Friday, August 15, 2014

The irony isn't lost on me…

I love the TimeHop app.  It makes me happy.  It helps me remember how clever I was in years prior.  It also helps me to remember things that happened. 

August is a notoriously eventful month of my life.  For the majority of my life, it was the month school started, which meant school clothes/supplies shopping, worrying about classes and teachers, eventually worrying about dealing with a job after school and homework.  Then was college and while August meant worrying about school, it meant worrying about getting to school and finding my classes and making time to eat and having the money to eat and hanging out with friends. 

After I was done with school, August became pretty uneventful, kinda.

August 2008 I didn't have to worry about school starting, there was an incident where a “friend” came to visit and it didn't turn out to be a good visit at all.  That was eventful.

August 2009 I was graduating from NMITC and heading to Gulfport, MS to get GTMO-ready.

August 2010, I was preparing to leave GTMO to head to Bahrain.  I was Teh Kaar-less for a little while, which was painful

August 2011, Teh Bear had just left Bahrain and I was finishing up my EIDWS and begging the PCS gods for a transfer package so I could leave Bahrain.  This wasn't a bad August, but EIDWS was pretty stressful and I was totally Bahrain burnt-out.

August 2012, I was fostering Joey the Ibizian Hound.  This wasn't overly stressful, but Joey did add an element of fun to my life that I hadn't been expecting.  I was sad to let him go, but I knew he had an excellent home to go to where they were waiting to spoil him beyond measure.

August 2013, Teh Bear finally moved up to MD.

And this year?  August 2014, I took vacation to go to CA and help Mr. Mystery drive cross country and move my stuff into the Charleston house, which I am absolutely smitten with (the house and Mr. Mystery, of course).

Actually, per Timehop, moving in of stuffs actually happened on the same day in 2013 and 2014.  Ironic much? 

I’m not in the least bit sad how things have turned out.  It’s a super scary thing that we’re planning, moving in together, but for all the scariness, we survived a cross country drive, which I think is a true testament of a relationship.  Being together with no break for a week straight and not killing each other is a feat, Gentle Readers.  And really, there was only the one time that it got a bit iffy.   

So yeah, welcome to my life.  August is an exciting month in the life of Teh Megan.  May is a month that doesn't exist.  February is the best month.  October is 2nd best because that’s when autumn usually rolls in.  Any month with snow comes in 3rd.

Also, based on the amount of phone calls and issues I've had today between the bank and the internet people and the realtor and the MD power company, I can't actually be sure that it's not really Friday the 13th.  

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  1. I always love the end of August, the getting ready for school, the onset of fall, the whole shebang, I can't help not getting excited every year. And YAY on Mr Mystery!!!


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