Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Confessions {4/26}

-When I was creating May's drafts, I realized that I never finished Germany recaps.  I really wanted to do that to be able to remember our trip and I didn't and I feel like I failed myself.  I guess I could still watermark the photos and upload them to share.  There were sooo many good pics that I printed out a handful and they are hanging in the house, yet I never shared them here.  #MeganFail

-After several comments from Teh German which indicated his apathy towards the whole wedding paper situation, I finally "went nuclear" and said, "IT IS IMPORTANT TO ME!  I've spent weeks working on these invites and I'm well aware that you don't care, but this is the first thing people see about our wedding.  If you could just do what I ask you promptly that'd be great."  He said he was going to do the task, just on "Teh German Time" to which I had to explain, "You realize that your part is simple after you get the information you need [to put it in the spreadsheet] and that I'm waiting you before I can start my piece?  The part where I sit at the computer and put the information in and deal with the pain in the ass printer and then I put the invite suite together.  THEN, I need to take the product of the 2 things I'm waiting on you for and package them up with all the other German invites and mail a package to Germany?"  He didn't really have anything to say after that.  It's painful to think of how oblivious people are to things done behind the scenes that they don't have to see...Or maybe I'm just hyper-sensitive to it.  Probably that 2nd one.
-After a conversation with Kristen recently, I dropped this line on Teh German during a conversation about how he didn't like how stressed I am about everything, "If you could just give 1 fuck for every 3 fucks I give, that'd be great." 

-Sometimes the paper towel holder in the bathroom just randomly decided to spit out paper towels even though no one is in the bathroom.  I know this because I'll be in a stall and the life will be scared out of me from the paper towel holder just randomly being set off by nothing.  #CreepyAF

-WTF is All-Purpose Sauce?  It sounds super sketchy.  It's made in the Philippines, which is probably all I need to know.

-Teh PT Wife ordered martingale collars for their puppies!  1- I love when people ask for my advice.. AND take it.  2- I love when people I know buy things from other people I know (I'm not making money off that link, I just support the good work that Cindy does).  3- I associate martingale collars with grey/sight hounds, so it feels like spreading the sighthound love.

Max (white) and Marcie (brindle) modeling their new collars!

-While I'm sharing dog pics.. these two melt my heart.

-I'm reading the Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck and I'm over fucked.  As in, the word is being used so much that I'm spacing out.  Fuck should be frugally and effectively (unless you're a really pissed off Teh Megan, in which case all the fucks are said, but generally not given).  #overfucked #notinthegoodway

-Tonight is the Blink-182 concert!  Know how I know Teh German is excited?  He's been listening to the concert playlist I made on Spotify since I made it.  He did not do this with the Andrew McMahon concert.  #priorities

-Today is the day!  German invites are headed to Papa G.  Once Papa G confirms receipt, I will post the American invites.  I'm trying to have them all arrive around the same time to everyone.  #timingiseverything #delayedgratification

-Because the invites have been sitting in a box on my desk, I've been paranoid about leaving Phil and Meri out because Lord knows what would happen if either of them got into the invite stuffs. 

-Yesterday, the vet called me with results from Phil's tests.  We talked for 30 minutes, well mostly he talked, but I took detailed notes.  Phil has elevated protein levels in his urine (which could be lower than they originally were because he's been on the blood pressure medicine).  Phil's levels are a 5.  They should be lower than 2.  This will eventually lead to kidney failure, so our vet wasn't wrong about early kidney disease... eventually high protein levels will cause kidney damage.  The 2nd vet explained that Phil's SDMA was also slightly elevated (17, normal is 14).  Our next step is to run a test for Cushings disease (I just heard Roux's Humom yell).  This will go down next Tuesday, if I don't change my mind and do it before.

-NBD over here, but I achieved another ROTD (or review of the day for those non-Yelpers) for my review of Callie's Hot Little Biscuit.  I have had 3 of my reviews featured as ROTD so far to include this one plus my reviews for Hall's Chophouse and the Cooper River Bridge Run.  I've also had one of my reviews put in the weekly email for Co.  #likeaboss

-I emailed Poogan's Porch about possibly doing the post-wedding brunch there.  Yeaaaahh, probably not since it would be $200 for just the room, plus $1000 food minimum, plus the extremely limited menu, plus tax, title, license, and fees.  Additionally, the rehearsal dinner and post-wedding brunch are no-host events (meaning we aren't paying for everyone (Reminder, theme=We're on a budget)).  If we end up coming in way under budget, I may consider it, buttttttt our budget doesn't take our  honeymoon into consideration.


  1. Wow! You have a lot going on. I hope your week cams down some.
    Happy Wednesday

  2. I couldn't let it go. I had to look up All-Purpose Sauce. Apparently in the south it's also known as Comeback Sauce...which I still haven't heard of. So I looked deeper. Here's a recipe: Basically it goes on/with everything hence "all purpose"

    I love the 1:3 fucks comment. I need to remember this.

    Have a great time at Blink!! I'm jealous!

  3. Don't feel too bad about recaps. You managed to get them in the house, and sometimes IRL things get priority. No shame.

    Whoa, that's a lot for Poogan's Porch! I remember it being good, but idk if it's that good, LOL.

  4. Awww, I hope you are able to uncover exactly what is going on with sweet Phil and help to keep him as healthy as possible.
    I'd love to see the pics of Germany, at least the ones that you chose to print and hang in your house.

  5. I still haven't recapped my last post for my Barbados series from last JULY. lol I think I've given up on that perhaps.
    Phil Phil Phil. Never thought of Cushings but yeah, that might make sense... so will he have to be on kidney meds for he rest of his life now?


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