Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Glossybox #4

November's Glossybox came!!!


Illamasqua - Lip & Eye Medium Pencil
The color was a bit orange-y for me.  Then again, I don't use lip pencils and it wasn't going on my eye since it was orange-y.  I'm sad I didn't get the color in the photo.

NuMe Style - Arganics by NuMe Argan Oil
I've been using the oil.  I'm not actually sure what it's supposed to do, but I did read something about my hair drying faster, which I haven't really experienced.  Luckily, these sample sizes are big enough to use these for several applications so I've been using the oil for a week.  My hair isn't super oily after using it, so no complaints from me!

Perfumies - Solid Perfume Stick
I liked the stick perfume.  Unfortunately, I'm a creature of habit and wear only 2 different perfumes.  Clinique Happy and Vera Wang Princess.  This stick did smell good and maybe I'll try wearing it soon.

Skin&Co Roma - Truffle Serum – Hydro-Toning Day Face Serum
I didn't try this on my face because my face has been extremely ..."moody" lately.  I'm afraid to try new things other than the Mary Kay stuff (that I paid wayyy too much for and isn't working, surprise) to piss my skin off more than it already is.  Le sigh.

Lierac - Gommage Sensoriel
I think this is the name of the stuff in the box, which is actually just lotion.  It smelled good, but after application, the area felt oily to me.  I'm going to bring it home at Christmas for my step-sister to see if she/her Army buddies will use it because it's not bad lotion, I just am really picky.  :)

PS.  I still love the boxes that the samples come in.  I might have actually reused at least one of the boxes to wrap Cmas presents in.

Along with this box, I also got a "coupon."

1 was for $100 off a NuMe styling tool or hair extension.  I'm a reasonable individual, so I was thinking, SWEET FREE CRAP!  Apparently... NOT.

If anyone would like this coupon it expires Dec 31, 2012.

Can someone please tell me the difference between this $200+ hair dryer and the $15 hair dryer at Wal-Mart?

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  1. 1. I used MK, liked it, but couldn't justify the price. Lately I just buy Clean & Clear from Walmart. My biggest problem is actually doing int consistently...every night...I'm lazy when I'm tired, ok?

    2. I refuse to buy expensive straighteners anymore. People claim the Chi, etc, is AMAZING but my stuff never lasts. I had someone GIVE me one that cost over $100 and it just quit working in less than 6 months. Apparently I am just way too rough to have nice things.


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