah bar with some guys he was in town with.  Once the other guys started being too drunk, I was kind enough to drop them all off at their hotels instead of making them walk.

I got to go to SHUG HQ and hang out with ALL.THE.DOGS while I was in DC for class.  It was one of the more glorious dog moments of my entire life.

We did some DC touring, including the Library of Congress and the tunnel that leads to Capital Hill, but I was too tired to tour Capital Hill.

I finished my FMV class, thus ending the most glorious education the Navy ever gave me, that I will probably never get to use, unfortunately.

I suffered through the rest of the world watching the Olympics.

I started getting serious about working out.

Teh Bear and I broke up because I couldn't handle being a sugar momma anymore (not that he wasn't contributing in his own ways) and never having the house to myself.  I noticed a HUGE spike in my desire for alone time starting at the end of January when Teh Bear quit his job.  Him quitting his job led to many more realizations that I'd know for a long time, but never acted on.  There was a comfort in my relationship with Teh Bear because he knew all my secrets.  We talked about everything.... EVERYTHING.  He was a part of my life from September 2009 until February 21, 2014.  That's a long time.  We have only talked once since that day, for me to tell him that I was mailing his mail to him and to change his address.  I thought I would miss Teh Bear more than I did, which sounds awful to say outloud.  But the truth was, in the end, the only thing I missed was that he was willing to talk about all the feelz.

The universe knew I needed a pick up that weekend and all my friends were out in full force without even knowing about what had happened.  Win.

I got more serious about working out since I had much more free time and I went on the break-up diet which meant I lost some serious weight.


I made the decision to use my time-share hotel stay so Teh Sister and I could go to Disney World since I had already planned to be in FL during that time anyways.  

I got a surprise from work where I got to do my EAWS board early and earned my aviation warfare wings, that I didn't really want, despite how gungho I was about getting it when I left Bahrain..  I think I was just on an IDW high, crazy Megan style.

It snowed.

Meri arrived in FL and then made it to DC.

Mr. Mystery and I started chatting it up on the FBs.

I took the PO1 exam without studying at all since I was too focused on my EAWS and FMV class.

I sprained my quad, which is a thing.  A horrible, horrible thing which meant less workin' out when I had just gotten into my groove.

I bought new luggage the night before I left for Disney World AND locked myself out of the house on the same night which meant I didn't actually pack my clothes until past my 9pm bedtime.

Teh Sister and I took on Disney World and it was awesome.

2014 Review:

January, February, March
April, May, June
July, August, September
October, November, December


  1. Oooo great idea! I love reading recaps. No really, I totally do.

  2. Your memory for detail is amazing! I can't remember half of what happened last week, let alone what happened in January!

    This is so much fun to read since I'm a relatively new reader and it's nice to see what I missed!

  3. You've had some pretty big things going on this year. Congrats on cutting back on the credit cards. It's super hard. And I love that last picture with your super fancy Mickey ears.

  4. Oh wow sounds like you had a busy beginning of the year! I really need to watch my dollars better ha ha. Sounds easier than it actually is! Thanks for linking up with us!!

  5. It sounds like you had a really healthy approach to your breakup. Can't wait to read more about this mystery man...

  6. Break-ups suck, but I've been there and sadly it does sound bad but sometimes that is what's best. Good for you for figuring that out and deciding!! I too went for the own domain this year and love that I did :). Very cool!!

  7. How fun to go to Disney with your sister! It is way too easy to get off budget. Congrats on the medal! So awesome. Thank you so much for recapping


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