Monday, August 4, 2014

Music Monday & Weekend Wrap-Up {8/4}


The prompt for this week is:
What is your favorite song currently on the radio?

can I decide another day?

I've been getting super song headaches and totally loving it to ZZ Ward's - Last Love Song.

No, Mr. Mystery and I didn't break up, it's just slow and I can match her voice very well when I sing to it.  It wasn't a coincidence when I found the Lub Book while I was packing that this song went through my head (the Lub Book was a notebook that Teh Bear and I wrote letters to each other in and we mailed it back and forth while I was in Bahrain and before he came to MD.  And to toot my own horn, I was totally better at writing in the Lub Book than him, if he still reads Teh Blog, he'd agree).

The rest of the album isn't so bad, but sometimes it gets more of a jazzy tone than I really care for.  Yep, I'm a band nerd that never got into jazz.  There's just something about high pitched trumpets that make me want to punch a baby... ok and maybe the asshole first chair trumpet-ers that came along with all those jazz ensembles.  Whatevs.

So lets just talk about this weekend shall me?
Remember when I said on Friday that it was gonna be a quiet weekend?  I jinxed myself.
Lets talk about it.


Friday after work I considered going to workout, but taking a nap won out.  It was rainy out and just perfect nappin' weather and I'd been on duty Tues-Thurs which meant being at work from 2230-2300 (10:30-11pm, I really am going to miss military time and how easy it is to know am/pm without having to differentiate).  I'm normally in bed by 2130ish since I'm up at 0445 to get ready for work, so this was cutting into my sleep time and I needed to catch up on my sleeps.

I woke up from my nap and was catching up on Humpday Confessions, because I really wanted to try and read everyone's posts this week, but it just wasn't happening.  Teh MD Adult Roomie came home from work on the phone and asked if I wanted to go with her on a trip to DC to meet up with an old friend.  Of course!  Within a few minutes we had fed the dogs and were heading out the door for dinner.

Teh MD Adult Roomie hadn't seen this friend in a while, so she was super excited for the opportunity to catch up.  We had dinner at a sports bar down the street from their hotel.  We were back home by 2300 and headed to bed since Teh MD Adult Roomie had a 5k on Saturday morning and I had more sleeping to get to.


Saturday morning was rough.  The beasts were up at 04 with Teh MD Adult Roomie since she was getting ready to leave and, with good intentions, she put Meri in Olive's crate and Meri had finished her kong and was making a huge racket trying to get out of the crate that woke me up at 05.  I was unbearably annoyed. 

I got up and put Meri in her crate, and she settled for about an hour.  Instead of going back to sleep, I spent about half that time texting with Mr. Mystery (yay for time difference!), so when Meri woke me up at 0615 with her whining I wanted to set her loose on the street.  I got up and let all the dogs out and left them all free to roam while I went back to bed. 

I woke back up at 0930 and Ms. Motivator had posted her 8.5+ mile run and I felt guilted into running from Ms. Motivator and because Teh MD Adult Roomie was running a 5K.  I got up and did a "short" run, 4.6 miles.  When I came home Teh MD Adult Roomie was back from her 5K and she had delivered lunch!  She's the best.

Unfortunately, when I had left for my run, I had opted against putting the dogs away.  Teh MD Adult Roomie arrived home before me to find the dog food container eaten open and laying in the living room floor.  We have no idea how much food they ate, but we knew it wasn't going to take long to see the results.  Le siiiigh.

At noon I had an appointment with Yurtle to figure out why my tire light hates me.  Not only did they tell me the sensor was probably bad, they didn't charge me!  WIN!  I wasn't even lookin' close to cute, so I have no idea why they didn't charge me, but I'll take it.  I came back home and finally showered from my run and ended up taking a nap because it was perfect rainy weather.. again.  I'm not one to pass up nap opportunities.

every nap.. EVER.

After naptime, it was time to get ready for evening entertainment: babies and Cards Against Humanity.

Sleeping babies rock.  Both babies ended up sleeping for most of the evening, but I held this one since he was the visitor and I needed to get in my baby quota. When we got home, there was diarrhea from the dogs to clean up, of course, which meant cleaning the carpets, uuugghh.  After getting the carpet cleaned up and washing out the cleaner, it was my bedtime.

