Monday, April 10, 2017

Weekend Review {4/10}

Last month, Teh PT Wife invited me to a ladies weekend that she had planned in Asheville and I was like, DUHH YES.  This past weekend, it went down.


While I could have been a nice person on Friday and called in for my meeting, I didn't.  Instead, I flexed my hours and slept in and didn't give any fucks about work (after deciding that I wasn't interested in doing work).  I had intentions on going to the gym, but after sleeping in, getting dressed (to include putting on my shoes), and getting downstairs, I realized that I'd have to rush to get ready when I got back if I went to the gym.  Boo.  Instead I sat at the kitchen island and ate a bowl of cereal and did my morning internet routine.  Eventually, I got up and started packing.  While I was in the bedroom, Phil decided that the loft was a good place to pee and I got a little ragey at him for ruining my relaxed zen and making me have to run the carpet cleaner.  The only good thing about the situation was that I caught him in the act so I was able to scold him.  For punishment, I put him outside until I left.

I left Teh German a sappy note...
Which he didn't notice until Saturday afternoon.

We were leaving Charleston at 11, so at 1050, I walked my stuff the 2 doors down to get loaded in the car, went back home and put the dogs in their crates and locked up.  After the car was loaded, we headed to Summerville for a "quick" lunch at Wendy's and to the bank.  Due to traffic, we didn't manage to get on the road until almost 1.  Oops.

The biggest excitement of the drive was when I spilled almost an entire xxlarge cup of tea in the center console because the lid came off as I was putting it back in the cup holder.  We had to pull off at the first exit so I could clean up my mes.. Fortunately, no one was super wet by the splash and the cup holder caught most of it.  Pretty sure I/we used most of a roll of paper towels to soak up all that tea.  Excitement box checked, we continued tracking to Asheville, arriving 5ish.


The state line sign never fails to make me feel giddy.

We got into the house (an Air BnB find) and got the car unloaded.  We had one other person driving in from Raleigh and she had hit some serious traffic.  While we were waiting on her to arrive, we went on a field trip to the grocery store.  We were obviously starving and super thirsty.

There had been talk of going out dancing and I explained that I didn't bring any fancy clothes with me (turns out, I also didn't bring any bras with me either, so I got to wear the same bra from Friday to Monday and when I took it off on Monday night, I could hear it weeping).  Additionally, there were only 4 towels in the house and we had 6 people, so we needed to pick up 2 towels.  Conveniently, near the grocery store, there was also a Family Dollar.  We stopped by and picked up towels and I also happened to find 3 cute "fancy" shirts.  We also walked around the thrift store before we headed back to the house.

After our final posse member arrived, we all decided we were pretty tired and opted to order Papa John's instead of going out.  Since it was a Friday night, it was a 30 minute wait, but it worked out fine.  I went with Teh PT Wife to pick up the pizzas.  When we got back, it was pizza and drinking and chatting until we all agreed it was bedtime.

I discovered as I was getting ready for bed that I had forgotten to bring bras, which made sense, since I knew I was forgetting something when I left but couldn't figure out what it was.  I definitely felt bad for the bra I wore on Friday since it was going to see a lot of action all weekend long, since none of it's siblings was there to give it a break.

My big news on Friday was that I finally joined the Snapchat world.  I'm seriously no good at it and the rainbow mouth filter is my favorite.  I even talked Teh German into signing up purely so I could send him Snaps.  Things I'm sorry for: NONE.


Saturday was the big day.  We had planned a trip to the Biltmore House.  We slept in, had cereal for breakfast, and started getting ready.  Everyone but me is into makeup/hair, so I was feeling a little under-dressed.  One of the ladies is a hair dresser, so she blow dried my hair and curled it for me.  I went the extra step and borrowed some mascara to put on and I was "Megan fancy."  We had to stop by guest services to have our tickets printed which took a few minutes, but we were able to get into the house right at our time, 1130.  Walking through the house was great because I was with people who had never been to the Biltmore before, so it was super exciting for them.  Having been there before, I've seen the stuff so it's not as exciting for me, but I love experiencing other people's excitement.  I was containing all my excitement for the flowers.

I sent this photo to Teh German asking if this could be his next Crossfit box.
That rowing machine though...

