Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Confessions {9/28}

-I figured out the Goodreads DNF shelf issue.  If you move them to the Read shelf first, they count.  I wasn't moving them to the Read shelf on purpose, but when I'd mark them as finished and review, they would automatically go there.  Essentially, DNF books have to go straight to jail, do not pass go, do not collect $200.  #lessonlearned #technicaldifficulties

-I've listened to Jolene by Pentatonix and Dolly Parton an embarrassing amount of time.  1.  When we were in Germany, Jolene was playing, but I'm not sure if it was the original or a new version.  2.  The harmony of A cappella groups always bring me so much joy.. and chill bumps.  3.  It's catchy, I don't care who you are.  #jolene #musicheadache #repeatrepeatrepeat #signingatthetopofmylung

-I stumbled upon Teh Bear's blog since it came up in my FB On This Day and while he didn't blog frequently, he did discuss our breakup in his last posts (from 2014).  They made me feel like an asshole, which I am.  He also pointed out that I always preached about never getting back with an ex.  Andddd then I got back with Mr. Scrooge and well.. I should have listened to myself all along.  I didn't see it then, but I see it now and I'm like, extra asshole points for hypocrite-Megan. 

So if he's still tracking my relationship statuses (which I'm not sure of, but I know that the "friends" that informed him about Mr. Scrooge are no longer in my life), he'll be pleased to know that things with Mr. Scrooge were a steaming pile of shit that I tried to make myself believe wasn't a steaming pile of shit.  Teh Bear did start the process of online dating and I know that he's with someone now and he looks happy.  Hooray for online dating!

So, if you ever read this, I'm sorry I broke your heart and I'm sorry I'm a hypocrite but I'm glad that we're both happy now and I always loved you while we were together, so I never lied to your face, but I knew that as years went on, you'd love me more and I'd love you less and I'd be a bitter hag filled with resentment and other unbecoming traits.  Ending things between us was one of the hardest things I've ever done, but I know it was the best thing to do so neither of us ended up miserable.  PS.  I hope you're doing well and that your ex-wife is less of a psycho now. PPS.  It's weird you use my nickname for your instagram acct.  PPPS. Is it weird if I "like" your comments on posts of mutual friends?

-I find it strange that I think it's delicious and acceptable to eat the skin of a regular potato, but skin of a sweet potato?  NOPE.  Sweet potato skin is ALWAYS shunned.

-When talking to Teh German about classes he took in school, he took German class and it took a moment for it to click that his German class = my English class.  This isn't really revolutionary, but it was a revelation for me on a shower thoughts epitome level.  #hehadtoexplainittome

-Hershey's chocolate syrup is better than any other.  Trust me.  #Ivedonetheresearch

-Rewatching How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM) is like visiting old friends.  All the LOLs.  Although the most interesting thing that has happened since we started rewatching HIMYM was when we made our house a club.  We turned on some early 2000s club jams (Sandstorm, Sexual, Heaven, etc) and I set the Hue lights to fast pulse colors...  This is the ONLY time that Teh German has accepted flashing Hue lights.  #gameon #nowIknowthetricks

-Europeans (at least from my experience) generally have twin sized beds pushed together to create a a literal double bed, which would equal an American full size.  That said, when I was in Germany, each person in the bed gets their own twin size blanket rather than one full+ sized blanket.  I wished that America practiced this when it came to making Disney reservations so that way we could have pulled apart one of the beds and had 3 beds in the room (1 double and 2 twin) and solved my sleeping arrangement problems with ease.  Cruise ships use this bed method, which I think is pretty smart.  I'm super needy.  #itsmenotyou

-If you are a blogger who I've told several times is a no-reply blogger and you refuse to correct the problem, after I've sent directions on how to fix the issue, so I can reply to your comments via email, I feel less and less motivated to respond to your comments.  I want to be a good blogger, but I also am lazy AF.  These things are often in conflict and you can guess which one wins out more often.  #sorrynotsorry

-After much harassment from various sources, I made an appointment with a podiatrist on Monday.  I was not surprised, but still disappointed that he was only able to tell me the exact same thing the chiro had told me, "it's not broken, but ice it and stay off of it as much as possible."  The only difference was that he prescribed a gel that I get to apply to my toe 4x a day which is essentially concentrated advil for a single area.  He did say that our next steps could be a shot of cortisone or an MRI.  I explained that I hadn't met my deductible yet, so both of those sounded expensive.  I appreciated that he didn't make a big deal of my cheapness.  He actually seemed to completely understand.

He was also appreciative of my jokes.  When I asked about working out, he said to only do things that didn't hurt.  Well, too much walking hurts, so looks like I'll continue being a lazy ass for the foreseeable future.  He wasn't a little bit surprised when I explained that I'm a runner and I ran on my gimp toe for the Disneyland runs.  He also chuckled when I told him that the toe was messing up other stuff, but that's why I went to the chiro regularly.

Mostly, I'm just glad that my chiro was correct from the beginning.  Not that I doubted him, but I like having a reason not to doubt either.  #provemeright

-Baby frosted mini wheats are adorable yet underwhelming.  I'll just stick with the regular mini wheats since I know that 2 on a spoon is perfect.  #sizematters

-Mini wheats with fruit are hands down the best type of mini wheats.  These were actually big in the 90s but then they disappeared for a while, much to my dismay.  But in the last decade, they've made a comeback with the "touch of fruit" mini wheats.