I had laid in the bed and covered up when I heard Teh MD Adult Roomie scream/yell.  I couldn't tell if it was an emergency yell, so I got out of the bed and was on my way down when Teh MD Adult Roomie yelled my name.  When I walked into the kitchen, I found her sitting on the floor with a paper towel over her foot and blood spots on the floor and she was telling me something about killing a grand daddy long legs.  She had been slicing cheese with a knife and was putting it on the counter to grab a paper towel to kill the spider herself and the knife and slipped and it ended up cutting her over her big toe. 

Let me point out that she was more worried about me killing the spider than her bleeding foot.

This is funny because 15 minutes before all this happened, we had been in the kitchen and I turned around and there was a spider and I screamed and told her to kill it since I was "defenseless" (aka no shoes on).  She killed it for me and all was well.

Since Teh MD Adult Roomie doesn't do blood, I offered to take a look at her toe to see what the damage was.  When she pulled up the paper towel and I informed her we should probably go to the emergency room, she wasn't very pleased.  I later told her that she should be glad that Teh Mom inside of me took over instead of Teh Dad because otherwise, she probably would have bled all night long (he's still not a fan of going to the doctor either). 

I went upstairs to put my clothes back on and on my way back to her grabbed a towel and some frozen vegetables from the freezer and another paper towel to wrap up her foot for the drive.  We were very fortunate that it wasn't a busy night in the ER.  We were in and out in about an hour with a stitched up gimp foot to show for our efforts.

She was very glad she had her toes done recently.

When we got home after midnight, we both crashed.


Sunday morning was rough.  Since the dogs weren't feeling well, I was on high alert all night long.  Meri woke me up at 0300 with her whining and there was no way I was going to ignore it knowing what had happened on Saturday.  I got up and let her out and she took care of her business and we went back upstairs to bed.  She whined again at 0600 when Teh Roomie let them out.  She woke me up at 0825 a final time whining and I got up and let all the dogs out.  I had let them in and was eating breakfast when Olive decided that she needed to go... on the living room floor.  I wanted to KILL her.  Not just let her out on the side of the street, kill her since she had just came inside (the grass was too wet from all the rain for the princess to venture out into the yard.... /glare).

Instead of getting ready for church, I got to clean the carpet again.  After cleaning the carpets, I went upstairs and showered and was getting ready when Olive came upstairs and vomited up grass and dog food on my bedroom floor (she hadn't gotten breakfast that morning and 1/2 her dinner the night before, so the presence of dog food was surprising to me).  I was definitely late for church.  Kids these days.  Ugh.  Lets just say that our household should purchase stock in Immodium.. for our dogs.

When I got home from church, I found out that the chicken I had planned on using for dinner had started to turn so it wasn't usable.  Grrreat.  I had a very unsatisfying peanut butter and jelly sammich for lunch since we were headed out to do run some errands, to include grocery shopping.

A lesson I always forget about Sunday afternoon: everyone else is out in public too.  Holy crap the crowds were awful.  It was like everyone in Pax River decided to all go to the store after lunch.  Uuugghh.   We were able to successfully accomplish our errands and there was no poop to clean up when we got home (WIN!).  After we got everything put away, we both took naps.  It was still kinda rainy out, I was starting to get a headache, Teh Roomie had gimp foot going on, and we were both just done.

After naptime, I got up and made shake 'n bake chicken nuggets and ranch/ritz cracker chicken nuggets for dinner.  NOM.  After dinner, we cleaned up the house, which had been our goal to accomplish all day on Sunday.  I feel like I need another weekend day to recover from this weekend, but my week is only 2 days long, so I really shouldn't be bitchin.  Additionally, Mr. Mystery was super sweet this weekend and I'm all teenage girl up in here.


There has been discussion of floating down the river drinking beer one day while I'm in CA and he knows I don't drink beer.  It's conversations like this that redeem him from the one night when he was texting me on a "school" night at almost midnight my time and said that he didn't need to keep up with the time difference....  Bitches interruptin' my sleeps is a serious no-no.  He's lucky he's cute (and he lets me wake him up in the middle of the night for things.....).

2 more days!

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  1. This made me laugh except for the bloody on the bloody foot! Love your style!

  2. A weekend full of naps sounds nice. My brain, however, hates naps and I always wake up from them feeling very bear-like.

  3. ohhh the poor dogs!! hope they got it all out of their systems (literally....). aw sleeping babies do rock, and so does cards against humanity!

  4. Oh no! It sounds like a spot bot filled weekend! I'm so thankful that my dog doesn't break into the food container.


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