Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Shit Teh German Said #8


Discussing bugs.
Teh German (T): They don't pay rent.
Teh Megan (M): What do you consider Phil and Meri.
T: Family.  Family doesn't pay rent.

M: There's American mustard in the fridge.
T: You mean yellow sauce?

M: Apparently, I like Japanese trees.
T: It doesn't come with sushi though.

M: You're wearing your jacket, why do you care if the AC is on?
T: Because I have my jacket on, I don't have feeling.

T: That could be a fun hair style to try.
M: You could do it.  He has the same problem you have.  (I was referring to his receding hairline.)
T: He also has a large foreskin?
M: Penises have foreskin.  (And my cackles start.)
T: Oh! I mean forehead!

M: Are you sore?
T: No, I'm fine.
M: Did you stretch?
T: Yes, on the couch last night.
M: Swiping and double tapping doesn't count.
T: It does.
M: It don't.
T: That's not right.
M: I'm aware.  But it's good you can correct my bad English.

We bought some tulip bulbs from Publix.  Teh German was looking up the info on replanting them and was reading it out loud.
T: Tulips may not rebloom for up to 2 years after transported.  They require 2 months of temperatures colder than 40 degrees.
Teh German gives a long sigh and looks at the tulips on the counter.
T: Well, you're dead.

T: What is the show called again?
M: Modern Family.
T (opening a browser to search a minute later): What was it?  Bad family?
M: Modern Family.  Although "bad family" could work.

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  1. OMGGGGG the foreskin one. Hahahaa

  2. Hahaha I LOL at the yellow sauce & the foreskin!

  3. All the heart emojis to the first one.
    The foreskin comment will go down in "Shit Teh German Says" history.

  4. LOL foreskin! Also, I feel the same way as him about bugs not paying rent. It's rude that they come in unwelcomed and try and hang.


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