Monday, September 8, 2014

Music Monday #4 and Weekend Review {9/8}

So I missed last week's Music Monday due to HOLIDAY! so I'm making up for it this week.  Last week the theme was supposed to be your favorite Disney jam, so I'm going to tell you mine now, because.. better late than never?

can I decide another day?

Truly though, this is a hard one for me because there's too many favorites!  The Teh Family spent a lot of time submerged in Disney.  At one point, I had to tell Teh Sister to stop saying all the words before they said them.  I also delegated singing parts for us to sing.  Yes, she was usually the male singer and I was usually the female, when applicable.  I'm older, thus wiser.

After much thought, and some consultation with Teh Sister, we decided that Kiss the Girl from The Little Mermaid was my #1.  The Little Mermaid has always been one of my favorites and I definitely know all the words to the entire movie all the songs.

Don't even play, you love that song too and you're welcome if you just got a song headache. PS.  There's this article on BuzzFeed that ranks Disney songs and I was going to burn down the internet if Let It Go was #1.  The internet is still standing.  That stupid song was #6.  Although I'm still not even sure how the #1 song made #1.  Uhhh, no because.. Standards. Now lets talk about the weekend, eh?  (I was near the Canadian embassy on Sunday, apparently it rubbed off.)


I had originally planned on going on a run after work, but "feels like" 101°F meant NOPE.  I considered going to the gym and then was like, NOPE.  Instead, I went home and napped on the couch.  Not even sorry.  When I woke up, I dumped a puzzle on the table and started working on it. 

That evening we dropped off Teh MD Teenage Roomie at her first high school football game and Teh MD Adult Roomie and I headed up to Salsa's because I wanted mexican and she'd had a rough week.  Teh MD Adult Roomie and I came home and worked on puzzle and drank wine until it was time to retrieve Teh MD Teenage Roomie.  When they returned, we made even more progress on the puzzle. 

By the time we went to bed, the puzzle was 85% complete and I decided that I'm just not a wine drinker.  Damn, if I didn't try. I just couldn't get past the Communion wine feel/taste and I don't like grape juice to begin with, so liking wine is really just a stretch for me.  The more I drank, the less I liked it.  I thought it was supposed to be the other way around, or maybe that's beer.  IDK.  Give me Sailor Jerry any day. 

Classy bitches put an ice cube in their wine to chill it.

Friday puzzle



I had intentions on going to run Saturday morning and then it just didn't happen.  I was exhausted and Teh Dogs are assholes.  When one isn't whining to get up at 0430-0530, the other is.  They don't love me. 

Instead of being productive, I eventually got up and ate breakfast and worked on puzzle.  Around 10, a guy came by to give Teh MD Adult Roomie a paint estimate and I had zero fucks to give and didn't even bother to put on a bra.  My house, my rules, sorry dude.  We finished Friday's puzzle and then Teh MD Adult Roomie decided it was time for a nap. 

I decided to pull out the last puzzle we hadn't done yet.  I sat and separated pieces and put together the border before deciding it was time for my nap too.  When I woke back up, Teh MD Adult Roomie and I worked on the Saturday puzzle through the afternoon.  It wasn't until around 5pm that I finally decided to shower and put on a boulder holder and publicly acceptable clothing AFTER we finished Saturday puzzle.  We're pretty much puzzle pros now. 

We went by to check on Teh MD Teenage Roomie (who was makin' bank baby-sitting) and then went to Food Lion to pick up dinner items.  BTW, couponing is like a game for us.  We had originally only planned to buy certain items, but then Food Lion seemed to be having a sale on items we would eventually need that we had coupons for. 

We came home and consumed dinner (which had been mostly prepared before we left the house) and watched girl movies on Bravo (the end of The Sweetest Thing and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days).  I'm a sucker for 10 Days, so I stayed up to finish it. 

During the movies, it started storming and Phil was in extra special mode.  He found a new "safe" spot.

