Friday, August 29, 2014

Five on Friday #29


If you thought the confessions on Wednesday were bad, they weren't really a drop in the bucket compared to my overall week.  Granted, they were definitely in the theme of the week, but holy crap.  Having Thursday off to take Yurtle to the car doctor?  Oh, I paid for that in spades via 3 days of work hell.

I was pretty sure on Wednesday, I was going to have a breakdown at work and just start crying from how frustrated I was.  Not because I was sad or my feelings were hurt.. no no, because of frustration.  Know the worst type of crying?  Frustrated crying, because people think they've upset you, not that you're so full of un-directed rage that you need to have a reaction so your tear ducts leak.


I been having all kinds of restaurant cravings recently.  I think I've satisfied all of them though, so I should be good for this weekend.  I got Red Robin on Tuesday night, Rita's on Wednesday, and a Chickfila biscuit on Thursday.  Only the Chickfila disappointed, so I'm 2 for 3.  Additionally, I made roasted rosemary potatoes one night for dinner (with roasted chicken) and we still have leftovers and those bitches are delicious.


I went on a run this morning and it was 6 painfully glorious miles of mid-60°F temps and there was actually shade since it was so early!  I wasn't even sure how to handle myself.  I really should start checking the morning weather for Leesburg, VA, which is where our half marathon is so I can figure out what I'm going to wear.  I wore a short sleeve shirt this morning thinking I might be chilly since I'm so used to running mid-day in the blazing sun in 80°s+ temps.  I was wrong.  I could have worn my normal running top with zero problems and got my tan on.  My "whore" tan lines are crazy dark.. along with my super sexy watch tan line.  Bitches wanna be like me.


Isn't she just the best?  I didn't see this until after my run this morning.  I was sad I slept through her getting ready this morning.  Also, this is why every house needs a white board.  Teh BFF and I used to draw picture code on the grocery list and rarely ever could we NOT figure out what the other had put.

Speaking of.. I need to find a board for the SC house... YAY shopping!


I may or may not have not allowed myself to shower after my run until I finished this post.  It may or may not have been over an hour since I got home.  At least it's just the dogs here with me.  #judgementfreezone

Speaking of the dogs, this is how they start a long, holiday weekend.  I think they are setting a positive example.

I saved the best for last.
This is why everyone needs a greyhound.. to decorate their couch with fur and drool.
I lub my Phil-boy the mostest.

SEIS (or Sex in Latin, which is coincidentally fitting)

Mr. Mystery is arriving today!  Woot!

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.

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  1. your dogs have it right. i'm off next week so it's an extra EXTRA long holiday for me :)

    Vodka and Soda


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