Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Vacation Recap (part 4)

Since Mr. Mystery had to be at work on Friday, that left me home alone.  The only items on my agenda were to go on a run and wait for the Comcast guy to come install the internet/cable.

I was given a hefty dose of reality about Charleston when I went on my run that Friday in terms of humidity, about 98% humidity actually.  It was miserable.  I wanted to die.  And I hated myself for loving the fact that I survived running 3 miles.

The reality is, when I don't work out, I feel unmotivated and gross and fat.  That's the reason that people get "addicted" to working out.. because they don't like the guilty feeling from NOT working out.  It's really the worst.

I came back home and showered and waited and waited for the Comcast person to show up.  45 minutes after his 2 hour window he finally showed up.  We had no TV and no router for him to be able to properly set up the network, BUT we did have the modem!  Win!  I was able to have wired internet at least, even if Suzy2 was left wifi-less.

Since I was stranded at home, I had to order delivery for lunch.
This was my fortune.

Friday evening, I did some cleaning and waited on Mr. Mystery to come home.  He suggested date night, and since we couldn't find a movie that seemed appealing (since he'd already seen Guardians of the Galaxy) we decided that it was completely acceptable to lay on the awesome air mattress and just watch a movie on my computer.  We're classy.

After watching Anchorman 2, we headed to Texas Roadhouse for dinner, nomnomnom.  Afterwards, we headed back home and accomplished more cleaning and finally crashed in bed since the movers were scheduled to deliver my stuff at 0800.

Oddly enough, the moving truck was right on time, but they didn't start moving stuff in until around 0830.

The red carpet was even rolled out!

The movers had everything inside by 1100 and they seemed to be on a mission to GTFO ASAP.  They apparently weren't aware that their supervisor had called me to remind me that they could also unpack for us if we wanted them to.  I didn't actually want that, but they seemed to be in such a hurry to leave that they were going to leave the bed in pieces for us to put together because they couldn't find the screws.  I equipped my DW ears so magics would help me find the bed screwed.  And I found those bitches too.  WHAT?!  Disney ears are magical, I don't care what anyone says ever.

Magic equipped!
My ears helped me find the bed screws, but not the screws for the dresser mirror and they didn't fix the wifi issues.

I was lucky the movers even set the dining room table up with how in a hurry they were to leave.  I ended up having to set up the rowing machine all by myself and Mr. Mystery and I had to do lots of moving around of boxes.

While unpacking I learned that the original movers hadn't actually been so great.  Things were labeled incorrectly, so I had no idea what some of the items in the boxes were based on their description.  For instance, there was a kitchen box with "extractor" written on it.  I don't own any kind of "extractor."  After emptying all the kitchen boxes except for that one, I was still missing Betsy the Stand Mixer.  So apparently an extractor = a stand mixer.  There was also a box labeled "Scooby items and dress" which I had no idea the contents of.  I opened it and discovered my scuba gear and my wetsuit.  I can't even.

After the movers left, we decided to run out and do some errands.  We vowed that we are never going to our Walmart on a Saturday again.  No, no, no.  There were too many people for both of us.  We made it home in once piece, barely.  Saturday night, we went out on what I would call a double date with Teh SC House Finder and her husband.  We went out to dinner at place called Hom.  It was delicious.  I didn't take a photo because it was another burger with egg on it, like I do.  I know what I like, what can I say?

After dinner we decided to do some walking through the city.  We started at Waterfront Park (I think that's what it's called, one day I'll be much better about actually knowing exactly where we went) and walked north.  Remember the cannoli I had wanted in CA?  Well, we went on a cannoli hunt.  Teh SC House Finder and Husband knew of a few italian restaurants downtown, so we set out for them.

We sweated our way to a place called Bocci's where I walked in to ask the hostess if they sold cannolis.  She said yes and I excitedly called everyone else in.  We sat at the bar and ordered drinks and desserts.  Cannolis for myself (duh), and Teh SC House Finders and tiramisu for Mr. Mystery.  I failed at bringing my ID, so I got to enjoy water and sips of Mr. Mystery's chocolate martini (that he'd really ordered for me since I had said that's what I would have ordered) while everyone else got to be adults.

I don't even care how dirty this looks.
It was that delicious.
I also posted this on FB.  Lots of dudes liked it.  Mr. Mystery took the photo for me and my have mentioned what it looked like, but I was in cannoli nirvana so I was all, whatevs.

After dessert, we continued walking around downtown, to include through an open market, which was awesome, and then we headed to the boardwalk for a break.  Finally, it was getting late, so we decided to head back to the car and start the trip home.

