Monday, September 15, 2014

Music Monday #5 and Weekend Review {9/13}

Music Monday

can I decide another day?

So I ran the Divas 1/2 Marathon on Saturday and Teh MD Teenage Roomie strongly "encouraged" me to feature "Diva" as my Music Monday song... Well, in her honor (and because I'm leaving soon and she's going to miss me) I give you Diva.

"It's a thug song" was her description of the song.  I'd say she's right.  I'd never heard of this song until she played it for me.  I'm so not a "cool kid" (ya know, like the song?). So tell us, what are you listening to!?

Week/weekend review time!!

Because I was out of town for VA appointments most of the week, I have to tell you about some of the things I did in SC, because duh, that's what I do.

I headed down to SC on Tuesday morning.  I was glad because it was kind of drizzly on the roads and I really didn't want to have to deal with Richmond anything traffic.  I was lucky with traffic, despite the weather, I made it in 8 hours and I even stopped for lunch.  Mr. Mystery hadn't been home for very long so we went out for pizza for dinner.  

Wednesday morning the garage door finally got fixed so Yurtle could park in her house, yay!  Comcast was supposed to show up, but never did, surprise (not).  My first VA appointment was in Charleston at the VA Hospital.  I anticipated them to be running behind since you always hear horror stories about how slow the VA stuff is.  Well, the medical centers seem to run fairly on schedule.  Sometimes, they will even get you in early so you don't have to wait or come back later (win!).  After finishing my appointments, I headed back home to make dinner, chicken tortilla soup, nomnomnom.  Although I failed at adding cheese (whatttt??) or sour cream, it was deeeeeelicious.

Yurtle likes her spot.


As an update to my (continuing) Comcast saga, they magically sent out a tech, who arrived while we were eating dinner.  He informed us that the guy who had originally came out had set everything up wrong AND he gave us the wrong box.  The tech got everything hooked back up, making the internet and TV work as properly as he could.  He called in and scheduled a follow-up for someone to bring out the correct box the following Saturday.  YAY internet, boo no time to internetz.

Thursday, I had an appointment in the morning, then she sent me back downtown to the VA hospital for xrays for all my brokenness.  Some dickwad decided to park his ridiuclously large truck so poorly that I couldn't squeeze in between our vehicles.  No jk, my boobs were pressed against his truck and my ass was against Yurtle and there was no wait in hell the door wasn't going to bang against his truck and I'd be able to slip into Yurtle if I couldn't fit between our vehicles.  I was in such a rage, I failed at taking a photo of how close this guy (obviously) was to Yurtle, but I did write him a nice little note.

UNSAT, bitch.

Mr. Mystery had called right as I was leaving the VA hospital and we met for lunch at a burger place called Sesame Burgers and Beer.  It was deeeeelicious.  So much so, pictures were required.  Also, I got a burger with peanut butter and banana and bacon on it and I was hesitant at first but OMG, NOMNOMNOM.  Also, how smart is it for them to offer mini-burgers in 3 different styles for people who can't decide between all the awesome options?  

I'm holding the PB/banana burger.

Those burgers were followed up with an "adult" Cherry Bon Bon milkshake (a combination of amaretto, chocolate, cherry and grenadine).  It was AMAZING as well.  I'd happily go back there if Mr. Mystery wanted.  We decided on steaks for dinner so Mr. Mystery could show off his grill skillz (yes, that's a thing).  I stopped by the butcher and picked up ribeyes.  Can we get a hell yeah for having a butcher 3 minutes down the road?  It's just too bad they don't sell honey and other delicious homemade goods like the Amish market in Annapolis, I know, I know.  I'm so needy.

While waiting on Mr. Mystery to get home, I tried to tidy up what I refer to as "the time warp."  When I walked into the SC house, it was like nothing had changed since I had left.  Mr. Mystery still had his suitcase and clothes in the same corner of the bedroom where I had seen them last in August.  All the wall stuffs were on the table still.  All the linens that needed to be washed were still piled in the bathtub (don't judge, it was an empty place to put crap when I was unpacking).  The only things that had changed were that the liquor was prominently displayed on the counter, he had added some of his pics to fridge, my dvds were unpacked and strewn all over the living room floor, and his clean laundry was folded on the washer and dryer, which he had taken to calling his closet.  Haha Nope.  

I put the magnetic word poetry on the fridge.  I tacked (don't judge me, we don't have curtain rods hung yet and that is a 2 person job) up curtains.  I deflated the air mattress (that was being proudly used as a light/heat blocker (in a room we don't currently use)).  I washed all the things in the bathtub.  I cleaned off the bookshelf and put the dvds away (in alphabetical order).  I moved all the wall stuffs to behind the couch so that we could use the table and no one would trip over them.  I put away all the stuffs that Mr. Mystery had left on the counter in the pantry, because we have a pantry, even though he refuses to acknowledge it...  I'm sure everything will be back on the counter when I get back in October.  Cohabitation, iz so fun.  I even loaded the Goodwill box and the Habitat for Humanity Resale stuffs in Yurtle.

Mr. Mystery came home and we made dinner and just hung out for the evening.  He talked about putting on a movie, but we're so indecisive (and he said no Disney or "girl" movies) that it never happened.  That was ok with me, since it was my last night in town.

Friday morning, I showed up to my appointment an hour early, ughhhh and my shrink was late, which meant even more waiting.  I finally made it back home to finish up the laundry and pack my stuff by 10.  Because the appointment had really gotten to me (yes, purposeful vagueness here, sorry it was just too personal for this medium), I wasn't in a hurry to leave.  I tried to eat some leftovers because I didn't want to stop on the road for food.  I packed my bag (poorly, I later learned) and did little side jobs around the house, straightening up this or that, putting items where they belonged, etc.  Finally around 11, I knew I needed to leave since I had to make a stop before getting to my final destination that evening.

