Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Humpday Confessions #19

I ain't even playin' this week...

Vodka and Soda


-After 12 years of my name being spelled incorrectly with my NC bank, I finally got it fixed and it was super easy.  It's been giving me a complex and setting me in an irrational rage since I first discovered it years ago.

-The first email in my inbox when I got back from vacation was my approved terminal leave chit.  It was hard for me to not to stand up and do the excited dance.  You are welcome, coworkers, for my restraint.

-I was over the ice bucket challenge a week before it became popular.  I know I'm heartless, but your social media attempts to support a cause aren't really supporting anything unless you're actually donating the money when you do the challenge.  I've seen the statistics that the ALS foundation has raised a butt-ton of monies this year, the influx mostly being from the challenge, but still.  Bah humbug.  Although the fail videos are priceless.

-I've started feeling guilty for having appointments to take care of things since I'm so close to terminal leave, but Meri really needed to get her hairs did and Yurtle's tire light was really making me crazy.

-Last Wednesday when I got in Yurtle and started driving to work, my brain felt a peace that it had been missing for 2 weeks.  I probably shouldn't love my material items as much as I do, but I really love Yurtle, she's so good to me.  And I officially owe under $10k on her, WOOT!

-I find the little comments on the poptarts wrappers amusing.

-S'mores poptarts are the best.  They are best toasted, but sometimes that isn't an option and they are still delicious.

-Seeing emails that praise my work skillz (and they even put it with a 'z' not an 's') and lament my departure from the navy make my freakin' week.

-I will miss being so good at my job.  Obviously I will get good at whatever job I have next, but that learning curve can be very frustrating and daunting for me to get past.

-When people request to work with me specifically on an issue, a part of me hates it because I have to do work that is sometimes difficult, but another part of me loves it because I'm the person that knows what's what.

-I absolutely loathe the song Rude by Magic!  Yet I can't stop singing it after I hear it, even if it's just a few seconds.  I hate myself.

-There is one person on base that when he calls me, my day gets infinitely worse.  I'd rather process foreign national visit requests and deal with Stars coming to visit all day long than talk to this man once a month.  I've spoken to other individuals on base who also detest this individual.  And he has an obnoxious manner of speaking with this chuckle thing he does that makes me want to reach through the phone and strangle the life out of him.  /endrant.

-When people act like they aren't at fault for something when it is most definitely their fault, I get ragey.  I asked you for information in January and you decided I wasn't important enough so when you didn't provide the requested information and consequences were enacted 8 months later, you get pissed off and skip the chain of command to have your problem solved since it's going to affect your career, that would have been solved had you just responded to my initial request in January.  I have no sympathy for stupid bitches.

-If you're the asshole who only uses an account 2 times a year, every 6 months, and you know there's a deactivation time on the account of 60 days and you want to reactivate it every 6 months for a week, you're doing it wrong when you get irritated at the IT folks when it takes them "too long" to fix your account.  Just come sign in every 2 months and save a few people a lot of work.

-The best thing about summer is watermelon and cantaloupe from the farmer's market.  Period. 


-I'm excited about having only a monthish left in MD, but I'm sad as well.  I already told Teh MD Adult Roomie that she needs an extra line on her work phone just for me to call when I'm having crises.

-Atheletes and actors are some of the more popular "models" for children, yet they aren't punished for their infractions when they do illegal things.  It was common knowledge that Robin Williams did drugs but how many times was he charged for it?  How many NFL/NBA/etc players have you heard of with drunk driving charges or drug charges that affected their life like it would a regular person?  DUIs get people fired in the real world, I don't understand why that doesn't apply in the "star" world.  There is plenty of talent in the world.

-I LOVE being able to make restaurant reservations online.  Holy moly, why can't every place have that?

-I have no shame, I will happily put earplugs (or foamies if you're in the navy/aviation community) in while sitting in the office if there are too many people in the space. 


  1. I owe under 10K on my car, now, too, woooooooooo. It is a good feeling. I can't wait to pay it off.

  2. Haha I wish I could wear ear plugs at my job sometimes.

  3. S'MORES!!!!!!! They truly are the best. Hot fudge sundae isn't far behind though. You weren't kidding. You went hard on the ranty confessions today... I like it!

  4. I haven't had poptarts in forever! I really like the hot fudge sundae ones with the white yummy inside and the chocolate outside with the white frosting. Mmmmm. smores sound good too! Never had them!

    I hate when people wont take responsibility for something they are at fault for! Drives me insane.

  5. Oh man! I haven't had poptarts in YEARS! I do enjoy the pep talks on all the Halls cough drop wrappers though. Those always make me giggle.


  6. Congrats on owing under $10K! Nice feeling. And WOW yes, s'mores Pop-Tarts are THE best, but I haven't had one in forever. Like long enough that I didn't know there were comments on the wrappers! Oh and I am with you on "Rude." That song drives me CRAZY. Right up a wall. It needs to stop.

  7. I so agree with you on my disdain for celebrities who don't ever have to pay for their actions. A fine? A fine does nothing to a mulch-millionaire! And these are the people we look up to! It's nuts. And give me online reservations and cantaloupe all day long. Love both!

  8. OMG people do not take responsibility for their actions. I. Can't. Even.

  9. I love the pumpkin pie pop tarts. I just found some in the store and I was very excited.

  10. I've always been a fan of s'mores and brown sugar poptarts but recently I found myself craving the strawberry. Weird, because I never really cared for strawberry.

  11. Open Table is the greatest thing ever. Kev and I used to spend hours trying to decide where to go, only to dicover there was an hour wait. Open table tells me all the places I can eat when I want to eat there. I LOVE IT. And I am so with you on the ALS challenge. Yes, it's a great cause and yes, it got tons of money but I prefer to choose the charities I donate to. And I don't want to be wet. I've been nominated and just won't do it.


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