Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Confessions {4/5}

-The concept of creamers that don't require refrigeration freak me out for 2 reasons. 1- They are a dairy product (or not) that doesn't seem to have a shelf life.  2- WTF are the chemicals in those things that keep them "good"?  #ThatCantBeGoodForYou

-When we ran off the Bridge and started the portion of the run through downtown, there was a group of men (white, which is relevant) with their big trucks parked in an empty parking lot.  They were standing on the sidewalk holding up flag poles with various Confederate flags.  Rage fueled me for the next mile.  I wouldn't have been pissed off if there had been an American flag on display as well, but there wasn't.  Additionally, we were blocks from Emanuel AME (that church that Dylan Roof decided was a good place to practice on live targets) and I just felt like the whole thing was in poor taste.  I almost made it past without a reaction, despite telling Teh Running Bestie I wanted to boo.  Then someone else booed and I sure as shit joined in with them.  I'll believe it's about heritage when it's not just whites standing there holding flags.  I just wanted to go up and push all their flags over and start shoving the guys standing there then set the flags on fire.  Might have been a bit irrational, but that's how I honestly felt.  I'm a true southerner, born and raise in western NC.  Never once have I felt the need to represent my beliefs by embracing something (the Confederacy) that so many found so repressing (to my knowledge).

-Color me surprised when I noticed another Confederate flag set up at the Flowertown Festival last weekend.  I'm not sure what the organization was, but I wasn't disgruntled about this situation when I noticed that there were people dressed up as reenactors AND there was an old black man with them leading a sing along.  THAT is heritage and history.  

Update: there was a news article in the newspaper about people being offended by the group on Sunday at the Flowertown Festival.  Turns out the town couldn't do anything about it since they were set up on private property.  Except that they were handing out confederate flags to little kids... #complicated

-The term "Obama-era" sounds like 50 years ago, not 1.  #isitjustme

-The fact that DoD websites tend to work best on Internet Exploder is absolutely infuriating.
DoD: I have a great idea!  Let's use the most unsecure browser for all our needs.  Let's make sure our certificates don't work properly and you have to log into most websites with your CAC even though there is really no security need.

-The #1 thing I forget to do to most of my work documentation: spell check it.  I have a routine I do before I send a document that includes updating the date, version, version control box, and table of contents, but I frequently fail to spell check.  #itsnotthathard

-We didn't make time to go see Beauty and the Beast so now it's highly unlikely I will see it in theaters.  I'm the worst at going to the theater.  #Ihavepauseathome

-I had a bowl of cereal for breakfast before I left for work this morning.  When a coworker asked me if I wanted to walk to Bojangles for breakfast, I said ok.  Things I regret about that 2nd breakfast gravy biscuit: NOTHING.  #thisiswhyIrun

-I waited an HOUR yesterday on the Ortho to see me.  I was pretty passive aggressive when he finally came in but figured it wasn't worth my hostility since he was the one that would be stabbing me.  The Ortho had to use the sonogram machine to make sure he was putting the injection in the correct place and I made sure to ask him if it was a boy or a girl.  The cortisone injection didn't hurt nearly as bad as the contrast injection last Friday for my MRI.  Holy balls. 

-I told the Ortho and his (female) assistant the story about the radiologist asking if I had kids or not during my injection and they both agreed it was super rude.  #validation

-When the Ortho offered me Valium for the pain since the Tramadol isn't really doing the job (and gives me a horrible Tramadol hangover where I get the Tramadol stupid) and I said yes.  #notsorry

-I believe that all the medications and injections are making me itch from hip to hip.  This includes my ass and my junk.  I'm like a fucking monkey over here scratching myself the day away.  #soclassy

-So far my hip hasn't hurt too much, but I'm expecting Teh PT Husband to bring the pain at my appointment this afternoon.  #hurtssogood

-If this injection is successful we won't have to do surgery, but the tear won't repair itself.  The goal is to strengthen the muscles around the area to compensate for the tear.  I'm not sure what my preference is.  Part of me wants shit fixed.  Part of me doesn't want to deal with being on crutches and rehabbing.  Yet, a deep dark part of me is like, "Think of all the attention."  WTF, 8yo Megan needs to sit the fuck down with that shit. 

-Last night I slept like absolute shit but movement that hurt me on Monday night didn't hurt on Tuesday night, so I have high hopes for this injection.  #woot

-This weekend is Asheville and from the group text, I think this is going to be a spectacular weekend.  There's going to be drinking and the Biltmore house (which I charged my camera batteries for last night) and maybe a spa and I'm not driving.  #BRINGITON

-There's a list of wedding things I we should really accomplish but I'm just not motivated.  Getting the invitations addressed would really help me solve many problems, but it's just sooo much woooorrrkkkkk.. #hearmewhine

-I think I'm going to DNF my quotes book because it's not as interesting as I wanted it to be.  That's always a disappointment.  As someone who loves language history and technology, I was excited to see those things combined.  Turns out, it's not that interesting after all.  That said, word etymology (history of a word and why we have/use the words we use now) is where it's at if you ever get really bored, I have some good suggestions for books on word etymology in English.  #readingproblems


  1. I agree about those creamers - my office used to have the powdered variety and I was always perplexed by it. What the hell is it? Why doesn't it expire? You're right: it's probably ALL THE CHEMICALS.

    And I had to laugh because my company's HR portal only works in Internet Explorer - what is this, 1994?

  2. I always wonder about the creamers too.

    I HATE Internet Explorer. For awhile I couldn't get certain pages I needed for grad school to open on anything but that & I was annoyed. Why does it even still exist?

    I almost never see movies in the theater. I'm too cheap & ADD.

  3. LOL, your ass and junk scratching had me laughing.
    I always forget to spell check as well.

  4. -The Confederate flag thing is tough for me...yeah it's history, that doesn't make it honorable or ethical. But I was definitely guilty of not understanding the full story when I was a younger teenager.

    -Many state websites are the same as far as IE. WTF, guys?

  5. I truly audibly "LOL"ed about your monkey-scratching self.
    I talked to a guy one time that had the Confederate flag tattooed on his arm. He was from Denmark living in England traveling in America. He told me that he liked it because he took it as a symbolism for being a rebel. Hmmm. Interesting take from someone who wasn't American. It was actually a fascinating discussion over beers. When I explained why/how some feel it is a symbol of oppression or even un-American (after all, the Southern states were seceding from the USA), he was intrigued. We both admitted we needed to learn more.
    My confession for the day: I feel so behind and overwhelmed on blogs, like it's full-fledged stretching me out, so I'm just going to read one post from my faves (like you) and move along. The stress is taking the fun out of blog buddies. :(


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