Monday, September 12, 2016

Weekend Review {9/12}

If you were on FB for any period of time yesterday you probably noticed that it was September 11th, aka the one day of the year that I am obviously patriotic.  Granted, I showed this by changing my profile photo to the same photo I use every year on Sept 11th.  Consistency, I haz.  Nonetheless, #neverforget.


After staying at work a bit later than I had intended to (I was waiting on a meeting to happen and I was uploading Disney photos while I waited, then my meeting didn't happen and I wanted to finish my photo task), I finally left around 2:15.  Rough life I lead, I know.

I started listening to Why Not Me? on Thursday night and I continued listening to it on my commute.  I wasn't loving it.  I got home and continued listening and did a puzzle and eventually succumbed to Phil and Meri's peer pressure to nap.  Teh German came home and woke me up.  He wanted to mow the grass, so while he did that, I figured out a dinner plan.  We decided to go out for dinner at a place called Wayback Burger that we'd never been to.  Apparently, it's a chain, but it was new for us, so adventure!  loool.

The food wasn't bad and the milkshake was no Cookout milkshake, but we went home with full stomachs.  We stayed up for a bit social media-ing and eventually headed to bed.


I had a date with Twin Mom on Saturday for lunch and a movie and Teh German had to work.  He got up at normal time and I slept until 9ish when I woke up and laid in the bed snuggling with Meri and checking FB.  Eventually, I got up and showered and got ready to head to Summerville.  I met Twin Mom at Mellow Mushroom.  Since it's Restaurant Week, we split the special and had leftovers to take home!  Then, we made a poor life choice and decided to watch Sausage Party.  Of the worst decisions I've made in 2016, I'd count this movie choice as one of the top.  It was horrible.  The beginning was funny enough, but by halfway it stopped being funny and then it was just weird.  Neither of us really enjoyed it after about halfway.

The obvious race references made me laugh, the German nazi mustard bringing me all the lolz.  The food song which was obviously a jab at religion had me grimacing a little.  Then we got to the part where humans came into play and someone was beheaded and an actual douche was the bad guy and then there was a huge food orgy (foodgasm, if you will).. and honestly, I have a dirty sense of humor, but the only people I could see really appreciating this movie would be 18 year old boys... or teenage boys that could sneak into an R rated movie.  Yes, there were parts that made me laugh, but I was so revolted and disappointed by the end that when the movie was over, Twin Mom and I looked at each other and said, "We should have seen Sully instead."  At least we only paid $8 to torture ourselves.

On the way home I was listening to Why Not Me? and I was so annoyed with the shitty movie and Mindy Kaling's vanity and incessant babbling about pointless shit (which I guess is her right in her own book) that I returned the book to the library when I made it home.  I was 30 minutes from being done with the book.  I didn't care.

When I got home, Teh German was watching some movie about a rave on Netflix and having had my fill of absolutely brainless entertainment, I went upstairs and took a nap.  Actually, I was doing a puzzle at first, but then I was annoyed with everything and felt that a nap would be my wisest life choice of the day since we were going out later.

Around 5, Teh German woke me up so I could get ready to leave.  We were headed to a birthday party for one of his coworkers.  We stopped by Total Wine on the way to pick up a gift and then headed to the birthday boy's house.  We hung out and they cooked out and both types of German potato salad was served (white and yellow).  The food was delicious and the company was entertaining for many hours.

Apparently, in Germany it's bad luck to tell someone happy birthday when it's not their actual birth DAY, but this was the year he decided to embrace the American tradition of maybe having a birthday week or multiple days of celebrating.  We ended up singing happy birthday at 10:30 and then we left around 11:15, since we were tired.


I had deemed Sunday as lazy day on Friday.  I had zero plans to do anything that involved leaving the house.  We slept in.  I woke up at 9 and fed the beasts and went back to bed.  I messed around on my phone for about an hour and finally went back to sleep.  I woke up at 11 and Teh German resisted my attempts to wake him so I got up and took a shower.  As I was getting dressed, Teh German said his Dad has messaged him and asked if he was ready to Skype.  Teh German had forgotten.  I explained that I had tried to get him up, but he wasn't having it.  Soon after, I started the laundry and then we were downstairs chatting on the iPad with Teh German's Dad and Stepmom.

Teh German gave them a tour of the house while I heated up leftover pizza for breakfast and got dinner started in the crockpot.  When he came back, we settled down to chat for a bit.  After our chat, we ate lunch then set about our "projects" for the day.  Teh German- figuring out our screened in patio dilemma (still) and setting up a money transfer to me for bills; me- blogging about Disneyland and this post and random other tasking the "help" (do for) Teh German (editing his motorcycle photo so his tag wasn't shown, actually setting up the money transfer for him).

I did do one physically productive thing!  I finally hung my glass balls!

home sweet home

Teh German helped me hang the family glass ball he got me for our anniversary over the kitchen sink because he's the best!

Otherwise, we finished out the evening with dinner, laundry, making nut balls for the week, and general laziness.  I even made some peanut butter hot chocolate so I could use my Sully cup!  It was a fabulous recovery weekend after the go-go-go of our CA weekend.

I have a feeling activities will start to pick up the pace in the next few weeks.  Hockey season starts in October, we'll be making a trip to NC within the next few weeks (for family stuffs since Teh Sister and Teh BIL are moving (PCSing) to CA), and Teh WJL said she was coming to visit at some point (this is me reminding her in case she forgot, with love).

Oh yeah.. AND it's almost FALL.  FUCK YASSSS.

Gratuitous dog photos for no reason other than my dogs are cute:

We have to put a blanket on the bed for the dogs to use the bed.

Scratching the Butt Scratch Whore's butt with my Kindle because my arms aren't selfie sticks.


  1. Hell yeah to all the naps. Sausage Party just looked stupid. I was trying to debate if it'd be stupid stupid or funny stupid. Thanks for letting me know it's the first one.

  2. I have to agree that Mindy's books could really be skipped over without missing anything. I enjoyed her first one because it was when I started binging on The Mindy Project but the second one started getting on my nerves too. And we quit watching her show towards the end of last season because it got really shitty too.

  3. Unfortunately I will probably end up seeing Sausage Party when it is on DVD but now I know I can play on my phone while my husband watches it.

    Monday's books were just meh for me too. I wanted to like them but I remember being annoyed a lot.

  4. I was a good wife and accompanied the husband to watch Sausage Party this weekend. At least I got a good meal out of it. Neil pointed out that he heard me "lol" only once (he said he was listening to see if I'd enjoy it). It was the song selection of the "fruits" with Wake Me Up Before You Go Go.

  5. Love that you love naps just as much as I do, and use any opportunity to have one. I seriously don't have enough of them though and that saddens me. Lol

    That last pic of Meri is everything. Such a cute gal and those ears. <3


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