Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Confessions {9/21}

-I believe that during the months of Sept and Oct, that any time it rains for more than 30 minutes over a majority of the Charleston area, a "rain" day should be called.  A rain day is the equivalent of a snow day any place it snows.  Not just so I can take a nap, but also because roads here flood and driver are stupid...  They are the type of people that would ford the river in Oregon Trail and their oxen would all drown and they'd loose half their shit in their wagon and a family member would die.  That was specific because that may have happened to me... once twice a few times you know what, it doesn't matter.  #rainday #anyexcusetotelework

-I have been a slacker the last couple of months and didn't visit any Show Us Your Books linker-uppers other than the bloggers I already follow.  This was keeping my TBR list as a manageable level.  This month I said fuck the management and went balls to the wall reading a whole slew of linker-uppers.  Dear TBR list, #sorrynotsorry.  Love, The Woman Who Just Wants to Read but Never Really Has Time So She Ignores Other (Important) Shit to Read.

-That said, if a linker-upper posted a link to their blog and not to their Show Us Your Books post, I had no regrets closing that tab out and moving on to the next one.  Don't link up your blog, link up your post about books you read, but at the very least books.  If I click on your link up I want to go to the post that is applicable, not whatever else you post about.  #SelectiveReader #notsorry #aintnobodygottimefordat

-When I was going through boxes in the garage, I found an old birth control pill container/packet.  1/2 the pills were still in the packet.  Why I kept it, I have NO idea, NONE.  But when I flipped it over, it said "I love you" where the pill hole was, so maybe that was why?  Either way, it made me cackle, so I put it in the keep box for a later discovery.  #Iamnotahoarder #mostly

-After reading the Red Queen novellas, I could see a tv show being made if Aveyard wanted to flush out more characters.  Granted, me watching is probably slim since my TV time is low, but ya know.. for everyone else.  #bookstomovies

-Very rarely do I feed the need to go shopping right noaw, but when I saw these Minnie shoes on FB, I almost left work to see if Target had them since they were in-store only.  WTF TARGET?!  #rage #allthedisney

-Did you see that announcement on Monday where I said I'm going to Disney World in December?  Yeah well, I am and I have a bit of first world guilt about it.  In first world complaining about it, I feel like I've planned for Disney trips for 1/2 of this year and I think I might be getting Disney fatigue.  I may have just made that up, but it's real.  #Disneyfatigue #Ineedanap

-I did Disney research for 3.5 hours on Friday and came up with multiple plans of action in case sharing a bed wasn't acceptable.  On Saturday night, I made a reservation at Port Orleans and then cancelled it less than 10 minutes later because the pull down bed was only 5ft long which meant the only person that would fit on that bed would be me.  Oops.  So we're back to the "find a room that will fit a twin size air mattress plan."  The problem with this was that when I went to make a reservation somewhere else, all the prices had increased by $100 within 24 hours!  WTF?  Jerk move to raise prices when you know people will be shopping.  #nomegusta

-PS.  I made our official reservations at Pop Century on Monday and purchased ticket at the same time.  #doneandone #likeaboss

-I actually signed up for the Disney credit card just to get the discount on tour tickets while we're there.  I'll pay off our hotel rooms with it so I can get some Disney rewards to use while I'm there.  Otherwise, this card won't be used.  #notsorry

-It took me, no less than, 20 minutes to figure out what color Magic band I wanted on Monday.  Originally, I wanted green, but then Teh German picked green.  Then I was going to go with purple because Megara, but then Teh German's Aunt picked purple, and grey for her friend.  I already have a yellow so I could have just worn that one, but really?  Who re-wears a magic band when given the opportunity to get a new one?  Not this girl.  So then there were multiple messages sent out (Teh Sister, Teh Soccer Mom, Teh MD-AR, Twin Dad) asking about what color I should get.

I was torn.  My inner Lisa Frank said no to the same color, but wouldn't it be cute if we both wore green because we both picked green?  But #ALLTHECOLORS!  I considered orange because it's kinda like yellow and a little like fall, blue because Merriweather, and red because it's the color of everything accessory that I own and Teh German and I would be Christmas colored.  As I was almost ready to pick green and we'd just match, red won out and I'll be sporting a red Magic band in December.  Maybe next time I'll finally get that green one.

-Dear Frosted Mini Wheats,
Twin mini wheats is like the holy grail, but quad mini wheats?  Now you're just showing off.  #getittogether #hadtobreakthisapartwithmyfingers


  1. I have been craving frosted mini wheats. I don't even know the last time I had them but for like 4 days now I've been wanting them. They'll definitely be added to my grocery list.

  2. I had to laugh at the Oregon Trail reference because it paints a real good picture in my head! I need to get on the Red Queens book because several people have talked about them. I didn't read any of the bloggers other than those I follow this month because I feel like I follow half of those who link up anyways and omg my TBR is so out of control right now. I mean, I just added more yesterday so there's that. It's bad! But normally I read them all too.

  3. I like the red & green bands because it will be December and you'll be in the Christmas spirit :)
    As you know and can relate, I always have a ton of books on my tbr. I'm *pretty* good about managing it plus feeding my addiction to book challenges. BUT. Right now, it's the first time that I feel like I've got too many library books checked out, more on reserve, and I'm not focusing on completing my various challenges. Oh wells. #gimmeallthebooks

  4. i haven't read the red queen novellas... i like leaving them till i finish a series, but maybe i should read them!
    SUYB is the only link up (besides my own) that i visit all the links (sometimes i miss the late afternoon/evening ones) because i actually enjoy reading about books.. but yeah if someone links to their blog and not post, i'm like... rage. and sometimes.. some people read things that i literally cannot find one good thing to say about so i quietly X out.. sssh.. don't tell anyone.
    i love the red, and the red & green together will be adorable, but matching ones would have been cute too! i think i did purple (or pink? i don't remember) and KC did blue. i didn't even ask him, i knew he'd pick blue haha


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