-I didn't have plans to watch the debate, but after we watched the Hurricanes beat the Capitals (that's NHL speak folks, calm yo tits about that football shit), Teh German turned on the debate.  Of course, I was a running commentary and I explained to Teh German that I was the reason I couldn't watch the debate in public.

He's a prick and she's evasive, but Clinton handed Trump his ass.  It made me think of the Kennedy/Nixon debate where Nixon was a hot mess and Kennedy kept his cool.  Trump was Nixon and Clinton was Kennedy.  Also, if there was a "winner" to the debate, Clinton won before it was even over when she said, "I think Donald just criticized me for preparing for this debate. And, yes, I did. You know what else I prepared for? I prepared to be president."

Also, it doesn't matter who I'm voting for (although you could probably guess if you tried really hard), the fact that Clinton is a female running for the office of president means she has earned my respect (note: I did not say my VOTE).  She is judged on so many more things than just her policies and opinions on politics.. and her ability to disseminate classified information through her personal email.

If you were watching carefully, her remarks were calm and focused, the tone of voice she used very precise.  She also had a smile on her face for the most part.  Is it practiced?? OF COURSE.  But if she didn't smile, the trolls would have been out in full force, "What is Hillary's problem?"  "Was Hillary on her period?"  "She was just taking out her PMS on Trump."  Clinton is judged for being a woman nominee.  The fact that she got sick during the campaign was judged by Trump (saying she didn't have enough stamina to be President).

Science says that during times of high stress, you are more likely to get sick because your body is overwhelmed.  So really it has nothing to do with her stamina, but more about science.  I'd be on my death's bed if I was having to deal with Orange Man Trump regularly.
As a woman, it is appalling to me how many of my "issues" have to do with my gender.  I tell a coworker my stomach is upset in the morning and immediately the say, "Maybe you're pregnant!" with a smirk.  Or, I'm not and I took my daily pills on an empty stomach and didn't eat soon enough, but thanks assholes.   Or I'll pass someone who comments, "Smile, it doesn't cost anything."  Would you say that to a man passing you?  No.  Nor would you have said anything at all, STFU.  Or my favorite, "Why are you so offended that someone called out to you?  You should feel flattered!"  No, no I shouldn't.  I can feel however I want, but thanks for your opinion I didn't ask for.

These issues are something I'm sure Clinton has been dealing with for a lifetime, but I can't even fathom the issues that will come up if she becomes the first female President.

All that said, are the trolls really suggesting that Trump was on cocaine?  You've got to be kidding me with this shit.  #yesallwomen #makinghistory #debate #masterdebators #ournextpresident


  1. yay for figuring out the DNF shelf!
    KC and i have a king bed, and i know this isn't what you were talking about lol but we have separate blankets because that is the only way we wouldn't kill each other lol. it just works for us!
    i don't eat any potato skins. i don't know why i find it weird, but i just blech can't do it!

  2. I bought some frosted mini wheats because of you lol. But store brand because #cheap. I didn't watch the debate because I as at work & as big of a hot mess as I can tell they were, I feel a little left out having not watched them.

  3. YAY I can comment again! There's so much to cover here but I'm in agreement with everything you said about the debate. Look, I am a Hillary supporter and I don't hide that at all, but I do understand that people have the right to dislike or distrust her; it's their prerogative. But if you watched that debate Monday night and even thought for ONE second that it was an even match-up, that they both did well, that they're both equally qualified and intelligent, you're DELUSIONAL. Sorry not sorry. Without even TALKING about her, let's just dissect him and his demeanor, repugnant-spoiled-brat-massive-ago-having-tantrums-ass responses and overall DISRESPECT for humans, and I can't get behind ANYONE who supports him. NO ONE.

  4. They played the new version of Jolene on the radio last week and I was like wow....that woman still has it!! Oh past relationships, we can sit here and say we wish we would have done things differently or seen our error now but you cant dwell on that stuff anymore. That is sweet of you to say you are glad you are both happy. Very adult. I don't really like the skin of a potato unless it is on fries or something lol. I cant stand Clinton, I cant stand either candidate actually. But the one thing I will say is that it pisses me off that people are talking about what she wore or how her clothes fit instead of actual issues. Like this isn't a fucking beauty show and is the run for presidency. Our society has so much growing to do.

  5. #gimmeallpotatoskins
    You know me. I'm not that American that thinks everything is better in America. But. Hershey's chocolate syrup is so above and beyond better than the chocolate syrup that are the standard offer in Australia. It ain't even close.
    Her is my 69 year old's mother's very "wise" observation about the debate: "They don't answer any questions. They just take jabs at one another."

  6. I was complaining about my DNF shelf on Twitter and someone explained how to make it "exclusive" so those don't count towards my yearly happy now. It was screwing with my totals.

    I was pulling for Bernie...but given the choice between Clinton & Trump...Clinton all the way. To pretend that being a women hasn't affected the way she is viewed is ridiculous, and I have SO MUCH respect for her for being willing to put herself under the magnifying glass like this.

  7. Sadly, I don't know if I'm a no-reply blogger or not. I think I fixed that issue some time ago, but not sure. What irks me is when I post on other people's blogs but get either no response or an email. Maybe I'm selfish, but what I want is those people to actually come to my blog and comment like I did on theirs.
    That debate was interesting, to say the least. I don't have much faith in either candidate.


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