Monday, September 22, 2014

Music Monday #6 and Weekend Review {9/22}

Music Monday

can I decide another day?

So my song headache of the weekend was Amnesia by 5 Seconds of Summer.  So that's what you also get.  I wish I could get amnesia from hearing this song because I've heard it so many times that I'd like to forget.  I really just loathe when the radio overplays a song and kills it for me when it's a good song.

Know what I don't want to forget?  How awesome this weekend has been!  Let's get on to talking about it, shall we?


We pregamed Friday by going to the Fair on Thursday night.  Expect a post about that tomorrow though. Friday was a day of work that seemed to drag on forever.  I almost forgot my outbrief with the CMC (Command Master Chief, the senior enlisted person at the command), but remembered it just in time (ok, I didn't remember, outlook reminded me, there's a reason I use a calendar).

She essentially gave me a sob story about her life (which is kinda me being heartless and kinda me telling the truth).  She said I'd easily find a job in SC because I was young and my experience and my clearance and being prior military (all the crap that people say to generally reassure you that you aren't going to actually ever be unemployed when you are actively seeking employment).

She compared my situation to herself, with her biggest difference being how young I am and how old she is and how she's afraid of job hunting because no one will hire her because she's old.  Really?  I know people that have been in the military for 20+ years who walk out of the office on Friday in uniform and back into the office on Monday in civilian clothes because they've been "hired" months prior.  Yeah, no.  I'm not there yet.  I don't have a job and no one has even called me for more information, much less an interview.  I keep telling people that I haven't gotten denial letters for all of the jobs I've applied for, but I've seen the same jobs I've been applying for close and reopen and I've applied each time and still not gotten a call back.

Honestly, I had nothing about the command to tell her.  No real complaints about her, except for that one time when she called me IT2 and it was everything I could do to restrain myself and not flip out.  Yes, she's old and kinda neurotic and I don't think she's very effective at her job because she has rubbed so many people the wrong way, but those aren't the things that need to come from an E5, IMO.

After my meeting with the CMC, I went on a 4 mile run so I could eat anything I wanted at the Battle of Britain celebration later that evening.  I did 4 miles in right under 38 minutes.  That was a super awesome time for me, faster than normal, and I did no walking.  My knee was hurting in an unbearable way, but I powered through the last mile for drinking and noms later.

I signed up for some S Health (Galaxy S5 thing) workout videos thing last week, so I decided to try one of their ab workouts out and OMG I wanted to die.  I did arms on Thursday, so I was already sore.  After my workout I showered and laid in bed to nap a bit so I could be rested for evening activities.

I finally gave up on the nap and got up to get ready for Battle of Britain.  Teh MD Adult Roomie was my date.  It was awwwweeesome, of course.  There will be a post about it on Thursday, to include a video of me tasting scotch, which I really don't enjoy.  I keep trying, but I just don't like it. We left the party around 2230 and came home.  We had beverages, noms, danced, and got some silly photos.


Saturday morning, I tried to sleep in but was mostly unsuccessful.  I got up and played on the internets for a bit and wrote up the review posts for the fair and Battle of Britain.  I've learned/decided that when I make the time to write the review posts soon after events have happened, they tend to be better, duh.

The greyhounds and I had a meet and greet to attend in La Plata after lunch.  The event was outside, which wore the dogs out faster than normal.  We stopped at Rita's for a treat on the way home.  They slept for the rest of the day when we got home.  Meri, on the other hand, not so much.  Love my little Fuzzy Girl.

What greyhounds look like 85% of the time.
Don't let anyone fool you, these aren't energetic dogs...

I love dog people.

Meri had a mouse lodged between the table and the entertainment center.  I really have no idea how her mice get in these weird places, but it just happens.
Please note, there is a mouse behind her on the floor beside the dog bed.

Feeling unmotivated to make anything for dinner and I was unwilling to eat leftovers again, we decided on Chinese for dinner, per Teh MD Teenage Roomie's suggestion.  Teh MD Teenage Roomie went with me to fetch it (it was her idea), which made the trip better because going alone is so boring.  We came home and ate chinese and watched Law and Order for the rest of the evening while I continued writing posts (because the truth is I can't function when the TV is on).  Also, I really just don't get into criminal mystery shows.  I watched NCIS for a while and now I'm just like, nah, what channel are the Grey's reruns on?

