Monday, April 17, 2017

Weekend Review {4/17}


Teh German was off work on Friday (because German are off work for religious holidays in Germany, so that's what goes in the US office too #jealous) so I slept in.  I may have also calculated my hours for the week incorrectly.  Oops.  I stayed at work until lunchtime though, mostly so I could be there for the going-away cake for an employee of another company we sit with.  It was a Publix cake, so totally worth staying for. 

After I left work, I had Teh German meet me at the oil change place so I could drop off Yurtle for a drs appointment.  She really needed her oil changed and I know we'll be taking Yurtle to MD next month, so it was time.  Teh German picked me up and we headed home.  We decided to ride out to Sullivan's Island for lunch at Home Team BBQ, something we had planned to do a few weeks ago, but it was too windy (which is a valid reason not to ride here because there are so many tall bridges we have to cross).

We set out and I may have accidentally taken us the wrong way, except that it ended up working out.  We got stuck in some traffic, at which point Teh German reminded me that it was a holiday weekend and all the tourists were in town.  #FML  Fortunately, traffic didn't take long to get through and we rerouted a way that I knew but had forgotten.  Once we got to Sullivan's Island, we realized that every place to eat was slammed.  It was around 1, so I didn't expect it to still be so busy, and that's what I get for assuming.  We put our names on the list at Home Team and 2 bar seats happened to open up about 10 minutes into our wait. 

Unfortunately, it was too loud to have a conversation, but at the same time kinda fortunate since Teh German was hangry and grouchy.  We watched NCAA gymnastics while we ate.  How do they make their bodies do that shit?  Seriously?  Maybe if I had learned to do those things my pieces wouldn't be so broke now?

After we finished our food, we headed back to the bikes to get home.  While we were eating the garage called and said Yurtle was done.  When we got home, we jumped in Baloo so Teh German could take me to get Yurtle.  Once Yurtle was acquired we had zero plans to leave the house for the rest of the day.

This is my life.

We opted to hang out at Teh PT Neighbors' house for the evening.  Some neighborhood drama went down on Facebook about children playing in the street and refusing to move for vehicles (this isn't a one-time occurrence, the drama or the children)) and we ended up creating our own FB page for our awesome street.  We hung out with the visiting parents and chatted until it was finally time for bed.  As I was falling asleep, I told Teh German that we had done FB wrong and we created a page instead of a group, oops. 


While it was a lazy weekend, it was also a productive one. 

We slept in super late on Saturday.  After feeding the dogs, I laid in bed and perused the internet.  I bought a new region less blu-ray player and the game Organ Attack since I haven't stopped thinking about it since I discovered it.  $200 spent all while laying in the bed.  This is 2017 and I'm #notsorry.

I also remedied the group/page situation.  Unfortunately it takes 14 days to have a page deleted.  Thanks FB for that quick turn around... Oh wait.  The real problem was that other neighbors who we are friends with that don't live on our street were able to see that we liked/joined a page for our street and then were asking to join.  My bad.  Honestly, all of our neighborhood isn't bad, but there are definitely some people who ruin the bunch... every.single.time.

Finally, I had to get up to get to the farmer's market before 1 since I had told the tree guy that I would be there for my tree.  When I arrived, he said he had sold my tree, but would offer me a different tree for $10 off.  I wasn't sold on it since I wanted a tree with red leaves, not dark red/purply.  Since the market was about to close, the guy told me that I could meet them at his house and pick out whatever tree I wanted and I said ok.

I headed to their house and waited about 45 minutes on them to come home, which was fine since I was listening to my audiobook.  When they got home, it took me a few minutes to select THE tree and while he laid it in Yurtle, I paid him.

My next stop was Target.  It has been quite a while since I'd bought house supplies (TP, cleaning stuffs, laundry detergent, etc) so I decided that this was the weekend (also we were almost out of TP).  I printed off some coupons and knew what Cartwheel was offering.  I almost chickened out once I arrived when I saw the checkout line, but a Team Member assured me that the line moved fast (spoiler alert: he was right).  I was in and out in about an hour and a half and I had estimated 2 hours.  I ended up saving $77 at Target with coupons and Cartwheel and I got 3 $5 gift cards.  #likeaboss

During all this, Teh German was at home gardening.  Specifically, he was digging holes for said tree and for a palm that Teh WJL had bought for us when she was here in February.  When I got home, he unloaded the tree and planted it while I unloaded the stuff I had purchased.  While Teh German was working, Teh PT Wife came over to hang out.  She and Phil supervised while I worked on the invitation envelopes. 

