Sunday, August 24, 2014

Vacation Recap (part 3)

The primary reason for stopping at home, home was to pick up a washer and dryer... which we did, Wednesday afternoon.  Wednesday, we slept in super late, which was awesome because there was no stress of having to wake up to get on the road.  We made a trip into town for lunch and supplies from Walmart (and so Mr. Mystery could get to observe all the folks at Walmart, which always cracks him up).  We also got Cookout shakes, which was a mandatory to-do item.  We had dinner with Teh BFF and then we headed over to Teh Granny's house for a little bit before heading over to pick up the washer and dryer.

I borrowed a puzzle from Teh Granny for Teh Roomies and I to do now that we have a dining room table again and Meri can't eat any of the pieces (she definitely ate a significant portion of puzzle pieces from the last puzzle we tried to do when we were tableless).

We met Miss Piggy when we were loading up the washer and dryer...

On Wednesday night, we to go hang out and watch tv and melt off our skin in the hot tub and enjoy adult beverages.  We went to bed super late, but it was ok since we only have to drive 4.5 hours to Charleston the next day rather than having to be on the road for 10+ hours.  Bleh.

We were on the road by 1100 so we could make it by the afternoon.  The worst realtor ever informed me that the keys would be waiting on us at the house and she gave us the code to the door lockbox.  The only reason we had been on a time schedule was because we thought we were going to finally meet this lady in person.  It wasn't to be.  Which was probably more for her benefit than ours.


Saw this at a gas station, thought it was pretty awesome.

When we finally arrived in Charleston, we had some issues with the lockbox, primarily the inability to open it since we hadn't been educated on HOW to actually open the stupid box.  Did I mention worst realtor ever?  I was not joking.  We got everything unloaded from the truck and then we looked at each other and decided to go out since sitting in an empty house was boring.

Home sweet home!

Required selfie

Since Mr. Mystery had been stationed in Charleston before, he was knowledgeable on the area and was able to give me a driving tour of downtown.  He also was able to pick a place for dinner with very little debate.

French Quarter

the bridge!

The tavern preserves the memory of Edgar Allan Poe,
who was stationed near Sullivan Island when he enlisted in the Army.

Burgerssss, nomnomnom

Bathroom wallpaper

Bathroom wallpaper

Bathroom wallpaper

Bathroom wallpaper

The men's restroom was more impressive because the raven.

We had relatively minimal difficulty parking and we walked in the door right on time as we were seated within 5 minutes and we watched people start to line up at the door after we were seated.  Whew!  The food was delicious, and they had a burger with egg, which is always a winner in my book.

After dinner, we made a Walmart run for necessities like an air mattress (aka Mr. Mystery's sleeping trampoline) and laundry detergent and things.

Charleston sunsets seem to be rather gorgeous.
Prepare for a lot of these!


Mr. Mystery had to be at work on Friday, which meant that Thursday's adventures were the last of his vacation.  Fortunately, it wasn't the end of my vacation!!!

CA to SC adventure!


  1. So, so so so so so incredibly jealous. Yes, Charleston is absolutely gorgeous. Poogan's Porch is also a great restaurant, and haunted. So that's always fun!

  2. We went to Charleston for the first time ever earlier this year and we totally loved it. Great city and so may delicious places to eat. Mmmmm


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