Sunday morning, I got out of bed and made breakfast and pretended to be super domesticated.  Mr. Mystery was impressed that he didn't die when he ate the foods, so that was a positive.  After breakfast, I set to unpacking and trying to fix the router.  When I would get frustrated with the router, I'd unpack a box or two.  It was quite productive since the router was really frustrating me.  While I was working inside, Mr. Mystery was working outside to clean up the yard.  When they mowed the grass, they used a tractor mower and there was dead grass in crop circles around the yard.  We were NOT impressed.

At some point during the afternoon Mr. Mystery mentioned that I should go to the store and pick up item so he could make dinner and I completely thought he was kidding because he meant just me going to the store which meant ME driving his truck (which really hadn't worked out so well the first time).  I kept thinking he was going to change his mind so I wanted until the evening when he finally asked me if I was going to the store.  I couldn't believe it.  He was totally serious about me driving unsupervised.  Woah.

After a shower, I headed to Lowes to pick up some yard stuffs Mr. Mystery had requested and then to the grocery store.  I only had to call him 2x to ensure I was getting the right things.  When I called from the grocery store, he didn't pick up so I had to improvise.  It ended up working out, but we sure were hungry by the time dinner was ready since I bought a whole roaster chicken instead of cornish game hens since the hens were frozen.  Whatevs, it was delicious either way.

I came home with the goods and we worked on dinner together.  While it was cooking, I unpacked more boxes and Mr. Mystery used his unlimited data to watch all the things on his phone.  Once food was finally ready, we ate and then headed to bed.

Monday was my last day in town, which was super sad.  I had to complete all the unpacking so I knew I was going to be unable to get to the cleaning, fortunately cleaning was a much easier task to leave to Mr. Mystery than unpacking.

I headed out on a longer run before Mr. Mystery even left for work, productivity was the name of the game!  After a much needed shower, I started the unpacking adventures again.  Mr. Mystery came home and picked me up during his lunch time and we went out to a cheesesteak place nearby that was pretty delicious, I think he was feeling some residual guilt for stranding me at home with no food on Friday or he wanted to spend some extra time with me since I was leaving the next morning.  I say both.  I hadn't planned on him coming home for lunch since there was actually food in the house (and I had picked up peanut butter and jelly and bread just in case over the weekend).

This is the key to my first vehicle, The Ghetto Mobile.
The Ghetto Mobile = a rusted out 1990 Ford F-150.  It was a stick shift and even with the bucket seat all the way forward, I could barely get the clutch to the floor to change gears.  It was a real sweet ride.
One day, Teh Mom commented how she had passed me on the road and said she could barely see me above the steering wheel.  Yep.
Let's just say that Teh Kaar, which was a 1997 Honda Civic was an excellent upgrade.
Also, I think that keyring is still totally applicable.

I continued unpacking until Mr. Mystery came home and said we were going to the grocery store to pick up items for dinner.  He was cuttin' into my unpacking time, but I was leaving the next morning, so I agreed.  I unpacked until it was dinner time.  I only had a few more boxes to get through and I was determined to get through them all.  Before we made it to bed, I finally succeeded.

Tuesday morning, neither of us wanted to get up.  After much moaning and groaning (that is not an innuendo for anything, pervs), I finally got up and got in the shower.  While Mr. Mystery was in the shower, I moved all of my clothes to one side of the closet to prove to him that I didn't have to take up 2/3rd of the closet.  I also vowed to purge when I got to SC.  Truly, I just have too much stuff!

Mr. Mystery dropped me off at the airport and I was, bittersweetly, on my way back to MD.  I had missed Teh MD Roomes and the puppies (and my regular internet habits) and I was going to miss Mr. Mystery from MD.

Overall, it was an excellent vacation.  There was very little stress and it was a relaxing 14 days.  This isn't sponsored, but if they wanted to pay me they could, buy a JetBlue ticket for your next flight.  OMG.  I loved flying JetBlue.  The seats didn't feel as cramped as United/Delta (and there's the option to buy more space), there's no first class, so boarding is done in a logical order (people who need assistance/people with small children first, then from the back to the front), there was a screen on the back of each seat which offered a selection of normal tv channels, XM radio, and pay-per-view if you wanted (with the card reader beside the screen), the hostesses were friendly, there was no "sign up for our credit card" spiel at the end of the flight, and when I flew out of Charleston, they offered juice and coffee in the waiting area that was free.  It was full 'o win.

On my way to CA, there was a noisy kid behind us, so I put my earbuds in, turned on the Sirius XM Spa channel and passed out.  The only compliant I had was that my flight from Charleston to DC was FREEZING!  I had B.o.B the blanket and socks thankfully, otherwise, I would have been miserable.

YAYYYYY vacation!
YYYYYAAAYYYYY for one more month!!!

CA to SC adventure!

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  1. Exciting! Charleston is one of my favorite cities. That is where D and I went on our 1st anniversary trip. My absolute favorite place to eat in Charleston is Saffron Bakery ... so good! And Husk is a great special occasion place.


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