Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Fashion doesn't agree with me... #3

Because there has been minimal ridiculousness as of late.. I give you.. more fashion doesn't agree with me sunglasses!!!!

Seriously, going out and finding ridiculous sunglasses has become a personal challenge of mine.

At the Red Rock Amphitheater..
These are children's.  Yep, my head is that small.

Teh Democratic Lawyer was helping me model before she found some cute iPhone gloves.

The ever so slight tint on these I guess classifies them as sunglasses, but I wasn't impressed.
Also, they were broken, which is why they are crooked..  Or my head was too small, either way.

I can't even take myself seriously with the green/blue/red combo I had going on.

Bzzzzz.  Bzzzzz..  Oh sorry, I thought I was a fly for a minute.

These are party-rific sunglasses.
As for those shoes in the background.. Wear those if you're walkin down dark alleys at night.

It's like there's a recycled 80's toy on my face.

What, what?

Can you see my eyebrows now?

So apparently, these sunglasses matched the shoes, which will you see displayed behind me.

Teh Humanitarian and I found some AWESOME (not)/sunglasses WITH MUSTACHES at Five Below.
Pretty sure she bought these for her family.  I approved.

That happened.
You're welcome, Gentle Readers..  You are welcome.

If you find pictures of ridiculous sunglasses and you want to model them and send me the pic/link, I'll proudly post it.  Send photos to

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