Friday, April 28, 2017

Four on Friday #107


Concerts concerts concerts!!  It's like the world is making up for the 2016 concerts disappointments.  Wednesday night we attended the Blink-182 concert (Wavves and The Naked and Famous opened for them).  This concert was actually Teh German's thing.. cause you remember a few months ago when I told you that he bought the tickets on StubHub and definitely overpaid?  Well, he realized it when we printed the tickets out and hopefully that lesson as been learned.  I didn't say anything to him until HE realized though, so I'm patting myself on the back for my restraint.

Anyways, I took some shitty cell phone pics to share.

First we had dinner at Sesame.  I got the special shaved ribeye sammich and had ZERO regrets.  Actually, that's a lie.  I had one regret.  I ate that mofo #likeaboss and then didn't have room for an adult milkshake.  Womp, womp.

I was super impressed at our seats.  We were at eye level with the stage and there was on one beside us since it was a 2-seater area.  Good job, Teh German (even if it was on accident).


The Naked and Famous:

Prepping for Blink:


So for the 2nd time ever, they let a person from the crowd come up on stage and sing a song.  This guy sang Always and I'm not really sure how it happened.  All I know is that a lady was sitting on his shoulders holding a sign and Mark asked if she actually knew all the words to Always and she wasn't really answering and he told her to go the side of the stage and they'd maybe play it.  Well, they did play it and it wasn't the girl that was singing.  When a dude took the stage, everyone, including the band was surprised, and despite him needing his cell phone to help him remember the lyrics, he belted out that song like a boss.

What it looks like when it's completely dark and people in the audience turn on the their "flashlights" on their phones.  #Thisis2017


Someone threw an Olaf head and Mark wore it while Tom played the drums at the very end.

Side note: WTF is with people throwing things towards/at the stage?  I saw water bottles and beer go flying.... and that is the reason that I refuse to buy general admission tickets when I can get a seat.  Nope, nope, nope.

Due to it being playoffs time for hockey, the Coliseum has a lot of acts coming in.  Friday is the I Love the 90s concert (featuring Vanilla Ice, Salt N Pepa with Spinderella, Color Me Badd, Coolio, Tone Loc, and Young MC).  I saw it when it was announced and thought, "Meh.  Wedding dollas."  So we were going to pass.  Then last week, Teh PT Wife asked if we wanted to buy 2 extra tickets they had because someone had backed out on them.  I didn't really want to spend the money for tickets I was just meh on, so I said she should look for buyers elsewhere.

Thhheennnn, earlier this week, Yelp sent out an email to the elites saying they had free tickets AND you could bring a +1.  I figured that if we got the tickets for freeizzle Teh German wouldn't turn it down.  I honestly didn't think we'd actually get the free tickets.  Thursday before lunch, I got an email that we were on the free ticket list!  So now we'll be hittin' up 2 concerts this week.

I won't lie, I love my life... and being a Yelp Elite.


It's official!

In addition to joining the Navy, I'll be adding, "Going to The Citadel" to my list of thing I've done that I said I would never do.

With some encouragement from Teh German and the timer on my GI Bill slowly ticking in my head, I finally decided to bite the bullet and decided to start school (again) in the fall of 2017.  I applied at Charleston Southern University (CSU) and The Citadel and I was accepted to both (of course).  It was a longer wait for me since I had to wait for the schools to apply my transfer credits from my bachelors degree.

There were 3 things that drew me towards The Citadel over CSU.
1- My GI Bill covers 100% of Citadel education costs.  Since CSU is private, it did not cover all the expenses and I would have had to supplement with money out of pocket or the Yellow Ribbon Program... and both of those things seem like a hassle compared to 100%.
2- The Citadel is a military school.  CSU is a Jesus school.  I'm not saying anything bad about either of them, but I have a feeling that the students at the military school are going to be a wee bit more focused/motivated/driven as a whole.
3- The Citadel offers German as a foreign language class.

CSU is physically closer to House, but I couldn't really find many other perks other than convenience.  It didn't help that the admissions advisor that was assigned to me still smelled like her cap and gown from her 2016 graduation, 1 year ago....

At this point, I don't have an expected graduation date since I don't really know how many credit hours I need to complete with all my transfer classes.  I did try to do an academic plan yesterday but realized it was a futile attempt and promptly remembered that one time that I spent HOURSSSSS creating my academic plan as a freshman at NCSU and had jacked that up so badly by the first semester it was a real joke.  The advisors I worked with at my work study got a kick out it though and they probably appreciated my forethought to plan for my future as a freshman.


From the phone:

Shrimp and grits.. and mushrooms.  It's what's for dinner.. and lunch.  I had to peel all those mother fucking shrimp (which you saw on Snapchat if we're friends) because I bought the not-yet-peeled kind and I'll never make that mistake again.  It was disgusting.  Do not want.  Nope, nope, nope.

Sometimes a #2 will sneak up on me when I'm in the bathroom and I didn't bring my phone in with me since I wasn't expecting a long visit.  I get desperate so I start reading the air freshner bottle or my chapstick, but recently I bought some of those fancy toilet wipes (because I had a coupon).  I was reading through all the things that are going to give me butthole cancer and THEN.. I.SAW.IT.  Spaces around the damn slashes!  NO NO NO!  I do not care if you are Canadian.  NO!

Now I'll never unsee this and I'm just not sure I can keep these in my toilet closet because those spaces are tainting my favorite room in the house.

I'm so ready to get these invitations out of my house.  Once we get a majority of the RSVPs from our A list, I'll harass Teh German to finalize his B and C lists so I can get those invites out of my house too.  I'm just paranoid that Meri and/or Phil will discover them and find them amusing playthings and then I will have 2 dead dogs on my hands and it will have magically happened and then I'll be the next Michael Vick and you see how quickly that escalated out of control???


10 things that made me happy this week:
  1. Earplugs at concerts.
  2. Riding Bagheera to work on Thursday.
  3. Today being Company's last day of subletting space from another company.
  4. Frozen peanut butter hot chocolate.
  5. Winning free stuff!
  6. Flowers blooming!
  7. Being realistic about my PTO and allocating it wisely, even if it means no Weihnachten im Deutschland.
  8. Shit Teh German says, literally.  The posts too, but when he actually says stuff that just tickles me to the point of tears.
  9. Sweet tea in the fridge at home waiting for me to drink it.
  10. Great neighbors who turned out to be great friends. :)

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.


  1. Yes to all the concerts!! Now I really want to go to a concert! Hell yeah to free tickets! God love free stuff!! Shrimp & grits sounds so good right now.

  2. Free stuff = awesome! For some shows, I want GA...others, I want seats. I know you aren't going to agree with this, but sometimes, for some bands, I like the push & shove, the jumping, other people's sweat, and the beer flying.
    Congrats on the new academic endeavor. And, my two cents? The Citadel just sounds cooler than Charleston Southern University. (Sorry CSU folks.)

  3. You had me at frozen peanut butter! Winning all the things is amazing!
    Good for you for going back to school.

    Have a great week hun. :)


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