It's really good that I love him.  He's weird sometimes.  I felt pretty bad for him, but if he liked the corner, then I wasn't going to bother him.


Since there was no running Friday or Saturday, Sunday I headed out on a run with Teh MD Adult Roomie.  We did 6.3 miles.  While it was pretty humid, there was a breeze which kept us cool... and it wasn't noon on a sunny day, so it was infinitely cooler for me anyways.  We came back home and I showered and headed to church.

When I got home, it was time for lunch, then we headed up to DC to tour the Newseum.  If you are willing to pay to see a museum, see the Newseum.  It's totally worth it.  I had picked up tickets from the ITT (Information, Tours, and Travel) place on base that sell discounted tickets (which is how we got such cheap Disney tickets last March) and the ticket said it was a 2 day pass and I couldn't understand why.  All the Smithsonian museums are free, but they take a few hours each and I expected something similar from the Newseum. 

Nope, I wish we would have been able to take the 2 days to tour it.  It was spectacular.  So much to see and read.

Our first stop was Starbucks because I was getting a headache and needed some caffeine.  I picked up my once a year pumpkin spice latte (with all the killer chemicals and radioactive orange because I'm gonna die some day anyways) and we sat outside and enjoyed our beverages while watching homeless people.

After beverages were consumed, we headed back down the street and to the museum.  There is an introductory video which explains how to best tour the museum with a clip of an interview with LL Cool J.  Of all the people they could have gotten to do an interview, LL Cool J?  Really?  And then we walked out and the first thing we saw was a piece of the Berlin wall.  I no longer cared about LL Cool J.
Piece of the Berlin wall.  There was also a watch tower standing behind the wall, one of the few that still remain.

Next up was the FBI G-Men exhibit.  I got to learn all about how the FBI messes up and does things right and messes up and does things right.. and their reputation really kinda sucks from that.  Except I knew all of that from my last master's class that I took because the teacher really hated the FBI for some reason and wanted to make sure we all realized just how messed up their processes were. 

They had Timothy McVeigh's shack that he lived in (or a really good replica, but I thought it was the original), pieces of one of the planes that crashed into the north Trade Center, shoes from the shoe bomber, an exhibit on Waco (which made me think of Teh Coast Guardian and Teh MD Teenage Roomie arguing over Waco during a very intense Apples to Apples game last Cmas), guns from gangsters from the 1900s (like that was so long ago, lolz), and even a KKK outfit.  

Obviously one of us is more "gangsta" than the other.

1960's "laptop"
bahahahha, LOVE it!

Remember when I said I was close to the Canadian embassy?  No jk.  The Newseum offers a spectacular view of the DC skyline and Capitol Hill. 

They have a huge room of original documents that you can view, starting with "news" booklets that were produced in the 1600s.  There were interactive games you could play, but I was more interested in the documents and the information on the outer wall regarding media throughout history and how the media became the giant it is today.  The Media major in me reveled in all the information.  I wanted to read all the things and see all the old documents, but I realized that we were running low on time.  I skipped most of the "current" stuff to save time.  

The (drafted) Bill of Rights printed in a newspaper.

Apparently, Ron White was correct in his spelling.

The Newseum has the original counter from Greensboro, NC where the sit-in happened at Woolworth's during the Civil Rights movement and a replica of the jail door where MLK, Jr was detained in Alabama.  I thought many of the exhibits meshed well together.  The Civil Rights exhibit corresponded well with the minorities exhibit (where I learned that the plight of the Jews during the Holocaust had been mostly overlooked by US media, at least until after the war had ended).

After being "in" jail, we headed to a games area where we got to test our current knowledge on all things internet related.  Questions like, Who came first, Microsoft or Apple?  What does HTML stand for?  What does LOL stand for?  What is blog short for?  Who created the internet?  Which came first, Twitter or Facebook?  I might have missed the who created the internet and the Microsoft/Apple questions.  I felt like a life failure.