I left the house and stopped by Goodwill, then got gas and snacks for the road.  Soon after getting on the interstate, my Cheerwine decided that it liked being all over Yurtle and my shirt better than in the bottle, le siiiigh.  It was super rainy the entire trip from SC to VA, which would have been fine except that people tend to forget their driving abilities when precipitation falls from the sky, which is ever so disappointing.  

In the mirror is the storm that I enduring driving through Fayettenamville

Blue Sweet Tarts are the best, so it was liked they saved the best for last.

I made it to my pitstop, to pick up new dog beds for all the beasties and after getting some stain stuff for my shirt and being a bit silly, I was back on the road to Leesburg to meet Ms. Motivator for our pre-half-marathon-slumber-party, including dinner from P.F. Chang's, which I hadn't eaten since I was stationed in VA Beach, so I was hyyyyyped about some mongolian beef and chicken lettuce wraps.

I believe this is an accurate size representation of my boobs...

I learned when I arrived at the hotel I had forgotten to pack some very crucial items.. to include: Suzy2.5's charger (WHAT?!?!) and hygiene items like shampoo, conditioner, deodorant...  Oh, but I remembered my razor and toothbrush...  Priorities, I guess.  I did have all my running stuff.. except for a charged Suzy2.5, which was a life fail that I won't soon forget (and I have subsequently bought a cord to keep in Yurtle for the next time I'm an idiot).  Fortunately for me, Ms. Motivator had sympathy on me and let me use her deodorant and toothpaste, I traded her some sleepin' socks.  We made a good roomie team.  We both like it dark and cold (although I might have refused to get out of bed until she turned the AC off when I woke up and it was 68°F in the room) and her fan (yes she brought it from home, no I didn't judge her, no you shouldn't either) made excellent white noise.

Saturday morning came wayyyy too early.  Ms. Motivator popped out of the bed, which she claimed was very uncharacteristic of her, and turned on the light, stunning us both into awakeness.  We got ready and headed out to meet our shuttle to Tarara Winery where the run started and ended.  This was Divas Half Marathon, my very first (and possibly, but I can't commit to that yet) 13.1 miles.  It was "freezing" Saturday morning.  I'm used to the 75°F+ temps, so when it was 59°F with a steady breeze and a slight drizzle, I wasn't a happy camper.  And it was early and Suzy2.5 was almost dead, so I was trying to preserve her battery so I couldn't take selfies and check FB and just ugh, morning.

I'm going to save my review of the run for another post because I have a lot to say about it.  I will say this, it was a gorgeous location, there were quite a few hills, I was unimpressed with the after race things, but I wasn't able to go to the packet pickup "party" so maybe it would have made up for it.  I'm not sure it was worth the $100 I paid though.  But, I ran 13.1 miles and I didn't die.  Just FYI, running anything, ever was never on my bucket list.  I'm just crazy (which Mr. Mystery keeps claiming).  Another FYI, Suzy2.5 managed to live through the entire race!  Woot!  Yay for Galaxy S5 powa!

Ms. Motivator and I before the race.  We were just relieved we made it in one piece and on time.

13.1 miles = accomplished.

I'm a classy diva.

After the race, we headed back to the hotel and showered and had leftovers for lunch.  When we left I was following Ms. Motivator, but she went the way of the tolls and I try to avoid those.  I had almost made it to 495 when I second guessed myself and checked Suzy2.5 (who was at 3% battery life).  She ended up turning me around and I lost all my progressed and ended up having to take the toll way home anyways.  Add to the toll drama, it was raining so traffic was retarded and waiting in line to pay cash for tolls (that I luckily had) and accidents made the trip home 3 hours.  

Teh MD Roomies welcomed me home and we caught up on all the things while I unpacked.  We decided on Red Robin (of course) for dinner.  We came home afterwards and I did some internetting and went to be early because I was exhausted.

Sunday morning, I tried to sleep in and was unsuccessful.  My thighs and hips and shoulders (whatt?) hurt so bad that I just couldn't get comfortable enough to sleep.  I had stretched and rolled on Saturday, which I guess only makes a difference if your body doesn't hate you like mine does.  Getting down the stairs on Sunday morning was quite a feat.  I skipped church and Teh MD Roomies and I headed out to do errands.  

Holding this position almost killed me, but I found a shopping cart in just my size!!

This is what brussel sprouts look like fresh.  We had no idea.
I was pretty sure they grew in a bag, frozen.


When we came home, I was full on hangry because it was after 2 when we got home and I hadn't eaten lunch.  I informed Teh MD Adult Roomie that next time we needed to plan better, she agreed.  As soon as the groceries were put away, I started dinner and snacked.  We had early dinner and a lazy evening of laundry and internetting (blogging) and texting.  I mostly just tried to sit still because my thighs were hurting so unbearably bad (even though moving probably helped more).  

Yay for accomplishing goals and getting my VA disability stuff started and silliness in public!!  I'm not even ready for a full work week.  


  1. Congrats on the Diva half marathon!! You rock girl!! And omg P.F. Changs is the absolute BEST!! Looking forward to your post about the race!! Such a great accomplishment!

  2. Congrats on the race!!! That's so awesome!

  3. Bahahaha... your note... were we separated at birth because that's DEFINITELY something I'd do!

  4. CONGRATUALTIONS on your first half!! Hopefully it went well. I had a friend who ran that race a few years ago and she said the bling was petty nice.


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