Monday, August 25, 2014

Music Monday #3 and Weekend Review {8/24}

Want to know something crazy?  It feels like foooorever since I've done a weekend wrap-up post.

First off, lets accomplish Music Monday, a linkup hosted by Brittany, Emmy, and myself where we talk about muzacks!  Link up with us!!!

can I decide another day?

I know everyone is all "WOOO! Taylor Swift put out a new song and she's fightin' for her right to be awkward!" but I'm over here like, "Meh."  But, shh, don't tell Teh MD Teenage Roomie, she loves Taylor Swift.

After realizing that I left my ipod cord in Mr. Mystery's truck (he's welcome, very much), I really wanted to listen to my ipod, of course, so I connected it via aux cable (because Yurtle is smart and she has all the options) and was jammin' to some Run River North - Foxbeard.

Foxbeard (live) by Run River North on Grooveshark

The harmony, the violin, I swoon.

I first heard of this song from Today's Letters.  Em posted about the song and I haven't stopped listening since.  I have since stopped following her blog because she had a baby and now baby content is pretty regular and I'm not hatin' but that's not why I was following her blog.  I do miss the photos!

This song brings a calm over me.  I could have listened to it on repeat for hours.  And the end line: And I don't know, if this ever gonna stop... I just stop and let it wash over me.  Because that's what you have to do when you feel like your life is out of control.  You have to stop and gather yourself and then start again.

Speaking of starting again, getting back to the real world has been interesting.  This weekend was exactly what I need to separate 2 short weeks of work, lol.

Last week was a short week because I returned to work on Wednesday and after running a 5k with my command on Friday, I came home, showered, picked up Teh MD Adult Roomie, and brought Meri to Fredericksburg, VA for her first grooming appointment.  Fredericksburg is actually over an hour and a half away, but the lady I took her to is a greyhound friend and I knew that I didn't want Meri's first grooming experience to be a bad one since she is so easily scared and scarred.  While Meri was gettin' her hairs did, Teh MD Adult Roomie and I had lunch and headed to the mall to use my Victoria's Secret and Bath and Body Works free item coupons.  I also got fitted at Victoria's Secret... yeah that was enlightening.  Despite how much weight I've lost, these are still tig-ole-bitties.  I also may have picked up some new bras with matching underwear because I've never in my life owned a matching set of bra and underwear (that I can recall).

Hairy Meri kisses!

Mr. Lincoln (who doesn't usually play) wanted to play with Meri!

We came back to a completely different dog!

Meri was givin' me snuggles.

I LOVE IT!!  She was so shaggy in her face and I was always trying to push her hair out of her eyes.  We headed back to SoMD and I dropped off Teh MD Adult Roomie to pick up her car and headed home.  I had a short break and then Teh Monopoly and Mr. Kilt dropped off the baby for me to sit so they could go see a movie.

Meri was very concerned and curious about the furless puppy.

The only time the baby got fussy was when I was delaying feeding time because I over heated his bottle and had to chill it.  I'm totally a fan of good babies.  I'd baby sit him again.  After I was relieved of baby duty, it was bedtime since Teh MD Adult Roomie and I had the Habitat for Humanity 5K on Saturday morning.

We had to be there early because I wasn't sure if I had signed up or not... Megan fail.  Turns out I hadn't, so I was able to sign up there.  We ran the entire way and Teh MD Adult Roomie kept trying to speed us up.  She challenged me to sprint out the very end at the finish line and I came in first!  Honestly, I didn't expect to be able to sprint very fast, but I guess after running so much my body just accepted it and now sprints aren't so bad.  I opened up my stride and away I went.  I was kinda proud of myself.  We finished at about 34 minutes.  My 5k on Friday had been 31 minutes, so we didn't make bad time.

My first selfie with the Solomon's Bridge!

We cam home after the run and had breakfast and Teh MD Adult Roomie dumped out one of the puzzles I had borrowed from Teh Granny and we started on it.  And by started on it, I mean worked on it from 1000 to almost 2pm.  Oops.  We finally took a break so we could be productive.  I gave Yurtle a bath and cut up melon so we could have fruit for the week.

After a shower and dinner and some internet time, Teh MD Adult Roomie and I finished up the puzzle.  It was only 750 pieces, but doing it in one day surprised us all.  Next up is a 2000 piece puzzle of Times Square on NYE.

I made watermelon juice!
It was almost up to Bahrain standards.

The completed puzzle.  Missing one piece.  Le siiiigh.
At least it was only one missing piece.  The dogs (Meri) ate at least 15 or so pieces from the last puzzle we tried to do.
 Saturday night, I was in bed early.. and then I proceeded to check FB and read until 10pm, at which point Teh Humanitarian called me to ask about the 5K.  She calls from Alaska, so I didn't even mind.

Sunday morning, I struggled getting out of bed and going to church.  I almost didn't go.  I arrived as the first song was being sung.  But I know that the days that you don't wanna do something are the days you need to the most.  I was glad I ended up going because the speaker was the InterVarsity (IV) leader from St. Mary's College which was awesome to me since I was involved with IV for a short period during college.

I felt like a real jerk when I went up to the guy and talked to him and he had to remind me that we had met before at a church event last year.  Oops, my bad.  I guess I just don't consider myself a memorable person?  After chatting with a few folks, I headed home for lunch and caught up on emails while waiting on my lunch to finish baking, yay pizza and a slow oven.  After lunch, I dedicated the rest of the day/afternoon to catching up on blogs.  I finished up the final vacation post and then wrote this post and then worked on the puzzle for the remainder of the night.

It was a super awesome weekend.  It was relaxing which I needed to be ready to survive 3 whole work days next week.  It would be 4 but Yurtle has a doctor appointment in Alexandria since her tire light won't go off.  Le sigh, please Kia Gods let this be covered by the warranty!  Oh yeah, not only is it going to be a 4 day weekend next weekend, but Mr. Mystery is coming to visit!  YYYYAAYYY!!!

Happy Monday!

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  1. Yay for short work weeks! My weekend was super relaxing, like I did not get out of my pjs at all on Saturday, relaxing. ;) But I work at a university and last week was the first week of fall classes. My introvert brain need a pj day!

  2. 1) Good song!

    2) Yay good weekend!

    3) My tire light has been on basically since we bought the car. It's fine. Apparently just one of the odd manufacturing issues. But since the tires have been checked & replaced & all that good stuff, I just ignore it now :) Hope yours is a similar small issue!

  3. I love puzzles! I seriously get crazy when I'm doing them. To the point where I kick everyone off the table because they're not doing it the way I want to do it. Even if it is my kids' puzzle. Hahaha.

  4. We had to fill the spare tire to get our tire light to go off... Miss your face! D worked mid shift last week & threw us off schedule LOL I would like to meet Mr Mystery! Gracie needs to come play with Meri; forgot her muzzle & she ate my charger! I want to meet/sit cute baby!


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