Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Humpday Confessions #18

This post almost didn't happen, but I've been feeling like a shitty blogger since I went on vacation and didn't schedule blogs...  Life is just getting ahead of me.

Vodka and Soda


-I learned last week that if I don't link up early/in the morning, I don't get as much love.  I guess there is a plus to having to be at work by 6am.  I also learned the week before that, that 0430 isn't early enough to be in the top 3.  Confessions posters are serious business!

-Coming home from vacation was bittersweet.  I missed my roomies, but now I'm going to miss Mr. Mystery.

-I've now reached the point of my "No Mo' Navy" countdown that I'm getting petrified.  I still have no job yet which is a big concern.  Yes, I have a fall back plan, but I really don't want to have to use it.

-I bought a pair of flippie-floppies in exactly the same style, but a different color as a pair I already have.  I overcame many temptations to buy other flippie floppies, but I stood my ground and when I remembered to look for them online, Kohl's had them on sale.  It was like the internet shopping gods were smiling down on me and supported my purchase.

-I didn't post a Music Monday post and I'm a host of the linkup...  I spent the weekend and Monday unpacking and any other time was spent with Mr. Mystery since I was leaving Charleston on Tuesday morning.  I'm have a semi-guilty feeling, but non-blogging priorities are a thing sometimes.

-I'm afraid to open my Feedly.  But I know that I'll get to see some confessions, so I'm not going to mark all read... yet.

-Meri really, REALLY, needs to be groomed and trimmed, but the lady that I'd like to do it lives 2 hours away and I'm afraid that if I take her to a local place she will be scarred for life and then it will be a bitch to get her groomed after this.  But holy lion mane.

-I got my Teacher Redditgift Matches.  I'm super pumped.  I signed up for 2 teachers and one of them is in NC, woot!  She only asked for glue sticks.  I was like whhhhaaattt?  So I sent her a message and asked if there was anything else she wanted.  The other teacher is from Michigan.  I had to stop doing the other Reddit gift exchanges due to my dollas situation (and how little I need more stuff) but I always like doing the teacher one because most teachers are underpaid and overworked and pay for many things out of pocket.

-Speaking of stuff, apparently I have too much of it.  OMG SO MUCH STUFFSSSS.  I had to unpack it all before I left Charleston and it wasn't an issued except that the movers arrived a day after I'd planned on them, so I was short one day for unpacking.  I vowed to purge some closet items when I arrive back to SC.  It will also help that I no longer need those mabillion uniform items.  Although, when the option to buy fresh garlic or already chopped garlic came up, the fact that I had a garlic press meant that we were able to buy fresh.  HA!  (and then it proceeded to break as I used it, le sigh)

-Confessions were short and sweet this week because I don't really have anything to bitch about.. but tomorrow is my first day back at work after being gone for 2 weeks, I'm sure it won't take me long to draft up next Wednesday's post..  I missed you guys!!


  1. Oh my, Meri is super adorable!!!! And seriously confession posters are hard core duking it out for that top spot. LOL..

  2. i think a lot of people stalk the linkup during work hours and their lunch. i also think it's hilarious that people work to get the #1 spot on the linkup; gives me the warm fuzzies :)

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  3. I've definitely noticed if you aren't one of the first people that link up you don't get as much love. That's why I always link up to whatever as soon as I wake up & then during breaks or lunch head over to give others love.

  4. Confession ladies are NO JOKE!!!

    I love that you say flippie-floppies because I do too. Unless I'm short on time, then I just say flips!


  5. I feel so behind the times because I genuinely have no idea what feedly is...........

    that pup is too cute!

  6. It was a total fluke that I got the top spot! I love buying new flip flops! Even though our weather is terrible, I like to wear them year round ha ha.

  7. I link up at 2 AM and there's still usually a few ahead of me XD (I get off work late). Meri is so cute!

  8. Welsome back!!!! So true about link ups, the early bird gets the love! I was on atr 8am and still firmly in the 20s, Crazy!

  9. Ommgggg I totally need to go through my closet...however I'm not ready to tackle that just yet...since it'll probably take me days to get to the bottom of my closet lol. Meri is so cute with his lion look! Haha. :D

  10. Life has gotten way ahead of me too. 0430 is to early for me. As long I'm in the top 20, I'm good haha

    What is this reddit thing?

  11. I'm in a different time zone so I never know when the link up opens but I see the ladies get really passionate about being number 1... lol


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