Friday, December 28, 2012

Fill in the Blank Friday #29

Holy moly there are no more scheduled blogs!?!?  Ahhhh!  Yes, I just admitted to you that I had a streak of motivation and that I'm lazy at the same time... and I also knew that while I was Christmasing (why isn't this a word?) that feeling guilty about not posting blogs was way too much of a downer for Christmas.

What this really means is that I had to take a break from FREE (because I'm cheap yo, and I give out awesome Christmas presents) Nook book shopping (because Teh Bear is awesome and got me a Nook for Christmas) to check Lauren's page for new blanks.. There were none, so I'm going back in time..

Also, don't forget about the give away.  Tell me what keeps you coming back to Teh Blog and you might win a Glossybox!!  Just comment on any blog post or post on Teh FB page from December 20th till January 2nd.


1.   New Year's is  probably just an excuse for people to party.  I mean, it's what I'm planning on doing....

2.   One of my New Year's resolutions will be   uuuhhh.. I'm not really a resolutions type of gal.  Mostly so I don't get disappointed in myself come next November and realize that I didn't do what I said I was gonna do.  

3.  A New Year's resolution I've made in the past was to   write more, read more, lose weight, get back to America (ok so that one worked out), ya know.. all the same stuff everyone else vows to do as well.

4. The most time consuming resolution I ever made was    reading more?  I mean, that doesn't take a short amount of time...  (says the girl who just got a Nook and got halfway through her new book last night.. oops)  

5.  This year I will be spending New Year's Eve    with Teh Neighbors.  We have already purchased steaks for dinner and we're still organizing the side dishes.  I'm not sure that any of us will make it to midnight because we're all old folks, but who knows.  

6.  If I could wish one thing for my new year it would be    the same wish as always, that Teh Bear would get a job in MD and I'd be able to get snuggled more than a few weeks out of the year.  

7.  2012 2013 is going to be    NOT the year of the apocalypse?  I hope 2013 brings more focus to me.  I also need to start planning for after the Navy/a Navy transition.  So maybe I should just hope that 2013 brings me direction, because I'm going to definitely need it.  

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