Monday, December 15, 2014

Music Monday #16 and Weekend Review {12/14}


Nope, not gonna talk about it.  Yep, moving on.
I just love Sara Evans's voice.  I love blaring her in Yurtle and matching her note for note.


After getting off of work on Friday, I planned a late lunch with Teh Wisconsin Blond.  Since he got to SC we hadn't gotten a chance to hang out without a group, which made me sad.  We went to Sesame since he hadn't been yet and we went through 3 servers.  We just happened to have a server that got cut early and then our 2nd server said he was leaving and introduced us to the 3rd server.  We actually ended up leaving before him, but after almost an hour and half (and 3 servers) we figured it was time to go).  We got caught up on the time between our being in VA Beach together to now, mostly.

After, I headed home to wait on Mr. Mystery to come home.  He ended up making dinner that night since he's way better with spur of the moment kitchen creations than I am.  It was delicious.

You should be jealous.

I worked on my 2014 review blogs and listened to Mr. Mystery play Skyrim.  Around 2230, I was done and went to bed to read for a little while and finally turned out the light at 2300.  I didn't even hear Mr. Mystery come to bed.  I luuuurrrvveee earplugs (even if a naughty little fuzzy dog has been eating them).


Mr. Mystery got up and fed the dogs for me, because he's awesome (and he thought I'd taken a flexeril).  Finally, after Mr. Mystery indicated that I was irritating him by being in the bed still and telling him how bored I was, I got out of bed and messed around on the computer.  Mr. Mystery decided to go on a ride.  While he was gone, I went to Victoria's Secret (at the mall, 2 weeks before Christmas, which was one of the worst life decisions I've ever made) to return a bra that was the most uncomfortable bra I'd ever worn in my entire life, talked to Teh Ginger for a bit, and napped on the hammock and eventually moved to the bed.

When I got up, I was quite confused why the back door was wide open, then Mr. Mystery appeared.  After a quick dinner of leftovers, we headed downtown to watch the boat parade with Teh SC House Finder, Teh Architect, and her parents.  We went to Early Bird Diner after the parade for some noms.  Afterwards, we called it a night and headed home.

I did take photos of the boat parade, but I haven't looked at them yet.  Hopefully they aren't all blurry, but my remote was dead so the possibility is strong that they are all blurry.  Also, I do remember that I haven't posted Magnolia Gardens photos yet.  Life yo, life.


I didn't go to church since the church I've been wanting to try was doing a cantata and I wasn't really interested in no sermon.  Instead, I slept in and Mr. Mystery got out of the bed before me, again, I didn't hear him.  When I got up, we agreed to go get breakfast downtown.. anddddd he was going let me ride the motorcycle.  /gasp!

It was rough.  Holy crap it was rough.  I'd prefer not to do that on the regular honestly.  It's wayyy better being the driver than a passenger.  My thighs hurt so bad from squeezing to hang on.  Must get real job to finish paying off Yurtle so I can get my own motorcycle.

We went to a place called Another Broken Egg Cafe.  It was delicious.  We watched the horrible bartender as entertainment.  He had to check the menu for the restaurant specialty drinks.  As former bartenders, we were NOT impressed.  He also didn't even add a half jigger full for the liquor he added for the specialty coffee.

Huevos Rancheros

Shrimp and Grits

After we left, we were trying to decide our next move and Mr. Mystery and I noticed that somehow one of the rear signals had been knocked loose.  We thought I had done it getting on or off the bike, but I made sure to watch how I got on and off and it couldn't have been me.  Fortunately, he got it fixed when we got home.  Sadly, that was the end of our day downtown, which sucks since it was a gorgeous day and there was music going on on King St since it is the 2nd Sunday of the month.  Booo.

Mr. Mystery left again to go ride, leaving me at home.  I continued laundry and worked on this post.  Then Teh Humanitarian called and said her and her Mom were gonna leave NC tonight and head my way.  I, of course, offered them our guest room and they should be here late tonight!!!

That said, it's time for me to feed the beasts and fix up the guest room that Phil and Meri have conveniently kept "lived in" for all our guests and finish up dinner.

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  1. I love Another Broken Egg cafe. Great breakfasts but they can get pricey. The one in Raleigh has a giant metal chicken in the hallway with a Clay Aiken quote on it. Who knew Clay was quotable?

  2. I need some of those shrimp and grits now please. My guy is all about some Guild Wars and stays in that world until the wee hours of the morning. I will never understand the gaming lifestyle. It takes way too much dedication

  3. We have Another Broken Egg here but I have never been. Everyone says great things about it though! Sounds like you had a fun weekend!

  4. I had to instagram it when I saw it. One of my most re-tweeted posts. Who knew Clay had such loyal fans.


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