Friday, April 14, 2017

Five on Friday #105


Being a Bride means being concerned over trivial details.. Like sayyyy the stamps on your invitations.  I even had a moment where I considered which different stamps I could combine to not have to use the international stamp.  Although Papa G has said they would mail out our German invitations from Germany (thus saving us money (potentially) and reducing the risk of our invitations getting lost), part of me thinks, but I could use the pretty stamps!  Silly Bride Brain.

Anyways.  For the American invitations, I'm having a tough time deciding which stamps to put on our invites.

Tell me, Gentle Readers, which is better?  Blue or Heart?  I love both and can't decide.  Hhhhhaaaaaaallllppppppppppppp.

I could also just buy both and then I'd get to use both designs.  That's probably what I'll do, lets be honest.. But still, I'd like to hear your opinions.


My to do list has been growing out of control.. mostly because I've been ignoring it except for the mandatory things (like grocery shopping).  But now we NEED toilet paper which means a trip to Target, so I'm going to make the best of it and go alone so I can be there as long as I want.  #dontjudgeme

Other things that I need to accomplish:
  • Address wedding invites (this has slowly moved towards the top of the list, ugh)
  • Work on the DJ's website 
  • Create the contract for the DJ and us for our wedding (yeah we met March 6th about that and I have done ZERO things to follow up)
  • Edit Asheville photos - not editing in a timely manner eliminates the demand, but uggghh.
  • Sign up for the races I want to do in the fall.
  • Buy stamps for the invites (after I get your opinions)
  • Peruse Target and restock the house with things we're no longer stocked up on (cleaning stuffs, TP) and use coupons.
  • Call about my follow up appointment for my hip next week (to possibly schedule the surgery)
    • Figure out when to schedule surgery for, taking into consideration our MD trip in May vs recovery time vs wedding.
  • Read library books.. expiration dates really make me feel pressured.
  • Ride Bagheera.  I haven't gotten to ride in a while and before I'm out for the count for my hip, I'd like to get in some 2-wheel time.
  • Take Phil's blood pressure.  I acquired the cuff from Teh PT Wife, now I just need to replace the batteries and get it done.
  • Dremel the dog's nails.  Extra ugh on this one.
  • Go to the farmer's market on Saturday to pick up my tree.  Also buy veggies while here to save myself from a grocery store trip, potentially.
  • Go to the gym
  • Determine a good weekend to go to NC to ride the bikes and arrange for a dog sitter.
  • Read through other SYUB linker-uppers (I got through half last month!)
  • Figure out where we want to stay on Wedding night (near the venue or downtown)
  • Schedule a sonogram for Phil
  • Schedule Meri and Phil's yearly wellness visit
  • Follow up with The Citadel about transfer credit if they haven't emailed me by the end of the month.
  • Work out the video situation for the wedding (I'm thinking we're going to with WeddingMix or something similar)
  • Wash Yurtle and Bagheera AND vacuum Yurtle... she's a dirty girl.
  • Set up Teh German's calendar so I can see it.
  • Go through my closet and get rid of things unworn.  No saving things for if I might need them.I haven't needed them in over a year.  Time to go.


From the phone:
Conversations with Teh Running Bestie.


Teh PT Wife and Teh Dental Hygienist enabled me into buying this dress.
I got multiple compliments on it.  #Success

It's kinda difficult to read but this sign at the gym says S-2 Stairs.
This isn't significant unless you were in the military and you know what S/N/J-2 means, but every.single.time I think that maybe this is the stairs that lead to the gym's intel unit.


From the internet:

Steph talks about sexual assault awareness. and it's something we should talk about more.

Burger King made technology work for them.. and then they got trolled, but it was still awesome.

I really hate click bait, but I didn't regret watching this James Cordon/Beauty and the Beast thing.

This short TED video about the benefits of knowing multiple languages makes me want to better my German ASAP.


10 things that made me happy this week:
  1. I signed up for the 2018 Bridge Run the day registration opened, like I do.
  2. Evening pack walks.
  3. Cheesy Teh German lines and Snaps.
  4. That stupid little face big teeth voice changing Snapchat filter.  I don't know why I love it as much as I do, but I'm pretty sure I get way too much joy from that thing.
  5. Grey's Anatomy elliptical sessions.
  6. A slow week with few activities... and a weekend to match.
  7. Scheduling a couple's massage for us after finding a Groupon deal.
  8. Groupon deals for activities like bowling and massages and local things to do.
  9. Going to the dentist to get my broken tooth checked out and being told that it's fine and not being charged.
  10. Being productive at work.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.


  1. That is a lot of to dos my dear, goodness!!! So the stamps...I love love love the colorful heart one and think it is really cool...but the blue one is more "classy" or formal looking. And they are super pretty too. So maybe go with whichever best go with the theme of your wedding and invitation style?

  2. Uhm. That to do list is quite a lengthy one. Go you. Okay, I'm torn with the stamps too. My initial response is the blue one because I like the airplane. After all, you have guests that will be flying to see the nuptials. But, the heart is just so pretty.

  3. Your to do list stresses me out. Only because it makes me think about mine which I have been avidly avoiding. I think both are cool, the blue ones scream more wedding to me, but the heart ones are fun. I like the idea of both haha.

  4. Hey girl! Hope you had a nice weekend and we're able to scratch a few things off your list. Holy smokes that is a long one.

    I'm torn on the stamps too, but I think I'm leaning towards the heart. Or what about split the invites in half, do half in the blue and half in the heart?

    I hope your potential hip surgery happens quickly so you can heal up, get married and also race in the fall.

    Have a great week hun. xo

  5. I like the blue stamp, if it's not too late. And your invitation/printing stuff...bless you & godspeed.


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