It was a perfect lazy Saturday afternoon and much needed.


First thing on Sunday morning was a 4 mile 7am run on base.  Ugh, I wanted to die.  I was glad Teh MD Adult Roomie was suffering with me.  We whined the entire way.

When we came home, we had breakfast and showered and I skipped church (like a heathen) and we headed up to Baltimore to go to the American Visionary Art Museum, where PostSecret first appeared in public (there were still a few post cards up).

We stopped at Abbey Burger Bistro for lunch since I saw that they were close to the museum and had an interesting burger selection.  Teh MD Roomies got the burger that had peanut butter, while I went with the one that had crab dip on it.

We didn't try these, but at least we had the option.

After lunch, we headed to the museum.  We ended up parking in a place where we got to walk along a piece of the harbor, which was pretty awesome.  Sadly we weren't allowed to take photos inside, but I did get some outside photos!

Yarrrr matey!

Teh MD Adult Roomie liked the name of this boat.
I disagreed with it's awesomeness.

She rides the glam short bus.

Pieces from the Hubble Telescope

Shattered legs.

Ok, we might have broken the rules a little bit...  I couldn't help it.

Why the long face?

We are giraffes.

All legs!

Ok, the fart machine was weird but cool.

Teh MD Teenage Roomie: IT HAS WHEELS!!!

The bag they put my purchases in.  WIN!

Sign in the women's bathroom.

What I learned from the American Visionary Art Museum: If you have a mental breakdown and you start creating "art" it's going to be awesome.  Weird, but awesome.  If abstract art isn't your thing, don't go here.  Most of the things are downright weird.  There was a super duper falling Icarus that took 18 minutes to rise and fall.  We didn't see it, but we did notice that Icarus has some really hard nips.

After the museum, we needed to acquire some delicious dessert since we were in civilization.  I checked Urbanspoon for suggestions for the best dessert places and Vaccaro's came up as one of the top picks and they had cannolis.  There was no way we WEREN'T going there.  I have a thing for cannolis, I can't help it (exhibit 1, 2, 3, 4, 5).  Don't judge me.

Photos with the loot were an absolute requirement.
We got gelato for right then, cannolis, a cream puff, some other pastry I can't pronounce the name of, and the waffle cone flat cookie thingies Teh MD Adult Roomie said were delicious (duh, waffle cone).

When we got home from Baltimore, I tried to start making dinner, but realized I'd failed at the most important part of making chicken tortilla soup... thawing the chicken!  Ugh. So we improvised.

Remember that stalk of brussel spouts I showed you last week?  Well, a lady had suggested a way to make them, so I did it. Make some bacon in the oven, when it's finished, remove the bacon and add the halved sprouts (she also said something about sauteing onion, which I didn't find necessary).  So dinner was gelato and bacon and bacon brussel spouts.  DEEEEEELIIIIIGHTFUL (I ran 4 miles Sunday morning, this fatty don't care).

My weekend started with a good reason to get all dressed up and ended with bacon and a cream puff, so you can bet your ass it was a superb weekend. Did you eat any bacon this weekend??

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  1. 1) Good song.

    2) Scotch is (for most people) an acquired taste. Hubby basically only drinks it because it's typically considered very manly...and it's awkward when I love it and it's the one thing that makes him wince. Even then it's a lower shelf. It mixes really well with Dr. Pepper if you don't like it straight, something about the smokiness of it with the sweet cherry taste is delicious.

  2. Phew, looks like a busy but fun weekend. Way to rock out those runs lady, you are kicking tail and taking names!

    I know you'll find the right job and I hope it's soon! sending prayers and happy vibes your way.

  3. I can't do scotch either, or most hard alcohols really. That museum looks like a ton of fun- weird but cool. Good luck on your job search! The right job will come along- fingers crossed it happens soon!

  4. Ugh on the scotch! Hubby & I don't drink much, but he insisted on going to a liquor store and spending $70 on a bottle of scotch - and it's nasty! I barely touched my lip to it and gagged! I'll stick with my $12 bottle of Shellback rum (since I have been deemed worthy to consume by King Neptune!)

    Congrats on the running - I don't run unless chased. Word.


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