Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Less pressure and Relish12.

I'm gonna be honest (bahah, like I'm not usually?  idk)..  photo editing isn't going well.  I feel like its because I need to distance myself from the photos and then go back and look at them to be impressed.  I've tried going through them this past week and it's felt like such a chore.  It shouldn't be like that.  I love taking photos and I love editing the photos, but when it starts feeling like something I have to do, I don't love it anymore.  I get bitter and I don't want to do it and I'll vow to spend all weekend doing nothing but photo stuffs (which I did btw), except that the only photo stuffs I didn't do was edit my vacation photos.

I cleaned my apartment, I picked out photos for other stuffs (can't tell you what since I have friends that will be receiving presents from me that read Teh Blog), I made my holiday card list and started gathering addresses for that, I finished my Cmas shopping, I figured out Teh Bear's bday present and got that ordered..  I didn't leave my apt except for Friday Game Night at Teh Humanitarian/Teh Coast Guardian's apt (which I felt like I deserved for making it through an entire work week for the first time in a month), I went to church on Sunday, then Sunday evening Teh Humanitarian and I ventured to Wal-Mart to pick up an item that I'd ordered online, some things for Teh StepSister who is currently in Army Bootcamp (hooyah), and groceries.

Teh Bear really gives me shit for not editing my photos and getting them up right away because everyone else is excited to see my photos, he says.  Then if I wait 1-3 months to post them, no one cares anymore.  Well, meh, I say.  It's my blog and my photos and I do what I wawnt!

Recently, I've felt too busy to sit down and write out a Teh Megan post.  Not a linkup or photos, just me talking to whoever you are.  I miss convalescent leave in July when I had all day and in the mornings I'd usually sit down and write blogs.  Granted, I no longer need convalescent leave, which is good, but I miss that opportunity.

That said, I'm going to be doing another linkup, but not for the sake of doing a linkup.  I first saw this from Nikkiana @ Authentic Experience and I loved the idea.  It's called Relish 2012 from Rebecca @ Finding Freedom in the Leaping.  Essentially, she will post prompts each day of December asking questions about 2012.  For me, it's a good way to see how far I've come in 2012.  It's also a reason to blog other than FitBF.

So, sorry this isn't more photos.  I promise to continue trying to muster the motivation to work on them, but I will not be making deadlines for myself since that just seems to stress me out more than necessary.  Maybe this Relish12 stuff will be better than photos????

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  1. If it helps, I personally am fine with no photos :) I like seeing them now & then, but for me blogs are more about hearing what the person writing them is thinking...and pictures just don't tell as much of the story. I know that's a ridiculous notion in today's world for some reason, but I'm a words girl. So there's at least one person who gives you a OK to skip them for now! Like you said, you should ENJOY whatever you do for blogging.


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