Thursday, December 20, 2012

Glossybox #5

I LOVE GETTING MAIL!!!  It used to be overrated because it was generally bills, but now I have Glossybox and Christmas presents and Kohl's coupons and Christmas cards and Reddit Gift Exchanges and happiness in my mailbox!  It really is thrilling.

This month was even festive since it was December.

And in the festive spirit..  I'm giving away a Glossybox!
Would you like to receive some random beauty products?  They are unused (promise!)

To enter, just leave a comment below telling me your favorite thing about Teh Blog by January  2nd.  That's 2 weeks!!!

Is it Teh Nicknames?  The fact that almost every inanimate object I own has it's own name?  The stories about Phil?  The adventures with Teh Bear?  My Fill in the Blank Friday posts?  My irregular blog schedule?  How awesome I am?  My awesome (and sometimes not so awesome) photos?  My ridiculously long posts?  How I always talk about my time in GTMO/Bahrain?  The fact that I give stuff away rarely sometimes?  Something else?

You tell me.  I don't promise to do more or less of your favorite thing, but I do promise to pick a random person (unless there is only one person, then I will pick that one person) to win a surprise Glossybox.  The truth of the matter is, I really don't use everything in these boxes.  I'd like to, but I'm a chicken and just can't pull some of these things off.

December's box!  YAY!

Extra stuffs for Christmas!

Stuff in December's box:

This stuff made me think of Pleasures by Estee' Lauder that I wore in middle/high school.  Just a small spray was really strong.  I kept having the feeling an old woman was following me around, but it was just the perfume.  Then again, I associate all "strong, flowery" smells with old women.  It's probably not so bad.

Haven't tried it yet, but if its like the rest of the hair stuff from the boxes prior, I won't really notice a difference.  I'm oblivious like that.

I'm not an oil-er.  This is also wrapped in plastic and I'm not unwrapping it since it will be part of the Glossybox give away.  Most of the stuff I've received has smelled really good, so I assume this will too.

The smell of the ones I received is White Ginger or White Tea.. something white.  They smell nice.

Since I blow dry my hair almost every day, this I'm going to try.  It smells good, so hopefully it will continue to smell good after being under heat for 5 minutes.

I got the gold shimmer and I was really excited to see this because usually I end up with a lip liner that is the color of a construction cone that I'll never use.  I actually applied this standing in my kitchen.  I only did one coat, but I'm slightly disappointed.

Not that I'm a professional nail painter (ok, not even close since I'm pretty sure my cuticles shouldn't be gold as well), but the paint at the ends of my nails has already started chipping off (I'm writing this less than 24 hours after application).  I did go swimming this morning, but didn't really do anything crazy between painting and drying time.  So maybe I just didn't apply enough layers?  Idk.

These are little rings that you see in the center of the photo.  I have fairly small hands (my left ring finger is a 5 3/4, which I only know from a prior (ex)engagement ring) and these would barely fit on my pinky finger.  Cute thought, but maybe not so practical for adults.  Maybe a good gift for a little girl who wants to play dress up?  I don't really know any little girls, so I will be passing these on in the Glossybox give-away.

Finally, NOT Glossybox related = The COLOR RUN IS COMING!!!!

Ok, not until May and the Color Me Rad run (which is pretty much the same thing) is before The Color Run, but that doesn't stop my excitement NOW.  Because I was extremely worried (and rightly so) that tickets for the DC Color Run were going to sell out quickly like they did last year (they did sell out quick, but sales were open for at least 2 days, which was impressive) we signed up the day that registration opened.  We're serious Color Runners!

Then the next day, we received a VIP ticket discount via email since we ran last year for $5 off the registration price.  Ugh.  Bummer.  So instead of $35 it would have just been $30.  I know it's going to charity, buttttttttt.. I'ma need that extra $5 to pay for gas.

We emailed the Color Run folks and they sent us a $5 coupon code for the Color Run store... which we learned could be used as many times as we wanted, we just had to pay at least $1 for the coupon code to work.  It included free shipping.  Sooooo, Danielle suggested getting bandannas for all the people that signed up with us.  So she got bandannas for the people she encouraged to sign up and I got bandannas for Teh Korean and Teh Humanitarian and I told Miss Reflective about the deal.  So much for using that $5 towards gas... :)

I ordered a bandanna ($5) and a bracelet ($1) for both Teh Humanitarian and Teh Korean and a bandanna ($5) and a sticker ($1) for myself.  With Teh Bear's help, we went with white bandannas, "Why would you NOT wear white to The Color Run?"  I had to agree with Teh Bear, he was right.  Win!

I'm kind of a big fan of The Color Run.  Seriously.
It really is the most fun run on the planet.

Unrelated, my computer doesn't have a name.

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  1. 1. My favorite thing about your blog's authentic. I don't feel like I'm constantly reading an ad for a shop, or being told what I should be wearing/how I should be doing my hair, or being made to feel lazy because I'm don't cook exotic dinners or make ALL THE DECORATIONS in the house. It's just talking to a funny, interesting person I am bloggy friends with.

    2. Yay Color Run!


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