Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Last SoMD Fair!

In 2013, I didn't go to the St. Mary's county fair.. but if you need a rehash on what happened in 2012, check here.  Pig and duck racing, tractor pulls, oh my.

This year, Teh MD Roomies and I went on the first night the fair opened.  Honestly, it was pretty fun.  Instead of watching the animals, we rode the rides (which was tough for me knowing I was risking my life, Mr. Mystery even asked if I'd signed a waiver) and ate noms.


We got there after 5 and ate dinner first thing since I was getting hangry.  There were plenty of food options, but I went with kielbasa, nomnomnom.  We decided to wait on our fried goodies until later.  We walked around for a bit to see the horses for Teh MD Teenage Roomie and then through the cows so Teh MD Roomies could see the cows that I grew up around.

I didn't like this horsie's snot nose.


Of course I will pet your cow that is the size of my dog who looks like a damatian.

Hello little moo-moo.

Glad I've never seen these dangling from the back of a truck.
This is the cow poop that I saved the kid from.

After we survived the animals, we headed to see the flowers and photos.

I want to grow these!  They are awesome!

The first time I ever saw a flower like this I was at NC State and I loved it.  I never knew what it was called.
I saw it again in Australia and now I finally know what it is!!

This photo really applies to the van into the house post that I'm working on still.
Too soon, Teh Mom?

Cause classy Southerners need their pearls, gloves, and hydrangeas.

Finally, we decided that our food had settled enough and we ventured into the rides area to buy tickets so we could ride the rides.  Teh MD Teenager and I bought wrist bracelets so we could ride unlimited rides, which worked out because we prob rode just enough rides that I would have needed to buy more tickets had we not gotten the bracelets.

All of the rides were spinny rides and the gravity of my age hit me finally when we got on the one where you stand up and it spins you around and lifts you into the air.  I'm just too old for these shenanigans.  We had to walk around a little bit for my stomach to stop threatening regurgitation.  After it finally settled we rode this ride where you go in a circle, but the seat area spins forward/backward so it's like you're doing flips as you go in a circle.  It was awesome and scary at the same time, not just because I got in it first and it spun without me knowing it was going to do that.  Teh MD Teenage Roomie had quite a giggle at my expense during that entire ride.

We call this the Kaleidoscope per Carowinds (an NC amusement park) standards.

The Tilt-a-Whirl was a necessity.

It's like Soarin' but smells like Southern Maryland...

The only time I'll be taller than Teh MD Roomies.

This ride flipped me upside down and I was completely unprepared.

During the ferris wheel ride, I got most of my pics.

Soon after the ferris wheel, it was time for fried noms, because a funnel cake and fried oreos were mandatory.

This was only a small section of the food choices.

After our late night snack, we decided we were done with the rides and that it was time to head home.  We're such old people.

Overall, it was a great time, even if I put my life at risk getting on those rides (in terms of physical safety and sickness safety, omg the germs, I couldn't wash my hands fast enough when we got home).


  1. It looks like so much fun! Where did you get your leggings! I love them! I need them in my life ASAP!

  2. I have a similar problem, I can't not take a picture with an animal if there's one nearby. I can't help myself.


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