Friday, September 19, 2014

Five on Friday #31


Thanks Disney Movie Club for having a jacked up website and saving me $100 I was probably going to spend on awesome movies.  Your loss, bitches.  Also, if you could just go ahead and pair Sleeping Beauty with Maleficent, I might actually buy that offer.  Till then, no dollas for you!


We went to the fair last night.  I actually put my life at risk rode rides with Teh MD Teenage Roomie.  It was fun in that I'm-putting-my-life-into-God's-hands-right-now-please-let-me-live-through-this type way.  We got to see some of southern Maryland's finest.  Sadly, I was too slow with the camera to get evidence, but whew!  The freak flags were flyin'. 

Instead, I got photographic evidence of delicious noms like fried oreos, which are way more delicious than fried candy bars (trust me).  I pet a horse, for the first time in my life.  I cleared the area for a cow to poop, which was good because there was a little boy who almost got pooped on.  ALWAYS have to watch for the tail lifting!  ALWAYS.  There was a part of our evening that brought me down, but after worrying about not puking on other people for long enough, I forgot.  It wasn't until we were eating our fried dessert that I realized (and reminded) everyone that I had entirely forgotten about the situation that happened.  I was glad I had been able to forget about it because it wasn't something that should have bothered me as much as it did.

What I learned from this year's fair?  I'm older than I used to be.  After several spinny rides, I was pretty sure I was going to vomit if we didn't take a break, which we did.  Why do all the rides have to be spinning rides?  Rides that I rode as a kid almost killed me last night.  I could just feel my stomach threatening the children across the rides from us as we went into the air. 

Also, carnies must be serious business now, or at least in MD.  All these guys were part of one company that travels around and they were wearing official polo shirts with the company logo on it... like a uniform.  Apparently carnie standards have risen INCREDIBLY since I was a child.  I remember creepy guys, lacking teeth, smoking cigarettes, waving us on rides even though we weren't tall enough.

**We were land MERMAIDS!!!!!
Not even gonna lie, we were awesome and we got several compliments,
although one nasty little girl tried to give Teh MD Teenage Roomie shit when she was in the bathroom and Teh MD Teenage Roomie shut her down and got to say, "Nice face," after the little girl sarcastically commented, "Nice leggings."  Ahhh girls.


I received an apology postcard from the hospital that congratulated me on being pregnant.  Apparently, it was just a miscommunication.  Ya think?  Good talk, guys, good talk.  /roll eyes.  I do wonder how much that faux pas cost them.  The cost of the original postcard + postage + the apology card + postage + whatever PR efforts they are going to have to do now = disaster.


This weekend is my last official MD meet and greet (M&G) with the greyhound group here.  I'm a wee bit sad about it.  M&Gs were one of the first real volunteer activities I got into when I got to MD.  The only real things I wanted to accomplish while I was stationed at VX-1 was to get my EAWS (which was wayyyy more painful than I anticipated because it was hard to get anyone to teach me the information rather than just memorize and regurgitate) and my Volunteer Service Medal.  The volunteer medal was way more important because that's something I'd been working towards since GTMO and it wasn't a requirement.  That was something I chose to do.

Volunteering is fun in that you never know what's gonna happen, who you're gonna meet, what you're gonna do...  I got lucky with GEGR in that they were an awesome cult awesome people and I enjoyed the work that we did.  I've made many friends through the group and that's actually how I hunted down stalked met Teh MD Roomies back when they were just Teh MD Greyhound Neighbors!  They've got several events coming up (because we always get busy in the spring and fall) and I'm sad I'm going to miss out, but *fingers crossed* the greyhound group in Charleston will welcome us.

2 most important things in my life:
dogs and food


Battle of Britain is tonight!!!  I'm super hyped!  Teh MD Adult Roomie is going with me and events put on by our Brits are always awesome.  Last year there was a dress voting session, but this year I already knew what I was going to wear.  It may not be perfectly 40s themed, but it's cute and I'm excited about it (and not just because I'm skinny enough to fit in it) and I get to wear these awesome shoes (that Teh MD Roomies loathe but I still hold they are awesome). 

**If you'd like to also be a mermaid, we got our leggings here (they come from China, they take a while to arrive).
~~Additionally, if you aren't using Amazon Smile to donate to a sighthound rescue you suck.

Theme of this post: awesomeness reigns.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.

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  1. I love the fair, especially when it's State Fair time! I don't trust rides that get taken apart and put back together. If it's there for a while, like at Disney, I'll ride it. I don't trust the engineering skills of transient carnies.

  2. Sigh, greyhounds. My whole heart. Great on you for volunteering with them!

  3. I love the fair! I can't wait until it is time for our state fair! :)

  4. The carnies I've seen are STILL pret-ty fucking creepy. hahah


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