Friday, December 14, 2012

Fill in the Blank Friday #27

Blanks blanks blanks!!!  I missed these last week and I've missed blogging this week.  It's been quite busy at Teh Megan's house and this upcoming week promises to bring even more fun since its a week closer to Christmas!!!!!!!!!  Woooo!!!  And I'm dog sitting!  So Phil might let Miley (the visiting dog) post on his blog since he does such a bad job...  We'll blame it on Phil cause he's a boy.

In other news, 3 posts ago, I broke last year's post record.  Which is pretty impressive since last year I did a photo challenge in October so that was 31 daily posts + random posts..  Ya know, back when I was a hardcore blogger with no readers and no life.  I mean, my number of Gentle Readers has increased slightly (it was increasing more when I was putting my name out there, but then I got slack on that), but I know who the original Gentle Readers are and I lub you all.

But now.. on to the blanks!!!


1. When it comes to holiday shopping, I
  say that I'm not going to spend lots of money and do it anyways because I love gift giving.  It really is a problem.  

2. A few things on my Chritmas wish list are...   a new cable for my HD (or a new HD if that cable doesn't work), a case for the red camera so it doesn't have the same death as the prior camera, a sweater for Phil, a Phil/greyhound ornament, and jewelry from Sheila Fleet who I discovered in Scotland and love.

3. An intangible gift I would like to receive is   Teh Bear getting to be with me on Cmas.  

4. A gift I would like to give this year is   a job to/for Teh Bear in MD.

5. My Christmas will be spent   in NC.  I hadn't planned on going home this year but since Teh Stepsister will be coming home from Army Bootcamp, I figured it wouldn't hurt to have everyone home for Cmas... and I mean, if she can leave bootcamp, I can drive the 8 hours.  

6. My most favorite Christmas gift of all time was   either my Green coat from Teh Mom or my very first StoryPeople print from Teh Bear.  

7. The best thing about the holidays is   that people are generally nicer and more pleasant to be around.. and CHRISTMAS CAROLS!!!!

Be on the lookout for the Relish post.  Some days I've been getting a little carried away.. so it might be a little long.  Oops.  My bad.  :)

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  1. I totally agree, people are so much nicer around the holidays. Too bad it can't be like that ALL the time.

    Love your blog, I'm a new follower (:


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