Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Humpday Confessions #23

We have reached the SINGLE DIGITS till terminal leave!!!!  WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Vodka and Soda


-It slightly infuriates me when people misspell names.. like mine or anyone else I know or my dogs.  It's Megan, Phil, and Meri (with one R).

-In terms of who am I most like of my parents, I'd have to say Teh Mom based on the fact that I always have to have milk in the house, whereas if I was more like Teh Dad, I'd always have bread.  When my parents were first separated/divorced, Teh Dad would always have bread but no milk and Teh Mom would always have milk but no bread.

-Disney Movie Club is torturing me.  $10 blu-ray means I want to buy things.. but soon to be unemployed means I shouldn't buy things.  Adulting is hard.

-Since the half marathon is complete, I've stopped including the big hill on my runs.  Nope, ain't nobody got time for that.

-I want to go up to DC just to do a run/walk of all the pretty places.  I have no idea when I'm going to fit this in my schedule.  Additionally, I'm going to want to bring my camera to take photos and while I'm running is just not a good time for that and if I walked it, it would take me ALL.DAY.LONG.

-I've been a heathen the past few week and haven't went to church.  There are several reasons, but the biggest is that I know if I don't go then we get more time to do activities on days where we make trips to DC/Baltimore.  I kinda miss it but I kinda don't because I know I'm about to not be able to go to this church anyway.  And there's another reason that I'm just not going to put here.

-I can't even pretend to NOT be mad at someone.  I try so hard, but I know that even through my text messages people can tell if I'm upset/pissed off.  I have thus taken the appropriate measures and just own up to my irritation/upsetedness and admit it when I am asked if I'm mad/upset/having feelz.

-When I am mad/upset at someone, I will have pretend conversations when them when I am alone.  Yes, I am crazy.  No, I do not care.  Usually, this method of talking it out with myself helps me feel better and then I don't bite off the offender's head.

-When the dogs are settled and napping, I do everything in my power not to move/resituate because I know the half-second I stir, all the 3 dogs will be up my ass.

-I took a "job fair" day yesterday.  I applied for over 25 jobs.  TWENTY-FIVE JOB APPLICATIONS, GENTLE READERS.  Plus whatever else I've applied for in the last 2 months.  Come on people, I'm awesome, just call me, I'll tell you all about it.

-About 10 minutes after I typed that above line, I got a call from one of the places I applied to, to schedule an interview on Thursday.  It wasn't any where near my first choice job, but a SINGLE call back gave me hope that had been pretty much killed during the process of applying to so many jobs.  PS.  It might have been with Coke-Cola.  Yay free soda?

-Out of the mabillion job applications I did, the one that took me the longest, at whopping HOUR long process?  Target.  I could apply for 3 government positions in 15 minutes, but Target's career website was so unbearably slow.  Loading times were ridiculous and I wish I knew who to tell because it was almost a deterrent from applying (except I'm starting to feel desperate so it wasn't).

-I appreciate it the mostest when job application sites save my information so I don't have to keep putting in the same information over and over.  OR BETTER YET, when they don't ask me information that could be found on the resume that they are requiring me to upload.

-I've been opening the windows in the afternoons/evenings and it's so absolutely delightful to know that, not only are we're saving on the power bill, but that's its getting cooler!!  YAY first day of fall!

-I don't do cover letters.  I think they are a waste of time for everyone involved.  I've never written one.  I tried a few times and said fuck it.  If you can't hire me without a cover letter, I don't want your job.  Ok, maybe that last part isn't actually true, but that's not the point here.  I'm awesome, just call me, dare ya.

-I actually believe that most of the "rules" about job hunting are ridiculous.  Calling, sending thank you notes?  Seriously?  This isn't a birthday present, this is you doing your job to hire me so I can do a service for you that your compensates me for.

-I created a completely new job hunting email so if HR persons decide to search my email address/name, they hopefully won't find this blog any shady shit.

-I'm really excited about the van into the house post.. but I just haven't had the time to work out with my life in it's current state.  Teh Sister even (finally) gave me some comments on it.  It's going to be hiiiiiiilarious.  I was crying from laughing just reading her comments.

-I've posted every day this week (and I have the Battle of Britain review schedule for tomorrow).  BAM.  Now if I can get something figured out for Friday, I'll be SET.

-Mr. Mystery has been super sweet all week.  I almost can't even handle it.

Can I just get a collective, "Awwwwwwww," mkaythx.


  1. good luck on the interview! i agree - those "rules" about job hunting are a bit much. no HR person i know encourages/suggests that stuff.

    thanks for linking up!
    Vodka and Soda

  2. Good Luck with the job hunting, and the interview! I hate all that nonsense, applying for new jobs makes my head hurt....however the whole I want to spend money but have no money thing isn't fun either....being a grown up does suck!

  3. I do not understand why the retail jobs like Target, Walmart etc make you take an HOUR LONG SURVEY including all kinds of ridiculous morality questions. You are WALMART, for crying out loud. Stop acting like you have crazy high standards- I've been in your stores! I know it's a lie!

    Also, I've never done a cover letter. Someone on 20sb's job advice column thingy said they are overrated. Apparently thank you notes ARE good though. I have not done one...but I did send a thanks-for-meeting-with-me email to my current supervisor after interviewing with her. So maybe it helped?

  4. OMG I hate it when people misspell my name too! It's Tabitha with an "i" not Tabatha with an "a"! Ugh! I hate the Target and Walmart job applications- they take so long and I never know how to answer their 1-5 how you feel questions. They suck! Anyways, good luck on the interview hun! :)

  5. People misspell my name so often that I have just given up correcting them. It's easier if I just let it go ha ha. Good luck with your job interview! I hope you get more call backs :D

  6. Congratulations on the interview!! Cover letters are tough, I've always done one for whatever I was applying for. A few times I haven't but never got called back. I would definitely recommend a thank you letter. It's your chance to thank them for the interview and mention anything you might have missed. They're a pain in the ass but I really like it when I get one from someone I interview.

  7. girl. with the name spelling. all my life. i can't even deal with it. people are so stupid! good luck with your job hunting, and i'm sorry - $10 blurays?! i didn't hear that.

  8. Good luck with the interview! But seriously, thank you notes! uugh


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