After we finished walking through the house (which took longer than I expected), we were famished, so we found the first food place that would take us and ate lunch.  After lunch, we walked through the shops at the house.  I couldn't contain myself anymore and broke off to get a head start on taking a mabillionty photos.  #worthit

Eventually the other ladies joined me at the gardens and we walked through the Consvatory and we started to walk to the pond but got tired and turned around.  We did see a bride taking her bridal portraits and we did the, "congratulations, when are you getting married?" chat.  I can't remember when she said, but she did say she was mildly embarrassed to be doing the photo shoot with all the people around and I told her to embrace it and explained how awkward we felt in downtown Charleston kissing and looking at each other as randos passed us. 

When we got back up to the house, we walked to the end of the yard for pics in front of the entire house, which happen to be on my camera... oops.  Here's a selfie instead.

After we got back to the house, we jumped on the shuttled and headed to the car.  We had planned on going to the winery for the tasting.  On our way there, we got distracted by the baby sheeps where we learned that I speak sheep.  Every time I would "bahhhh", one of the adult sheep would "baaahhh" back.  This reminded me of the screaming goats videos on YouTube, which I happily disseminated the link to since no one else had heard of it.

After the sheep stop, we finally made it to the winery.. except first we had to go visit the petting zoo to see the baby goats.  I won't lie, they were kinda cute, but I was super thirsty.  It was a miraculous discovery when I was washing my hands after the animal area and there, in a golden beam of sunlight (or maybe that sunbeam was fabricated in my mind), was a water fountain.  I seriously made a poor life choice when I opted not to bring a Turvis or my Camelbak with me.  #Meganfail 

We did finally make it to the wine tasting.

I endured sips of wine, but mostly just passed off my samples to the other ladies.  The one that I did enjoy was a German wine, imagine that.  While the other ladies were buying wine, I walked around and noticed the Asheville Half Marathon commemorative wine which made me sad about not running.  Eventually, I headed outside to take a few more flower photos (because golden hour is important).

After the winery, we decided we were done with Biltmore and headed to meet the other ladies who had been downtown all day since they hadn't want to visit the Biltmore.  My gang was super awesome and stopped for me to take pics of the canola fields.

I'm probably most proud of this photo of the 500 I took.

We met up downtown at a bar that didn't have food and quickly moved on to Asheville Brewing Company so we could eat dinner.  A random guy ended up joining us for dinner, which was an awkward thing.  I watched the end of the Hurricanes vs St. Louis hockey game while we ate, which we lost in a shoot out, BOOOOOO.  My wings were so spicy I couldn't eat them, but the tater tots were delicious.

After dinner, we headed to Hookah Joe's since most of our posse hadn't smoked hookah before.  After walking around Biltmore all day, the last thing we wanted to do was go out dancing, so chilling at a hookah bar was perfect.  We were able to get drinks too, which made it extra perfect.  After 2 hookah sessions, we finally left around 0030 and headed back to our house for bedtime.


Sunday morning was lazy/relaxed/shopping day.  We weren't in a hurry, so we took our time getting ready.  I had a snack because I had learned on Saturday that "getting ready" is a process that takes time.  I even laid down and took a quick nap since I was ready well before everyone else.  Once everyone else was ready, we headed out to Biscuithead for brunch. 

Biscuit, pulled pork (of course), with a poached egg and bacon.

Things I was disappointed by: 1.  Disappointment that was food related: 0.

When I took my first bite of bacon, I felt something hard in my mouth while I was chewing and I managed to fish it out and threw it on the ground and I didn't think anything of it.  After consuming that mound of deliciousness, I was cleaning out my teeth (since bread really like to stick around, espceially behind my molars) and when I stuck my finger behind my molar (like the lady I am), I noticed that a piece of my tooth was missing.  W.T.F.  It didn't hurt, so I didn't even notice.  I didn't even notice while I was eating. 

One of the ladies is a dental hygienist so she tried to look at it but said that since it wasn't sensitive it was probably fine.  But seriously, ya'll, my damn tooth broke!  This was jarring to me because nothing like this has ever happened to me before.  I've had some cavities, but nothing serious like a piece of my tooth falling off.  I take care of my teeth!  This doesn't make it seem like it.

After we all finished eating (and I tried to supress my freakout), we walked through a consignment shop and then headed to the car.  We went to the Biltmore shopping area and walked around and checked out overpriced stuff.  I tried on some bras at Soma, but none that I tried on really did it for me.  #moneysaved

We headed back to the car to drive downtown to peruse the downtown stores.  After walking through a few stores, we stopped by a wine bar (water for me, kthx) where the bartender/server had a rat tail.  Oh you think I'm joking?  NO.  The female server had a rat tail.  You'll have to click the pic to see it.

