Monday, December 17, 2012

Dear Russian Spam-bots

You suck.

Luckily, I have Google Analytics.  Not that I've always had Analytics but since I do I can see that while Blogger is telling me I'm almost at 20,000 hits..  Blogger lies.  About 15,000 of those hits are Russian spam bots... And as a Blogger (like the website user, not what I'm doing right now), there's absolutely nothing I can do about it AND absolutely nothing Google is doing about it.

I mean Google has bigger fish to fry or something.  Because Google+ is just so insanely popular... oh wait.  Not that I don't have a G+, but having and using it are totally different.  There are many times where I wish I could just quit Facebook, but I can't.  I've tried.  I even exported my FB photos over to G+ in a timeline avoiding rage.  Not that I was avoiding the timeline, just that the changes they were making were messing with the current working code that was making me have other issues, blah blah.  First World Problems, I know.

In other news, this weekend was fabulous.  This was another weekend that started on Thursday, so yay for long weekends!!!  Except that when I came home on Thursday, these mean men were stealing my leaves.  They were vacuuming them up with this big truck and crushing all my dreams at the same time.

The VX-1 Christmas party was on Thursday night, so we were released from work early.  Wooo!
After leaving with a migraine, a few phone calls from work, and a nap that didn't happen later, I got ready and sat in traffic for 40 minutes trying to get to the party.

Last year's party was a bit ridiculous and included one of the Airmen (an E3 in the aviation community) barfing on the dance floor.  Instead of the Senior Enlisted Leader (SEL) sending out a nice email about holding your liquor, he chose the easier battle of sending out an email with the dress code and examples.  In our office we chuckled amongst ourselves knowing that the recipients of the email weren't the culprits of breaking the dress code.  Usually it is the wives who pull out their sexiest dresses to impress all these people that they only see once a year.  I'm pretty sure if one of the women bent over, I would have send all her not-so-good-goods....  At least pretend to have modest and wear some tights?  Then we had the lady who was practically an inch away from a nip-slip at all times.  Spilling over wouldn't have been an apt term to cover this woman's waterfall of boobs.  Seriously?

So the Christmas party fulfilled my holiday quota of making fun of people for their attire.  There was dancing to be had and photos (some more awkward than others, like when all the AW's were in a photo together (all dudes) and then I was pulled into the photo with the wives) and cupcakes.  The prizes this year were minimal, which was disappointing.  Along with the fact that I didn't win anything, despite having a particularly crappy day which led me feel like I deserved to win something.

The best thing about Thursday night holiday parties?  The Pioneer day on Friday.  Woo.  Friday was spent picking up Miley, the dog I am sitting for the week.  She is a beautiful white lady with a black eye and spots on her ears.  She is white all over and soooo soft.  She is a roacher (meaning she lays on her back with her paws in the air) and she looooves to snuggle.  If you are petting her and stop, she will paw at you till you resume petting.  She's a doll.  Except that she does NOT like going on walks, so runs are pretty much out of the question, which is super disappointing for me.

Friday evening turned out to be a lazy one with the dogs mostly because I wasn't sure how Miley was going to do if I went away so soon of her coming over.  She is a bounced dog and kind of a spook.  Mostly, I wanted to be around in case she decided to flip out and eat something.

Saturday was also lazy.  I cleaned the apartment some and worked on blogs/photos.  I finally finished the Painted Desert/Petrified Forest photos, all 381 of them (not including some panoramics), which means you should probably expect a vacation post soon.  I think that the drive from Phoenix to the Painted Desert/Petrified Forest will end up being its own post, despite my desire to make all of AZ one post.  Sorry my shutter finger went a little spastic.  I told Teh Bear that next time I was driving and he was going to take photos of all the stuff I was missing.  He said that probably wasn't a good idea.  I agreed with him.

Sunday was church.  I was a little disappointed.  I went to the 930 service, which I knew was going to be a special service.  By special, they meant, no sermon.  So I left after the 930 service was over and ran a quick errand and came back to church for the 1100 service, which included the Cantata... which also did NOT include a sermon.  Queue disappointment and a headache.  Ick.  I'm all for some singing, if I can participate. So of the special sermons, the 930 one was my fave since we got to sing along.  After church, I came home to Skype with Teh Bear for a bit.  In the evening, I went over to Teh Neighbor's apartment and we exchanged Christmas presents since we are all going out of town this week.  I brought both dogs with me and Miley was on her best behavior.  Phil was being himself.  There was a cute moment where Phil and Miley were laying down and Phil laid his head on Miley's side.  It was super cute.  I think someone got a photo, but I haven't seen it surface on FB yet.

Thhhhhhen, Happy Christmas/Monday, Teh Megan!  We started working port and starboard this week (for my non-Navy that means we are working every other day).  Monday is my first off day.  The schedule works out perfectly since I am going to NC for Christmas.  YAYY!  (whisper:  my LPO (boss) is awesome!)

So far Monday has included trying to sleep in and going over to watch Baby April while Teh Korean went to the post office to mail out their Christmas packages.  She also mailed off my package as well, so it was a good trade off.  The rest of the day will include some Skype time with Teh Bear, writing more blogs, potentially finishing the laundry, a walk with the doggies, maybe some cleaning, and definitely some cooking.

How about some cuteness?

I sleeps dah bestest when I'z touchin' yous.

That's my Phil-boy.

Miley and Phil.  I was trying to do a size comparison so you could see how small she was.
Phil is 80 pounds.
Miley is 60ish pounds.


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