Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Humpday Confessions #22

Thank Allah it's already Wednesday.  Working for an entire week might kill me.

Vodka and Soda


-I don't care if you're driving a smart car or an 18-wheeler, if you cut me off, I will yell at your jackassery.  Just no.

-I love Yurtle's automatic headlights feature.  It's one of the most amazing things ever.  Except for when it's raining during the daytime.  Yurtle doesn't register that being dark enough to turn on the headlights so I have to do it for her, which is fine.  I can't let every first world problem hold me back... but for the love of all that is holy, if it's actually raining, TURN ON YOUR DAMN HEADLIGHTS SO OTHER PEOPLE CAN SEE YOU!!!  Your day lamps don't do me any good if I'm behind you and can't see your vehicle until you slam on your brakes and your tail lights finally come on because it's raining so heavily.

-And since I'm on the subject, when people don't use signal lights, I get infuriated, but we already talked about my signal light obsession.

-Western states are better than eastern states because on their interstate signs, they have the name of the state you are in rather than just "interstate."  Siiiiigh.  Not that I didn't know what state I was in at any point, just principle.

-This is unacceptable:

If that font is too small for you, let me just explain what that picture is of...  A hospital in the area congratulated me on my pregnancy.  The funniest part of this was when Teh MD Adult Roomie comes in my room and holds this up and says, "Is there's something you need to tell me?"  I was sure it was going to be addressed to "Current Resident," 100% certain.. Oh, no no.. It was addressed to ME.  MEGAN - ------.  WHAT?  Oh hell no.  The creepy part is that I've never even gone to this hospital ever.

Oh yeah, and if you need to be told, I'm NOT pregnant.  Guarded until mid-2017 from babies.  Thank you Mirena for your magics.

-I've been reading confessions 5 days late and commenting.  Better late than never right?  (I guess that statement could also apply to the above confession as well...)

-Being ridiculous in public is my forte.  I just can't stop myself.

-I'm super sad I didn't buy my half marathon photos, but for $40 for a single digital photo or $50 for 3, I just couldn't do it.  The dogs need to eat.

-I hurt so bad after my half marathon that I'll probably never do another one unless I have another blindingly crazy moment and sign up for another one (like say, a Disney run, because duh).  I think my max run distance should just be 10 miles.  There's something about those extra 3 miles that just beat the shit out of me.  Probably something related to the fact that calories burn exponentially after you are working out for a certain time, or I heard that once and choose to believe it, don't judge me.

-A blogger that used to link up with Confessions but NEVER posted confessions linked up on another linkup I do (that just got tricky, thanks for keeping up with me on that one) and I clicked to see if she posted anything relevant to that link up (because I'm a judging judger) and she did, but she also posted a list of runs in Charleston and now I kinda want to be her BFF even though I still judge the shit out of her for that whole linking up but not having confessions thing.

-Our Rita's (an ice cream place that sells gelato and frozen ice) closed on 9/14 and now all I freakin' want is Rita's.  #firstworldproblems  It's probably good they closed early, the main dude that worked there was a total prick this year and probably should have hired more employees to help him out instead of being there 7 days a week and being a Mr. Bitter Pants.  When I come to get ice cream, I want to be cheered up, not brought down. 

-I'm over the NFL.  As if it wasn't painful enough to me that it's football season (again, ugh), now the NFL is in the news every where, and by "news" I mean on my FB "trending" feed on the right side of my screen that I can't get rid of, and in my regular news feed because I'm friends with a whole bunch of people who don't understand how stupid football is.  I think my dislike comes from ridiculous hype that people get into over sports.  It's similar to how I refused to read Twilight and Harry Potter when they first came out.  I just don't want to be involved in that kind of hype.  Same with the World Cup or football or anything else.  Also, I'm from North Carolina and we have the Carolina Panthers and I'm not sure we've ever won a super bowl or anything, so essentially "my team" sucks.  At least the Carolina Hurricanes (hockey) have won a Stanley Cup before (even if it was 11 years ago, it still counts).

-I saw someone wearing their fleece into work on Tuesday and I judged the shit out of them.  It's not cold enough for that, hang that shit back in your closet and man up until it is colder than mid-to-high-40s.  Granted, it was pretty chilly Monday morning, but still.  Suck it up.

