Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Humpday Confessions #20

That long weekend was soooooo needed after I had this start this post last Wednesday.  It is a shame that I post my confessions so early because by 10am last Wednesday I could have created a 2nd confessions post.

Vodka and Soda


-I almost had a breakdown at work last week because of how "Monday" every day was over every single little thing.  Last Monday and Tuesday I was taking it in strides, but by Wednesday I was cracking.  It was good that Yurtle had a doctor appointment on Thursday to get her tire sensor fixed, otherwise, I may have had to slay some bitches at work.  So far, I've not seen improvement on this situation.

-I told Mr. Mystery I'd go on a cruise in October with he and his friends and looking at plane tickets makes me want to cry.  Fun, why you gotta be so 'spensive?

-If I make an appointment for a very specific problem on Yurtle (Kia Sportage) and you don't have the part to fix it after I've driven 1.5 hours to get to your dealership, you are doing it wrong and you'd lose my business if you weren't the fall-back dealership already.  Hopefully, I don't have these issues at the Charleston Kia...

-Teh MD Teenage Roomie didn't realize that one of my gifs last week was Loki.  I was saddened by this so now I'm calling her out because I know she's going to see this.

-"Watching" ESPN on mute is infinitely better than "watching" ESPN with sound.  Sorry Afternoon Kid, it was too rough of a week for me to handle that shiznit.  Now if I could get Mr. Mystery to watch it on mute, my life would be golden.

-Running is no longer a "workout" for my brain.  It's just running.  Granted if I run that's all the "workout" that I do, but I don't call it working out, I call it running.. and if I don't get my run in, I feel empty inside.

-I know there's a such thing as a runner's high, but I think I'm exempt from it.  I think I get a runner's stupid.  Usually this occurs at the 7+ mile mark.  When I'm finished running, my brain is just mush.  I almost feel like a hazard on the road when I drive myself home.  The one good thing is that I go the speed limit automatically without having to put forth much effort.  It's pretty stellar.

-I absolutely, without a doubt, can't stand it when my notification light on my phone is flashing at me.  I have to clear the notification immediately after I see it or it drives me crazy.  Same for the voicemail notification that doesn't go away until I hear the message.  I have to listen as soon as I see it so the icon doesn't stay in the bar.  When I was on vacation, I used to clear Mr. Mystery's notification bar every time I used his phone for something.  I'm not even sorry.  I can't stand that clutter.

-I left a $20 tip for our server at Olive Garden on Saturday night because he was awesome.  Actually, he was probably just a decent server by normal standards, but since the customer service quality in S.MD is so disgustingly low, I was floored by how awesome he was.  S.MD has ruined me.

-I really want the "I thought they said RUM" shirt to wear for my half marathon.  I really DON'T want to drop $20 on a t-shirt.  But I really like that shirt.  (Ok, I bought it).

-I failed at the Music Monday link up again this week.. and I even picked out the theme.  In my defense, Mr. Mystery was still here and I rode with him to Petersburg, VA so we could meet the roomies for lunch, and then I rode back home with them and since he was here all weekend, there was no blogging time.. ANNNDDD last week was le shittay so there wasn't really much blog opportunity then either (unless you wanted to hear me whine about how crappy the week was).

-I bought a shirt from one of the local bars that I've been to a few times because I am getting nostalgic since I'm leaving S.MD so soon.  They have awesome rum drinks, I needed to represent.

The Blue Tiki. NOMNOMNOM.

-On Friday I called the property management company (for the SC house) and Comcast regarding issues that we have had since we moved in.  The girl at the property management company said she would pass on my issues to the people who I had already contacted regarding the issues and the Comcast guy had an accent so strong that I couldn't even place it and I could barely understand him.  Yeah, we'll see if my cable gets buried and if we ever get the garage openers.

-I'm not going to recap the weekend.  I had planned on it but then decided against it for reasons that aren't for here.

-I dropped Suzy2 (my phone) outside of Yurtle (my car) when I was getting in my car Tuesday to leave work and I didn't realize it until I got home.  At which point I begrudgingly went back to base to look for my phone.  She was under the tire of the car that took the spot after me, being held hostage by the tire against the blazing hot asphalt.  I couldn't budge the car at all, so I had to leave it there (yes I tried to push the car forward a bit).  The duty office was nice enough to put a note on the car to bring the phone to the office when they left so I could get it back.  At least no one was gonna steal it, so there's that.  I think people expected me to be much more upset/pissed off.  Nope.  I came home and took a nap.  At this point, it's just another day in a long series of days that have royally sucked ass.

Oh, Suzy2.. poor baby.
Does the Otterbox cover car pressure?

-I was super impressed at the insurance stuff for my phone.  I made the claim online yesterday afternoon and the new Suzy2 (should I call her Suzy2.5, Suzy2b?) will be here this afternoon.  It was way easier than I had anticipated.

-The last time I ran was Friday morning and I'm feeling unbearably guilty about it.  I was going to run Tuesday after work but it "felt like" 101°F and NOPE.  I could have went to the gym, but I was really just feeling a nap.  Today I have to go to DC to get Yurtle's tire sensor fixed (fingers crossed) so no run today either unless I'm feeling super motivated after I get home..

Hooray Thank Allah for a 4 day week!


  1. Okay I had all these comments and then I saw DC....ummm how close are you to the area?!?!

    Back to reguallary scheduled programming. I love that you name your car and your phone, I do too! That RHNJ gif is I'm so glad you got the shirt, because it's amazing! I will often overtip for good service too!

    Have a great day!

  2. Love when people are extra generous to their servers. And I actually have been craving OG myself!

  3. Love the RUM shirt and WHO doesn't know LOKI ?!

  4. I thought they said Rum!!!! I NEED IT! Because I so dont run. Nope. Yuck! haha!

    I can't stand when I have notifications on my phone either! it drives me stabby!

    Isn't it sad that average service is considered amazing these days?

  5. Hehehe! I love that "I thought they said RUM" shirt! Where did you find it?

  6. I always overtip when servers do a great job- they deserve it! I'm sorry about Suzy2, but that's awesome that they are replacing it so quickly! Hopefully it's a sign that your week will get better!

  7. I love the I thought you said Rum t-shirt. I hate when my phone won't get rid of the message notifications. It is so annoying. Lately I haven't even been able to use visual voice mail.

  8. I can't stand seeing notifications either!!! At work, at home... they drive me NUTS!

  9. I love that you name everything.

    Notifications bug the crap out of me, too. I have to clear them out because it's like they're mocking me. I don't like to be mocked.

    Confession: I don't know who Loki is either.

  10. That is a cute shirt! My first big race is coming up in 2 months (a half marathon) and I think I want to get a special race-day shirt. I've seen some awesome ones out there. Oh and also? I went 9 days without running up until this Monday. I was moving stuff into my new apartment all week and the humidity was DISGUSTING. I definitely felt bad about it but sometimes life happens, right? Don't sweat it :)

  11. Poor Suzy! That stinks! I really hte those notifiations too. I can't stand them and have to clear them out immediately. My hisband has like 156 unread e-mails, I don't know how he can live with himself.


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