We saw a LOT of interesting hair styles in Asheville.  A lot of things that made me uncomfortable.  Eventually, we left the wine bar and headed to the chocolate shop. 

Cell phone pic I'm most proud of.  Look at that set up.  #foodie  LOL

While we were walking around downtown, I sent Teh Running Bestie this photo with the caption: Why do we want to run an Asheville race again?  She quickly responded that she would be promptly removing Asheville from her running list..

After the chocolate shop, we rushed over to Mast General Store which most everyone hadn't heard of before.  I tried to explain the history behind the store, but we all kinda split up to explore the store since it closed 20 minutes after we arrived.  I tried on a few tops, but nothing worked, so more #moneysaved. 

We had dinner reservations at 7, so we started to make our way back to the car while looking for a bathroom since I was about to pee in my pants.  Several shops spoke of this mysterious public bathroom that took me forever to find and then it was closed because Sunday.  I was ready to shank a bitch.  We managed to find a bathroom in a bookstore with a cafe, #praiseAllah.  Since we weren't in a super hurry, Teh PT Wife and I perused the bookstore, which brought me  I didn't buy anything because library and Audible, but I probably could have spent all day in there. 

We passed this place and I had to get a picture to show Teh German.

Eventually the group caught up with us and we made it back to the car.  We headed to Copper Crown for dinner.  It was "fancy" but only kinda.  The food was good, even though the brussel sprouts (not pictured) were fried and gave me super horrible indigestion.


adult beverage with Sailor Jerry

After dinner, I spied that the Hot Now sign was on at Krispy Kreme, so we stopped and picked up a dozen.

Finally, we headed home for a "quiet" evening of drinking and playing Cards Against Humanity.


Monday was a slow start.  We were lazy.  We had cinnamon rolls for breakfast since we knew they wouldn't last the drive home.  We were out of the house by 1050, 10 minutes before "checkout" time.  We had to play tetris to get the back of the car loaded.  #challengeaccepted

Teh PT Wife wanted to stop by the mall, which did.  I bought a dress at Belk since it was on sale.  Teh Dental Hygienist bought a super cute pineapple shirt (a real unicorn) that I would have bought if I could have found another one, but it wasn't for me, despite checking the racks and at other stores.  I reminded her several times that I'd rehome the shirt if she decided she no longer wanted it one day.

We left the mall by 1:00 to head back to Charleston.

Teh German was home when we got home and helped me move back in.  Phil and Meri were super excited to see me, which is unusual.  Phil was velcro-ed to my side throughout the evening and Meri's springs were extra springy.  We were lazy for the rest of the evening.  I made sweet carrots and we had those with sandwiches for dinner.  There were leftovers from the cookout Teh German had hosted Sunday, but it was easier to have sandwiches for dinner than eat the cookout leftovers and have to figure out something for lunch on Tuesday.


Overall, an amazing weekend.  I was able to hang out with some amazing women who tolerated me for 4 days.  They all deserve many gold stars. 

I have a super sexy rash around my mouth and nose and starting on my neck, which I assume are from the face wipes I had purchased to travel with.  I deduced this since this same thing happened when we went to NC in March and I used these face wipes.  Said wipes have been thrown in the garbage. 

I was a good fiance and I gifted Teh German with a new pint glass (not that it was pretty, but that it said "Asheville"), NC coffee, and a cigar.  I tried to barter a back massage out of it, but we'll see if that turns out.

This week and weekend are currently empty, which I'm sure I know how that will turn out.

Phil update:
He pissed in the loft before I left, but Teh German said he had no accidents all weekend.  He's taking the doxy, but I'm still on the fence about his BP meds.  I will probably start him on them this week and monitor him very closely.  We haven't done any diet changes because I'm just not certain about kidney failure. 

Hip update:
I spent a lot of time sitting and walking around during the weekend and my hip still hurts.  At this point, if the cortisone shot was working, I'd be feeling no pain.  This is disappointing, but expected news.  I think I may call the Ortho on the 21st to be like, "This shit ain't workin'," since he wanted to give it a month.  I want to expedite this process to get my recovery started as soon as possible. 

Reminder: I have Snapchat now.  Send me funny things.


  1. Just the mention of Wendy's makes me want a spicy chicken sandwich. Added you on SnapChat!! LOL I love that goat video. A random guy just joined you for dinner?? How does that happen?? I haven't done hookah in so long! Now I want to again. Ok so actually this post is just making me want all the things...I also want the chocolate from the chocolate shop.

  2. Sounds like a great weekend! I've visited Biltmore at Christmas, but not in the summer. Maybe one day :)


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