Monday, September 19, 2016

Weekend Review {9/19}


After work on Friday, I headed home around 1:30 and proceeded to do Disney research* until Teh German came home 4 hours later.  I narrowed down options and pretty much bombarded Teh German with them when he sat down on the couch.  He was, expectedly, overwhelmed and nodded and smiled at me.  Exactly what I needed.

Mama, I need 'tentions.  ~Meri

We discussed a dinner plan and agreed on Mellow Mushroom in Summerville for dinner since I had a Groupon.  Since it's not quite the temperature of the sun, we opted to ride the bikes.  We got there around 6:45, to my detriment.  While we were earlier than the 7pm rush, we were not early enough not to wait.  We were put on the list (25-30 min wait) and we settled at the bar.  We ordered drinks and eventually an appetizer. 

When our appetizer was due out at any moment (har har) we were called.  We had just agreed to just sit at the bar since a couple left, so I told the hostess.  It took our appetizer at least 10 more minutes to come out.  We ordered a pizza before the appetizer came out and it took another 25 minutes for our pizza to come out.  As we were finishing up, the bar had been pretty much emptied and a couple came and sat down. 

They ordered and their appetizers and pizza came out within 15 minutes of them ordering.  They had barely touched the appetizers when the pizza showed up.  I was so annoyed.  We had waited forEVERRRR.  Granted, forever feels longer when you're starving and entertainment is lacking, but principle.  Entertainment had to be found in people watching, which was gold when the last couple arrived. 

I noticed when he got carded for his beer that he was from Arkansas.  The real gem was when she said to him, "Baby, I just want you to get a chest piece with my name and some flowers like right here," as she motioned to the center of his chest.  It was everything I could do to not laugh out loud right then.  I tried to contain myself, but apparently my face was acting out (no surprise) and Teh German was like, "Stop."  No fun.  I did tell him as we were walking out... then almost got caught as the guy walked out short after we did and I didn't realize at first.  If he heard me telling Teh German, he said nothing. 

After dinner, we headed to Target to pick up a few items and then we headed home.  Soon after we got home, it was bedtime.


Saturday morning, Teh German got up early to give Suzy a bath since he was going to a motorcycle gathering.  I was awake, so I read and did puzzles.  Teh German came in to shower, chatted with me for a moment, then headed out.  I napped and did more puzzles.  Teh German had suggested we meet for lunch so at 1115, I motivated myself to get out of bed and get ready for lunch.  I figured if I was ready at 1145, I'd be ready for lunch at 12, and, of course, he'd contact me by then since he knows I eat lunch at 1030 usually?  WRONG. 

When I had been waiting on him after getting ready, we celebrated Meri's pre-birthday** with new toys!  I had found a cute little squeaky/crunchy monster duo at Target on Friday night and bought it.  I gave one to Phil and one to Meri.  In a strange turn of events, Phil actually played with a toy for more than 5 seconds!  Video for proof!  Also, keep watching to see what that asshole dog does after he drops his toy "too far" and I, his slave, pick it up for him.....

So cute.  Should add toys!

Really Squnity McSquinterson?

Squinty-eyed dogs are squinty...


At 1210 he finally texted and said, "Want to meet at 1 at Willie Jewels?"  ONE PM?!  ONE PM is post-lunch snack time.  Having not had breakfast since I knew we were going out, I'm responded, "Uh no. Now."  Ok, that's not exactly what I said, but he did agree to meet me right away instead of waiting 45 minutes, which was in his best interest. 

We headed home after lunch and were lazy for the rest of the day.  Teh German took a nap and I sat on the couch and read.  I finished Fates and Furies, Steel Scars, and Queen Song.  Photo Neighbor asked to take photos of Phil in the evening, so at 6:30, we headed towards the meeting spot for photos.  I think she got some good ones.  We met a neighbor who had a black lab and went back for photos 2 more times since the sky was changing.  Eventually, Phil and I made it back home. 

 I had leftover Willie Jewels for dinner while we watched London Has Fallen.  Teh German had to tell me not to logic out the entire movie and by the end, even he finally said, "That can't be how that would work in real life."  THANK YOU. 

Since it was only 8:15, I suggested a 2nd movie (woah, I know, but it was a Saturday).  Teh German hadn't decided on anything after 20 minutes, so I started looking.  We decided on The Little Prince, despite my goal for the movie not to be animated.  Oops.  At least with animated movies, I don't logic my way through them.

I had read The Little Prince in 10th grade English class and I wasn't overly wowed by it and my teacher couldn't understand.  I thought maybe it was situational (teen angst, prob some drama between my parents was going on when I read it, I may have read through it quickly to be done with it and didn't comprehend everything), but after seeing the movie, I still think the book is weird.  The only part I understand is the obvious moral of the story to never forget to have fun or don't forget your inner child.

That said, the cinematography was impeccable, as was the music.  Also, the movie didn't drag on and on, something I always appreciate.

After the movie ended, I did some Disney research and discovered that prices had increased on all the rooms I had been looking at on Friday afternoon.  +$100 to all my calculations.  I ended up making a reservation at Port Orleans when I noticed they had a pull down bed, but then cancelled it 5 minutes later after I realized that the pull down bed was only 63" long, which meant the only person sleeping in that bed would be me and that wasn't going to work.  After I cancelled, I told myself I'd wait until Monday to make reservations in hopes that the influx-ed prices would go back down since it would no longer be the weekend.