-I don't get boots.  I've never even wanted to own a pair.  Now that I've been wearing them for 6 years, I care even less about them.  I keep seeing bloggers post about wanting boots and I'm over here like, "I got some scuffed up, broken in, with steel toes ones you have have.  Owned since 2009, worn since 2012."

-I feel so cliche when I go to BuzzFeed's website, usually via something I've clicked on from my FB feed. 

-Mr. Mystery's stuff arrives from Japan this week and I've already told him that when I arrive in October, I have things to do (watch the final season of HIMYM on Netflix to be exact (ugh, and apply for jobs)), so ain't nobody got time to do his unpackin' for him.

-The above confession was fueled by the fact that when I went to SC last week, it was like stepping in a time warp.  Every thing was almost exactly like it was when I left it.  While I agree with Mr. Mystery on the fact that waiting until everything was there was a better idea than just decorating with only my stuff, he probably could have found a new home for it besides the dining room table.  He gets a pass on not washing the extra linens in the spare bathtub because my exact words were, "If you want, you could wash the linens in the bathtub."  He didn't want to, fine with me. 

-I put in a job application at Target which depressed me.  I really don't want to have to work retail again.  I want to be able to get a job that relates to my experience.  Granted, I really liked working at Target, but I worked in the backroom and didn't have to deal with assholes "Guests."  Their website was so jacked up that I could only manage to get in an application for one position because I was too frustrated to keep dealing with it for something that I didn't really want to do.

-Trying to change the utilities from my name to Teh MD Adult Roomie's name is difficult and way more painful than it should be.  A new person wants to give a company money, why do they make it so hard?!

-The incompetence of others really pains me.

-I have considered giving up my blog coordinator position for the greyhound group in MD since I'm moving to SC.  But I'm selfish and I am afraid the next person won't put as much effort into it as I do, so I'm hesitant to relinquish my job.  And it's easy volunteer work and it doesn't really take that long.  But ugh commitment is hard.

-The power was out for about 15 minutes yesterday at work and apparently all the battery backups for the computers are DEAD so all the computer powered off.  When the power was restored, the computers stayed off.  2 of the ITs came into the office to use the computers and sat down at the desk and jiggle the mouse and waited.  I wasn't going to tell them the computers were off, I was just going to wait and see if they realized.  Fortunately, they figured it out fairly quickly, otherwise, my torment was going to be never ending.

-Also, I can't handle emotional retardation.  It's a thing.  I say so.

-I scheduled my going away lunch and tried to schedule my meetings with the CO, XO, and CMC.  I'm ready to GTFO of the Navy.


  1. i keep getting crap about retirement! totally depressing.

  2. If someone cuts me off. .. I get soooooo stabby! Sigh road rage at its worst over here!

  3. Oh my goodness so much to comment on. First, the 101 dalmations gif, by far my favorite scene in the movie. okay...moving on.

    I yell at people that cut me off all the time, it just happens!

    WAY to complete your race, you rock lady!

  4. I love in cowboy boots. I would wear them all day err day if I could. They are so comfortable.

  5. It took me over 2 hours to cancel our cable service...RAGE!! I hate dealing with stuff like that. I love to wear boots with skirts in the winter (maybe I just hate pants) :)

  6. Everytime I go onto buzzfeed I feel bad that I spend a good twenty minutes taking mindless quizzes... #SorryNotSorry and omg, I was laughing so hard that those doctors congratulated you on your "pregnancy"

  7. I've been getting either pregnancy/parenthood or AARP flyers for years. To me, specifically. NO.

  8. aside from automatic lights, automatic wipers FTW! i love that my car has that :) it's like this car was built for my laziness :)

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  9. What is it with people who don't use turn singnals? Seriously, I don't remember this being a probelm when I was growing up. It seems that since I got to NC NO ONE uses turn signals and it makes me insane. And they don't wave at you when you let them into traffic. Seriously, WTF?

  10. I have always loved boots - even as a child. so my boot obsession is deep :)
    Its so stupid the cost of race pictures. I only buy the ones I really like... which are rare :)

  11. Congrats on the marathon!! But $40 for a picture?!?! That is actually insane. Love the mini shopping cart haha. Awww, the dalmation gif, so cute. :)


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