Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays/Merry Winter Time of Year/whatever, Gentle Readers!!

Merry Christmas from Teh Megan and Teh Phil-boy!!!

I am thankful for you, Gentle Readers.  Although few, you are mighty!  You give me the motivation to keep sharing my stories and photos because at least one of you appreciates my attempts to be humorous and my ability to give the most ridiculous nicknames to people and maybe my over-zealous love for sharing my photos.

Hopefully you were able to spend the holidays with whoever, however you wanted.  If not, I completely understand and if you need to hear a funny joke, canIdecideanotherday(at)gmail.com is the best place to turn.  Send me an email and just make sure your subject line says:  Send me a funny joke!  I'll be ALL OVER THAT.  I've been practicing my funny jokes for Teh Stepsister.  

Thank you all for sharing 2012 with me.  I appreciate your comments, encouragement, and page hits (because almost ALL bloggers are suckers for page hits, it is what it is).

Phil doesn't have a lot of Christmas spirit, but when he does, he always makes sure to look like it's torturing him.

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