Whatevs, next up was the 9/11 exhibit which includes a section of the broadcast tower from the top of the north tower.  It was specially built because of the interference from other buildings in NYC.

By this point, time was really starting to cut close.  We viewed the First Dogs exhibit, sadly no featured Greyhounds, boo.  We also skimmed through the World News, First Amendment (where I would have loved to have spent more time), and the Internet, Radio, and TV exhibits.  We missed the Pulitzer Prize photos exhibit, which I really, really wanted to check out. We did stop by the gift shop, where I found this rockin' 'stache and we found a photo booth! 

I mustache you a question!

My very first photo booth experience!!
Woot woot!

Outside the Newseum, they feature the front page of a newspaper from each state. 

Take the photo already!
Yay she got it!

And I had to get one with the SC paper!

Reserved.  JK.
I couldn't help it.

By the time we got home, my headache had come back with a vengeance.  I knew I didn't have time to make what I had planned for dinner, so we popped in a pizza and I made the dinner anyways, a chicken pasta thing I rediscovered on my Food board on Pinterest.  I have all kinds of delicious noms on there! 

One of the other things I decided to try from Pinterest was a cannoli recipe I found.  Honestly, I wasn't impressed, but I have super high cannoli standards.  The filling wasn't as sweet as I wanted and pie shells just aren't the same as normal cannoli shells.  If you were looking for a cannoli-LIKE dessert, this would be it, but this is NOT a cannoli. 

I was so unimpressed, I had a few, but then sent the rest of the shells and filling with Teh MD Roomies to school and work.  After I was finally finished in the kitchen, several hours after we'd gotten home, I crashed on the couch to check the internets and upload photos. 

Overall, it was an excellent weekend filled with much needed downtime.  I know that September is going to be busy and I'm about to head to SC this week for appointments and drive straight back from SC to VA for my half marathon.  I'll be back in MD on Saturday afternoon. 

I'm fearing that the 3 weeks between this SC trip and my return to SC are going to drag along and speed by at the same time.  I'm still job hunting and I wish something would come to fruition on that front because I really need to not be unemployed.

For now though, more blogs, less worry!  Happy Week, Gentle Readers!



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  1. Yep I will be singing that song all day now and I didn't even listen to it! Yes I would've burned on the Internet to let it go was the number one song! I do not understand the infatuation with that movie, it's not the best Disney movie ever and I don't know who decided it was! But true Disney lovers know!

  2. I am so jealous of your weekend. Is it weird that I love puzzles too? I actually have a new fall one that I'm planning to start soon, but it will probably take me a hell of a lot longer than you guys to finish it! And I've been to the Smithsonian but never the Newseum- it looks really cool, especially the piece of the Berlin wall! Photo booths are my jam- happy you had your first experience!

  3. I looked at that list. It wasn't too helpful. I don't mind Let It Go, I'm 100% sure that in another 15 years people will be defending Frozen the way you are defending The Little Mermaid. Classics typically refer to what WE loved as children, LOL.

    As far as wine, there really is a science to it. I typically like reds versus whites, but everything else is SUPER dependent on the situation. It's usually a better bet to start off with a sweet wine (like...NC muscadines) to ease your tastebuds into the wine world, IMO. After that it really becomes an issue of why are you drinking it- some are not good just for sipping but are delicious with (certain types of) food, etc. And some are better after being opened for a day or two. Supposedly frozen grapes are the best way to chill wine, btw. Haven't tried.

    Highly doubt any dude will complain about no bra. Phil is adorable.

    Museum looks awesome!

  4. Our family was a huge Disney family!!!!

    The Newseum looks and sounds amazing, we need to go.

  5. I so love the museums in DC. I could tour though there for days and days. I'll definitely have to hit up the Newseum. And LL is totally a legit actor now, or so I hear.

    My dog likes to hide in strage places when it storms too. Now it's the upstairs bathroom on the bath rug. She's scared many a house guests.


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