Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Humpday Confessions #21

This week is overwhelming me.  Not for any reason except the whole insert unplanned trip to SC the 3 days before my half marathon.  Oh, I'm such a creature of habit.

Vodka and Soda


-I mostly read confessions at work and because NMCI has dumbed down Internet Exploder so much, sometimes I can't comment.. and then I forget about it by the time I get home in the afternoon and fail to leave comments when I really wanted to.

-On Saturday, I didn't shower and put a bra on until around 5pm.  We accomplished 2 puzzles and naps and lunch.  A guy even came by to give Teh MD Adult Roomie a quote for paint and I gave zero fucks and continued to sit at the table doing puzzle with my boobs on the table.  #noshame

-Mr. Mystery informed me that the cable and internet weren't working at the SC house and I didn't call Comcast till Monday morning to get it fixed.  Why he is unable to call about issues himself is beyond me.

-I called Comcast Monday morning and due to an area outage, they couldn't do anything regarding OUR outage, which is ridiculous.  The tech said she'd call me back, which, of course, never happened.  When I called back Monday evening (the same number I'd called that morning), I got an overseas call center.  That's fine.  I'm ok with that.  If companies want to ship out jobs, it's their business.  What I do care about is when I call regarding my service and the person on the other end has an accent that is so thick that I can't decipher what they are saying.  As an American company, you should be aware that a large percentage of your customers are going to speak English and we (rightly or wrongly) expect to talk to someone else who speaks English.  The best part was when the girl (with the accent) couldn't manage to find my account with the phone number provided, even though it had been possible earlier.  Instead, she gave me the number for Xfinity, since it's "not" Comcast.. but she couldn't transfer me.  Let's just say that the dude that answered my call when I called Xfinity was probably like, "Guys listen to this crazy bitch that I got."  I might have frustrated cried.  This, my Gentle Readers, is being overly stressed.  PS. They are scheduled to come out Wednesday morning. 

-I need my internet fixed on Wednesday morning so I can read confessions.  This is imperative.  I'm sure you understand.
-Suzy2.5 is excellent.  And Otterbox has a year warranty after you purchase one of their cases.. so Suzy2.5 may be getting some new duds soon.  WIN.

-I wasn't kidding above when I said I'm a creature of habit.  Tuesday morning it took me 3 times to get out of the house because I didn't bring my gym bag to work with me since I was leaving after work to come home, load Yurtle, and drive to SC.  First I forgot my water bottle.  I retrieved it and left.  I was on my way to work when I realized my ID to get on base was in my gym bag, which was at home, so I had to turn around and go get it.  Le sigh.

-When people don't get my references it makes me sad.  Mr. Mystery said something recently and my response was, "Wow, that's very Experiment 626 of you."  He didn't get my Stitch reference.  Or when something happens I don't like I'll do my Kevin Hart impersonation, "No, no, no.  No, no, noo.  No, no, no." 

-Call Me Maybe came on Teh MD Adult Roomie's music and she tried to change it.  Bahahaha, no.  She thought I didn't like that song.  I showed explained to her that Call Me Maybe is totally my jam. #noshame #danceoff

-If the trash can at work isn't in its EXACT plce, I miss every single time (yes, I toss my garbage in the can like a basketball star).  The guys know to just move it to the correct place when I miss because it's not in the "right" place.  Working as a bartender was beneficial to me in that, now I can throw items to the side and hit my target much better than if I was trying to throw the item directly in front of me.  #Meganproblems

-Teh Mom taught me to throw a ball when I was in elementary school when she was my substitute teacher one day.  I was equally mortified and excited.  Mortified because she brought my inabilities to the attention of all my classmates who then were able to torment me over the fact that I was a horrible throw.  Excited because maybe I might be able to be good at it..  Still nope to that last one.  Definitely yes to the mortification though, which is still applicable today when people find out that they are safer standing directly in front of me when I throw something at them than off to the side (as in, I'm less likely to hit them if they are in front of me than to the side).

-Sitting at work Tuesday was practically unbearable.  Not because of anything work related, no no, because I wanted to get on the road.  The day of a trip, I'm unbearably anxious.  I just want to get the party started.  It's why leaving late in the day is HORRIBLE for me. 

-My blog yesterday about being a good driver was totally one of those "you know who you are" blogs. 

-I've gotten ZERO responses from any applications I've put in.  It's starting to weigh heavily on me and makes me wonder what I'm doing wrong.  I've done some networking and I'm hoping those are the avenues that eventually come through for me, but I can't count on that happening.  I'll keep applying and keep hoping I'm not just being denied without getting repsonses. Le siiiiiigh.

-I can feel my nonchalance returning with a vengence, mostly in regards to moving.  I'm excited, but I'm sad.. so instead of dealing with those things, I'm just putting on my IDC face.  I totally care.  I'm totally scared by the move and the joblessness and living with Mr. Mystery and leaving Teh MD Roomies.

-There are may not be any .gifs in this post because there is no working internet at my SC house and .gifs won't upload into Blogger at work (thanks NMCI) and that makes me sad.  YAY Comcast.  /wrist.  Despite getting up early (yay dedication) the SC internet is still so handicapped that Blogger barely loaded.  Sorry, still no .gifs.  No one is more disappointed than me because .gif searchin' is one of my fave things to do.  Le sigh.

-Google Earth is really an amazing tool.  So much better than Google Maps.

-Headaches while driving long distances are the worst.

-Hugs after someone scares the crap out of you, almost make up for having the crap scared out of you.

-Snuggles > having the whole bed.


  1. Comcast/Xfinity = spawn of Satan. I'm sure every time I call they record it just so they can have training sessions on "how to deal with customers that get heated & curse at you" what they fail to leave off of the training session is "how to actually do your job". I got a little raged just typing that & thinking about being on the phone with them ha.

  2. I hated that at my old job the internet was somewhat blocked so I couldn't comment on everyone's posts but thank goodness I no longer work there. Google Earth is Amazeballs!!!!

  3. I totally got lilo and stitch. Actually My car's name is Hana (as in Ohana) Probably spelling that wrong. I'm a creature of habit too, and it totally ruins everything when I can't go with my usual routines.

  4. I love Comcast service, but I cannot stand their customer service. I have had my fair share of angry emotions towards them ha ha. I am totally a creature of habit too!

  5. Comcast was supposed to call me about an order three weeks ago.... They still haven't. I know I read somewhere that cable companies are the most hated corporations in America, and I agree wholeheartedly.

  6. In my new job they force us to use Internet Explorer and I want to shoot myself. Nothing loads properly, I can't see half the posts and the other half are considered "restricted sites" for some god unknown reason. Just curious, what are you applying for in SC? I only have 1 contact there but might in some of the companies there.

  7. my confession: i laughed when i read that your work still uses IE lol. why is IE still around???

    this one project wanted to find out if we can optimize certain functions for IE and we laughed in their faces haha!

    thanks for linking up!
    Vodka and Soda

  8. I love Kevin Hart! I would've laughed at that reference... you wasted it on him! ;P hahaha

  9. Hate Comcast. I also am a creature of habit! I have done the drive back home just to get my things 90 million times probably!


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