Since Teh German had worked all day, outside, and I had zero plans for dinner (oops), I gave him 3 options for me to pick up for dinner: East Bay Deli, Willie Jewell's, or Texas Roadhouse.  He picked East Bay Deli, which was perfect since I had a $2 Yelp24 coupon I could use.  Phil and Meri rode with me to pick it up.  When I got home, we ate and had planned to watch TV for the rest of the evening to chill.  Instead, I went outside to water the flowers and then we ended up going on a pack walk and then Teh German watered the grass and I worked on the RSVP envelopes.

By the time I completed the design and printed out 9 (not 10 since the first envelope was messed up and then I proceeded to print on it until it was jamming the printer #notsorry) envelopes, it was almost 10pm.  Teh German had given up on me and was on the couch watching a Netflix movie.  I said I was going to go upstairs and read my book (ya know, ticking off to-do list tasks) and he said ok.  Later I learned that he wanted to spend time with me, but didn't say anything about it, so I didn't know.  I told Teh German that maybe next time he needs to just come out and say these things since I can't read his mind.  He eventually came to bed and I was glad because I was super tired and my book is making me feel dirty.

Only 10 RSVP cards because I am forcing people to embrace technology and RSVP online.


Sunday morning we didn't get out of the bed until almost noon.  Teh Mom called and chatted with me for a few minutes.  My new weekend routine includes going through all the Snapchat filters when we're laying in bed on our phones.  That egg carton filter is seriously my favorite.

When we finally got up, I made grilled cheese for breakfast/lunch.  We weren't motivated to leave the house for any reason, including for brunch since I knew that everyone else would be out for brunch since it was Easter.  After foods, we started the process of invitation envelopes. 

It was tedious and the font that Teh German had selected on Saturday evening for the addressee ended up not having special characters that I needed since the German alphabet has special characters.  Ugh.  Deciding on a new font took at least an hour.  Several hours later, I finally got the design finalized and all the addresses formatted in a Word document so I could just copy/paste them into Photoshop instead of having to format them in Photoshop which is a pain in the ass.

During all this, Teh German is sitting in the office with me, as well as Phil who was supervising from his crate, and giving me his opinion on layout changes that I made.  When Teh German said, "Why are we doing all this?  I'm tired of it."  I very calmly lost my shit on him and said, "You're tired?  From all the work you're doing sitting there playing your games on your phone and once in a while giving me your opinion when I turn my computer around or when I hand you a piece of paper and tell you to pick your favorite font?"  Yeah.. that shut him up. 

When I told him he was definitely going to be helping me stuff envelopes, he scoffed and said nope and I quickly informed him that the process was putting an invite in the envelope, sliding in the "no children" paper, and maybe an RSVP card depending on who the invite is going to, then sealing the envelope, and putting a stamp on it and it wasn't nearly as difficult as anything I had done up to this point.  Again, crickets.  Good, Groom.

Finally, I started to print the stupid envelopes.  FINNNNAAAALLLLYYYY.  Around 4, I realized that most of the day was gone and I was getting tired of printing out envelopes.  Once the printing process was started, I opened up Lightroom to start working on the Asheville photos while I was waiting.  By 5:30, I was duuuunn with that shit.  I counted and I had only printed out SIXTEEN envelopes.  16.  #killmenow #whothoughtthiswasagoodidea

That tall stack is UNPRINTED envelopes.  #FML

I had told Teh German when the printer ran out of envelopes, I was done printing for the day.  Yet, we still sat in the office for 10 minutes after the printer had stopped.  Finally, after piddling around on the internet and asking Teh German what he wanted to do, I said to him, "Babe, this is me saying, 'Come up with something for us to do beside sit in this room.'"  At which point, I got up and finally left the office to pee and refill my water and feed the beasts.  Just as I arrived to the kitchen, my phone knocked and I had a text message from Teh PT Wife asking what we were doing and if we wanted to come over.  I texted her back, while reading it outloud to Teh German, "You just saved Teh German from having to come up with entertainment ideas for me.  He says thank you."

