Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Confessions {9/7}

This post was not pre-drafted and that really sucks since I'm not only late, but just meh is how I'm feeling about everything.  I'm blaming Mercury Retrograde.

-Erin said THIS about Brock Turner and I agree with all of it and I'm glad she said it because I'm so overwhelmed by my feelings about this whole situation I've become a passive observer.  I know that isn't the correct solution, but #itiswhatitis

-I need to buy a pair of scissors for my desk at work so I don't have to keep borrowing them from a Coworker every time I wrap my toe.  This sounds weird, but it isn't.  Thanks Phil for your vet wrap for my shitty toe.  #sprainedisworsethanbroken

-I missed a Company all hands and a tailgating party where several of my coworkers got pretty trashed while we were at Disney.  #notsorry

-The German has been saying some pretty funny shit lately so I'm hoping he keeps it up so I have enough for another "Shit Teh German Said" post.  #needmorethingstoblogabout

-JK, I don't really need more things to blog about, I need more time to edit photos from Germany so I can finish that recap, and time to go through Disney photos to work on that recap.  Also, I never did a photo post for Magnolia Gardens and that was almost 2 years ago, I still feel guilt about that.    #anelephantneverforgets

-I don't get the thrill of Star Wars.  I'm glad for other people's obsessions, but I'd rather fangirl Harry Potter or actual Disney movies.  Star Wars land (my name for whatever the area of the Disney parks is with the Star Wars attractions) was unbearably congested with people and it made me ragey.  Additionally, all these fools were looking down at their phones because reasons IDGAF about.  When they would run into me, it was all I could do to restrain myself.  I already felt like I had a constant stream of "sorry" coming from my mouth from people I was bumping into trying to avoid them.  #strangerdanger #donottouchme #lookthefuckupfromyourphone

-I want to tell you about Disney, but I'm saving it for the recap as motivation to actually get it done.  Fortunately, I'm not editing these photos, I just need to gather them all in one place and go through them to upload them to Google and put in the words.  #itsnotthathard #timeconsuming

-I will admit that I'm a bigger Disney World fan than Disneyland.  I wanted to be neutral about it, but I spent the entire time comparing the parks.  Oops.  I know that DW is overwhelming, but it felt more "magical" to me.  Yes, I know that the "magic" is forced from the Cast Members, but that's what makes going to Disney so special and worth it.  Even if the "magic" is fake.  #magicalmemories

-The one thing I wanted at Disneyland was photos of us in front of a specific statue with all our Disney medals from 2016.  I got it.  #happyhappyjoyjoy

-I'm having crazy cravings for salty things and this week, tortilla chips have tasted better than they have in my entire life.  I googled what this means and the internet is just spouting off bullshit, but I could have an electrolyte deficiency, so maybe I'll pick up a gaterade or something on the way home.  #replinishingnutrients #orImjustafatass

-I still haven't bit the bullet on buying concert tickets.  I just paid off Disney and I could easily drop a few hundred dollars on concerts right now.  I just don't know how committed I am.  Why can I be the type of person who wins free stuff?  #Ilovefreestuff #freeconcertsespecially

-I am semi-sad about sending Teh Flamin' Kindle back, but I did finally get my new Kindle 10 working properly, so that's a plus.  Too bad I couldn't get it to work before Disney. 

-2 of the books I was waitlisted on from the library finally came in, Fates and Furies and Why Not Me?.  Truthfully, I'm not enjoying either from the 10 minutes I spent with each.  F&F seems to be excessively descriptive and Mindy Kahling may just be too vein for me, based upon the first chapter about makeup.  I'll give them both a little more time, but at least these were free and I won't feel bad about returning them.  I'm feeling the pressure though because they had a due date to be returned and that's stressful for me.  #librarybookwoes

-These 2 books arrived on top of ALL THE BOOKS I purchased last week.  Oops.  #Iminbookheaven

-If you haven't read Code Named Verity, you're doing it wrong.  #alltheWW2novels

-I may have added many WW2 from the German perspective books to my TBR list on Goodreads last night.  If we get a knock on the door, I'll have to admit to being the one that is looking into Nazi books, not Teh German...  #dontbeanazi

-It feels like Thursday.  #shortweeknotproblems

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  1. I have heard several people say Fates and Fury was not all that and Mindy's second book really wasn't as good as her first. I have to agree. I am excited for another Shit the German says! Yay! And ummm I want to go to Disney. Any Disney would do!!!! I am totally with you, I don't get all the hype of Star Wars. Not even a little.

  2. I used to be a bigger "Star Wars" fan, but so many different people have been allowed to write books, comics, TV shows, and movies for it. It's a mess. Some characters' backgrounds don't match up at all because of different people writing about them. It's a headache. I really hope that "Harry Potter" does not end up the same way.

  3. I love salty shit all the time...I really crave it right before my period.

  4. Code Name Verity has been on my tbr for ages, and you know, I like me some WWII books. I shall pick it up soon! (before the end of the year)
    I'm pretty sure Disneyland didn't have Star Wars stuff the times that I've been. Everyone has their thing, I guess. I'd be a freaky fangirl if the built a Jovi Land in Jersey.

  5. I like Star Wars but I would totally skip that section of the park in favor of Harry Potter and actual Disney stuff!


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