Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Confessions {9/14}

-In Apple news (which I give zero fucks about because I don't own any Apple products by choice), the iPhone 7 doesn't have a headphone jack.  That's cool a little bit.  It means that people who have that phone have to use bluetooth headphones, which aren't super popular.  I'm hoping that means that less people will drive around with their earbuds in, but I'm sure that isn't how this will pan out. I mean, it will suck if you're an aux cord user in your car or if you have an older car that isn't bluetooth equipped, but still, maybe it was a move towards safety?  Or maybe not.  A FB friend posted this on FB and I definitely gave my nod of approval.

-Did you see the Star Trek emotion buttons Facebook last week?  I don't overly care about Star Wars/Trek, but these piqued my curiosity and I thought it was creative.

-I do a copy/paste of my Show Us Your Books post and I was having some weird issues with lines being wonky and adding spaces and not letting me delete to the next line.  I checked the code and I had "& n s p b ;"'s everywhere (but without the spaces).  If your layouts are giving you problems, always check the code!  Even for those of you who are scared of code, it's not overly difficult.  View your post in HTML format and look for something out of place where you're having an issue.  #nerdalert #fixedit

-I started Security+ training last week as an effective way to combat the boredom.  I'm sure this means there will be an avalanche of work for me in the near future so I am unable to complete the training.  I already love this more than Linux+ training because it's not all code.  #nerd

-On my new project, we need a regular meeting to discuss things.  I said the only time I was unavailable was from 1030-1130 in the mornings.  We agreed to schedule the meeting at 10.  I came in one day last week and the meeting had been rescheduled to 11.  Uhh, no.  I hated even having to say it, but I told the project manager, "I'm not trying to be a bitch, but it's the one time I said I wasn't available."  Would you like to know what happens during that time, Gentle Readers?  I eat lunch.  I usually eat lunch around 1030.  When we go out, I have to have a snack in the AM so I don't spew hangar all over my lunch companions.  I get made fun of regularly for my early lunch time and IDGAF.  For the safety of my coworkers, I eat lunch early.  I hated that I had to defend myself with the "I'm not trying to be a bitch," nonetheless.  I have a feeling if I had been a dude on the project, my request wouldn't have been an issue to work around.  No, this isn't me looking for sexism, it's just true.  #goodoldboys #Iamabitch #thisbitchneedslunchontime #eatingonaschedule

-Sometimes, my home laptop switches into German input for the keyboard and it's seriously annoying.  I finally just had to delete German from one of my computer languages so it would stop.  Bilingual goals, dashed.  #Germglishproblems

-I use the same photo for my profile photo on Sept 11th every year.  If you don't click on it (on FB), you don't understand why my photo is a window.

-Disney recaps start tomorrow!  ALL of the posts are drafted and scheduled to publish.  None of that Germany recaps Megan bullshit.  It also helps that I didn't have to edit any of these photos...  #blogging #photoeditingishard

-I refuse to pay processing fees for concerts tickets when I can just go to the venue and save myself at least $6 a ticket.  I don't spend that much in gas, so I'm still saving money by going out of my way, especially if I'm purchasing more than 1 ticket (which I am).  Lookin' at you Goo Goo Dolls tickets.  #savindollas

-Did I mention Goo Goo Dolls are coming to Charleston?!?!?!?!?!  GOO GOO DOLLS ARE COMING TO CHARLESTON and this pretty much makes up for me missing Death Cab for Cutie and CVRCHES concerts while we were in Germany.  #90srock4eva #yesIamgoing

-Teh German might have judged me a little bit on Monday night for my Disney "problem" (it's not a problem if you choose this life)...  He pointed out that I was wearing my Merryweather shirt and I made homemade Dole Whips.  Things I'm sorry for: N/A.

-Homemade Dole Whips were a win.  2 medium sized bags of frozen pineapple (I used frozen from the freezer aisle because I didn't want to wait for canned or fresh to freeze #aintnobodygottimefordat) and 1 can of coconut milk.  It took several blending sessions because the pieces at the top didn't want to be blended.  I am nothing if not determined, so I made sure those resistance pieces were blended into oblivion.  Like the best Dole Whip, I added a coconut rum float and holy moly, it was perfection in a bowl.  I had some left over and I portioned it out and put it in the freezer for another time.  #notsorry

-I was informed yesterday that books on my DNF shelf (if marked exclusive) on Goodreads do NOT affect my overall goal, but when I tested this, it was untrue.  When I moved Ove from DNF to Read, the total number read still said 34 and when I moved it back to DNF, it still said 34.  #fail #sosad


  1. The Goo Goo Dolls are a personal fave of mine. I've seen them live more times than I can count, but if I still lived in America, I'd see them over and over and over again.

  2. wired headphones suck ass! i've been using my bluetooth jaybird headphones for years and i can't go back to wired!

  3. I am kind of excited to not have a headphone jack on my iPhone anymore. Having it at the bottom was stupid for the 6 anyways.

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  5. Okay let's try this again, my comments are so jacked today ugh. I am bummed about the having to use Bluetooth simply because I'm a broke ass bitch you can't afford Bluetooth headphones. Whatever I'll get over it because it's more important as far as work conditions apparently. Still it bums me out. I wish I had an android instead but whatever.


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