Friday, September 26, 2014

Five on Friday #32


Other than the one call on Tuesday for a job interview that I couldn't get to when they wanted me to (2 days later), no one else has called.  Not taking it personally is quite difficult at this point because time is dwindling and I'm a planner and not having a job lined up is absolutely killing me.

I need to know how I'm going to make Yurtle payments and feed the dogs and contribute to bills in SC.  Worrying about these things keeps me up at night, which is an recipe for disaster.


I had a dream last night about writing a blog about things Teh MD Roomies and I have said to each other.  It was hilarious, but I have a feeling if I wrote it, it would be one of those, you had to be there type funnies.


I'm PUMPED about going to Teh MD Teenage Roomie's homecoming game..  not because I'm a huge fan of football, no no no.  I get to wear a sweatshirt and jeans in valid (cool) temps and not look like a fool.  WIN.  I won't even wear flippy-floppies with my outfit.  Officially, it's fall.

Also, I don't care if you think flippy-floppies look ridiculous with pants.  I think it's awesome.


I'm headed to PA this weekend to visit my Raleigh Roomies.  I'm excited because it's been years since I've gotten to see them.  I'm hoping that I get some awesome scenery on the drive (what with my tree on base holding out on me).


Mr. Mystery and I are going on a cruise the 2nd weekend of October with a large group of his CA friends and after lots of team effort, we finally got everything squared away yesterday night.  Holy moly, the pain.  It became quite apparent last night when we were talking that we've been in the navy too long.  We expect things to work a certain way and we questioned why we weren't getting this information until the end of the month when emails started floating around about it at the end of August/beginning of Sept.  At least within our relationship we should be squared away, lol. 

In a completely honest admission, I knew about a year after being in the Navy that I would only be able to be in relationships/marry someone who had been in the military.  I was equally excited and dismayed at myself, as I was never the military type.  But after 6 years of Navy life, certain things have become ingrained and I like most of those things, oddly enough.  Additionally, only someone in the military/Navy would understand the context when I say things like, "I'll research that and get back to you," "Wait one," "Standby, Shoremate/Shipmate/Fuselage Friend," "Head call," "Time to hit the rack," "We need a piece of line," "Balls to ass," "I'm going to PT," "My appointment is at 1400," "I got my DD-214," "TIIIIIIIINNNYYY bubbles," "Was PPE part of your ORM," etc.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.

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  1. so jealous you are going on a cruise!

    I was laughing reading about dating only military people- I have a friend who is similar (:

  2. Love the last gif! And have so much fun on your cruise!!! WOOOHOOO!

  3. Who doesn't wear flip flops with jeans?! And you're right, I have no idea what any of that military speak means. Yay for cruises!!

  4. I spent 8 years in the Navy (been out 14 now) and still use some of those terms. And every so often I'll bust full out in cussing like a sailor - much to the civilian hubby's delight. He was a cop, so he uses weird phrases, too.

  5. Cruises are awesome! I love having everything there in one place and being constantly entertained. I need to be constantly entertained. lol


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