After the beasts were fed, we headed over for socializing with their parents who were over for Easter.  Meri ran around the yard at full speed, much to the awe of the visitors.  Everyone lurves Meri because of how different she looks and how fast she is and how soft she is, so she was a real star.  Phil was a cool dude and just hung around the humans getting pettins and looking pitiful because he didn't have a couch to lay on.

Around 7:30, we finally headed back to our house since Teh German and I hadn't eaten dinner.  I had pork chops in the crock pot and I whipped up some mac and cheese and heated up some green beans.  At which point, I noticed the microwave was disgusting under the plate and ended up cleaning it.  Of course, I took a blogger picture and Teh German caught me and asked what I was doing.  I told him, "Taking a picture for the blog," and he didn't even question it.  My weirdness is normal.  Eggcellent.

Dinner was more delicious than I expected.  Afterwards, I cleaned up while Teh German went outside and watered the yard and the flowers.  I was extra nice and even did his dishes for him.  We had a minor tiff when I gave Teh German shit for wasting a $44 bag of grass seed/fertilizer last year for maybe 20 square feet of yard when the entire bag was supposed to cover 1000 square feet.  He got butt hurt and I explained that I was giving him shit and if I was really pissed about it, I would have brought it up when it happened, not 6 months later AND I wouldn't have done all his dishes chores for him.  Again, no response.  Either I'm being a real bitch and he's taking it like a champ, or I'm batting 1000 this weekend with the comebacks, I'm taking it either way.

After asking him if he was going to continue to be on his phone for the rest of the evening, I got some sighs and huffs and explained that if he was, I was going upstairs to read and get ready for bed.. or he could get off his phone and we could watch Parks and Recreation.  He decided on Parks and Rec, which was wise.  After 2 episodes, it was time for bed and the weekend was over.  Boooo.


What's the dude version of Suzy Homemaker, because that's what Teh German was this weekend.  I was super proud of his manual labor accomplishments and we both love looking outside and seeing the tree in the front yard.

I've decided that Parks and Rec is almost just like The Office and it kinda annoys me.  We had to put a pause on Modern Family because we think that my blu-ray player is going bad and freezing.  It's not out of the realm of possibility.  I bought the blu-ray player in 2012 after I got back from Bahrain and I purposely bought a Philips because it matched the TV brand.  The problem was that it was the last one in the store and the box was absolutely beat to shit, but I still bought it.  At the time it was a super good DVD player since it was also smart and had Netflix.  But, it's a mabillionty moves later and that poor DVD player has had a good run and it's probably just time to replace it.

My to-do list barely got dented this weekend, but wedding printing kinda consumed most of my free time (seriously though, why did I think it was a good idea to print these bitches out myself?).  I realized there are 3 other big items that I hadn't included on my to-do list (send Dan Ryan our 1 year "fix this shit" list, clean, and something else I've already forgotten).  I'll probably set up shop in a private office today so I can make some phone calls to set up appointments (for my hip, for Phil/Meri, etc).

I noticed on the RSVPs that the invitation designer didn't correct the word / word to word/word with the slashes and I considered calling up the stationary company and complaining, but really, I'm the only one who cares.. BUT SERIOUSLY.. no spaces!  NO!  Google it if you don't believe me.  No spaces is real.  It's not cluttered.  I think spaces with a slash are confusing, it's like this piece of punctuation that is just hanging out by itself.  Obviously, I have strong feeling about this.  Don't get me started about the Oxford comma.

Reading has been going well.  I am worried about making it through 2 books before the loan period expires on them, but we'll see what happens.  This Sex & Girls book has me torn between feeling like a perv and feeling like a prude.  It's complicated.  It reinforced the fact that women should walk around naked in front of their kids and we HAVE to talk about lady parts because they even more important than dude parts, in my opinion.  Female parts are complex and if you can tell me that male and female parts are on the same playing level, I'd love to hear your side, but I just disagree.  To me, the female part is an engine while the male parts are a bicycle.  Obviously, I'm simplifying that some, but I wish I could understand why we (including myself) are so shy and even ashamed of our vaginas while penises are completely acceptable.

I digress. This weekend was good.  It is over now and I am sad.  At least there were fun Snapchat filters this morning.

Meri trying to figure out what Teh PT Husband was crunching.

Phil avoiding eye contact with me because he knows he's not supposed to be at the table.

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  1. You're one of my new favorite snapchatters ha. I've only seen a couple episodes of The Office & Parks & Rec. I need to seriously sit down & make a to-do list...and then do it. Bleh.


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