Can I just get an amen on raising prices at times of higher traffic should be considered price gouging?

After getting excited then being disappointed, we headed to bed.


Sunday morning was lazy day.  We slept in until around 10.  Teh German got up at some point to pee and feed the beasts.  When we woke up, we decided that since it wasn't raining, we'd ride out and get brunch.  I decided on The Granary since we'd never been there and it was in Mt. Pleasant, which was a good distance away for riding.  I made a reservation at 1130 and we headed that way after getting ready.  Of course, I am directionally challenged and we ended up being about 10 minutes late.  Fortunately, they were still holding our table, so it worked out fine.

We split the huevos rancheros and the french toast.  Splitting meals is seriously my favorite food thing.  Maybe after sharing.  Splitting means I get the best of both worlds, sweet and savory when multiple menu items pull me. 

After brunch, we nixed the idea of riding through the forest and just headed straight home after a detour over the Ravenel bridge.  We hit a patch of rain when we were about 10 minutes from home, but it didn't last too long.

When we got home, we were lazy on the couch.  I ended up napping on the couch while Teh German social media-ed.  I woke up right in time to heckle Teh German about not waking me up and headed upstairs to shower.  Photographer Neighbor had said she'd take family photos of us in front of the house since we never got any taken when we moved in, other than selfies. 

While we were getting ready, Teh German started getting cranky.  He said that the impending photos were stressing him out.  I wasn't dealing with his BS and said, "What do you have to be stressed about?  Do you have to take the photos?  Did I ask you to think of poses?  No.  I even told you what to wear.  You don't even have to do anything besides step out the front door and hold a dog.  What is so stressful about that?"  Him, "I've not taken photos like this before."  Me, "Well, maybe you need to get used to it, since I can think about 5 more times you'll need to be present for photos.  These are the least difficult since you don't even have to go anywhere."  Ugh. 

Photographer Neighbor arrived and we headed out to sweat our asses off and get a few photos.  The dogs weren't really cooperative and Teh German and I aren't as in-sync (no, not N*SYNC) as we usually are, so I'm interested to see how the photos come out.

After our quick shoot, Teh German and I changed our clothes and then we headed to a neighborhood meeting.  We are trying to organize neighborhood representatives to take over the HOA after the developers complete our neighborhood and move on.  Sadly, barely anyone showed up, but we did have some good discussion.  I learned some interesting things, like we will have an HOA meeting in March where I will probably meet some interesting characters who also live in our neighborhood.

Photographer Neighbor asked me if we wanted to go a Chinese buffet for dinner and when I showed Teh German, he shrugged yes, so we were down.  After the meeting, we headed to the Chinese place.  It was actually really good.  I ordered take-away from there once before and we had agreed that it was pretty good, so I was glad the buffet was also delicious.  I'd go back.

After we got home, we took care of adult things.. dishes, dog breakfasts, watering the yard/flowers, and laundry.  Then we got ready for bed and relaxed for a bit before finally turning out the light.  I did have Teh German rub my shoulders because the tension has them all locked up and achy.  After that, it was sleepytime.

Overall, a very good weekend.  We were able to relax and not have a mabillionty things on our to-do list (despite Teh German saying something about feeling in the middle of several projects).  I got some serious reading knocked out this weekend and Teh German got to go to cars and coffee, which he'd wanted to do for a while.  I decided not to go with him because 1- Mike isn't cool enough for cars and coffee, in fact, he's down right embarrassing. 2- Teh German needs some not-Megan time and that was perfect. 3- Sleep in/reading/nap time is not to be shunned for a morning of stranger talk about things with motors.

Next weekend is pretty much our last lazy weekend before our schedule amps up for fall and the holidays.  It seriously feels like last week that I was wishing it was already time for Disneyland.  It's almost the end of September already and this year has felt like some sort of weird time warp.  Summer felt like it drug on forever, heat tends to make me feel that way though.  Nonetheless, this winter-lover is ready for some sweatshirt weather!  Also, you won't hear me complaining about the rain/hurricane season.

Outside of work this morning.

*Another Disney trip?  Actually, yes.  Probably my last trip for a while (from the beggings of my purse strings).  Teh German's Aunt is coming from Germany to visit in December and she is a HUGE Disney/Mickey fan so I thought it would be awesome to go to Disney World with her for a few days.  We're only going to do 2 days in the parks, but still better than nothing! 

PS.  I'm feeling the first world guilt of having gone to Disney more than once in a year.  In my defense: We didn't actually go to the parks in February for Princess Weekend.  I wasn't originally planning on Disneyland in September until Teh MD-AR changed her mind after our Princess runs.  Finally, Disney World in December wasn't in the master plan until we learned that Teh German's aunt was definitely coming to visit from Germany. 

**Meri's actual birthday is the 27th, but for her 1st birthday with me, I thought it was on the 17th because I misread her passport.  So now, we celebrate on both days... especially since it's still the 17th on my calendar.  Oops.  #fixedit


  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend to me! We spent outs prey relaxed as well.
    Hey do boys do that? How is it stressful if I panne ever minute of it? Just smile for goodness sake!

  2. I had to laugh about the German being stressed about the photos. Isn't it funny how boys get stressed when they don't even have to do any of the actual work??? Imagine if they had to be us for a day! Sheesh! They cant handle it.

  3. I never read The Little Prince but people seem to be ga-ga over maybe I'll get there one day.


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