Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Weekend Review {9/6}

I'm going to give you an outline of my weekend because I will be doing a Disney review as soon as I can sit down and download all the professional Disney and race photos and upload all the photos from my phone and I also have to gather Teh MD-AR's photos from dropbox, then I will be able to post about all the Disney! 


We left for the airport at 0500 to catch our flight to Anaheim, CA. 

We landed, picked up the rental car, fetched Teh MD-AR when she arrived and grabbed lunch.

We stopped by the expo to pick up our bibs and shop.

We checked into our hotel and headed into Disneyland.

We went back to the hotel to crash since we were exhausted.


We had a character breakfast at Paradise Pier Hotel.

We spent the day at California Adventure.

We had a fancy dinner.

We went back to the hotel room to go to bed "early" since we had our 10k the following morning.


We were up at 0400 for the 10k.

We ran.

We went back to the room to shower and take a quick nap, then we had lunch.

We drove out to Venice Beach for people watching, then to the Griffith Observatory to view the Hollywoon sign.

We headed back to Anaheim to get to bed "early" since we had our 1/2 marathon the following morning.


We were up at 0400 for the 1/2 marathon.

We ran.  I cried.  We got all the medals.

We went back to the hotel for showers and packing and an extremely short nap.

We went back to Disneyland for Dole Whips, photos with Walt and Mickey/the castle and our bling, and to ride rides.

We headed back to the airport, dropped off Teh MD-AR, returned the rental car, returned to the airport, checked in, and had dinner with Teh MD-AR.

We flew to Phoenix, AZ then we started our flight to Philadelphia, PA.


We arrived in Philly.

Our flight was delayed.

We finally made it to Charleston.

Teh German unpacked our suitcase and I cleaned the carpet.

We went to a neighbor's house for dinner.

We came back home and crashed hard.


  1. I love the outfits, especially the dalmatian ones. And holy shit that food looks good! Can't wait for the whole recap!

  2. This is a perfect re-cap for me. Of course, I'll check out your others too, but I liked all the pictures and the snippets included. Your pics are as awesome as ever!

  3. First your outfits were totally adorable! I love the dalmatians! Also the three good fairy is a super adorable and I love how your hats turned out! Thirdly I am super jealous I've never been to Disney and I want to go so badly!


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