Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Confessions {4/12}

-When parts of songs only play in one earbud or the other, it freaks me out.  Like, are my earbuds broken?  Wait, there's singing in one ear and music in the other.  Interesting effect.  Was that on purpose?

-I finally posted our engagement pics on FB.  I still can't pick a favorite.  We're going to have a MegMo shrine in the living room.  I just know it.  #notsorry That's why I'm paying this guy so much money.  #SelfShrine  I wish they had watermarks, butttt it's fine.  Our engagement photos were taken by Nicholas GoreFull album here.

-I know I could have posted all the engagement pics here, butttt that seems like something that should have it's own post and I didn't feel like that is necessary.  #atthistime

-Doing 1 wedding thing last week helped me feel better about not accomplishing invite things, so now I'm good for another few weeks, at least.  #countingdown

-I've started buying milk based on when it expires.  Not just like selecting which one I want (whole, 2%, 1%, skim, etc) then the date, no no.. I check all of the them for the furthest date and that's the type of milk we have.  #efficiency

-Pretty sure this is one of my more epic FB statuses:
On the scale of professionalism from very to not, where would "Took an Uber home after utilizing vodka and children's juice boxes from work fridge to numb the pain," fall?

-My brain has been struggling with the proper use of passed and past.  I second-guess myself every time I use either.  #grammarnazilife

-I took a lot of shit this weekend for shooting so many flower/tulip photos.  After seeing some of the gems on my camera, #NOTSORRY #NOTSORRY #NOTSORRY  I might not be great at animal or people photography, but daaaaaaayyyyuuummmm I can shoot flower pics #likeaboss.

-I've had the desire recently to go "walk around" Target.  I know we need some supplies (toilet paper), but "walking around" generally results in me buying things, which I like to avoid doing.  It's complicated.

-Last year RunDisney did a virtual run event.  Essentially, they send you medals for "running"..  IMO, this is a cop out.  It's a cheap way for them to make some money because people collect medals, especially Disney medals.  In fact, it took about 3 virtual runs for me to realize that I didn't "earn" those medals.  That isn't actually true, but it is.  I did the run, but it wasn't like I showed up for a race.  I usually just counted one of my normal or training runs as the virtual run, which is NOT the same at all.  Anyways, RunDisney is doing another virtual run event this summer and I want to punch someone.

-This whole United thing..  I've not really read into it at all, but my question is, how many times has this happened before and it wasn't documented because cell phones didn't exist.  These passengers and however many people are pissed off and upset that it happened, but he claimed he was a doctor and not any of those other passengers volunteered to take his place as tribute.  So thumbs up to the asshole who recorded the video (I assume knowing exactly what they would do with it), maybe before it got to that, someone should have just volunteered?  People will always find a reason to find fault with everyone but themselves.  #Ihateeveryone

-When Teh Running Bestie and I attended the Flowertown Festival thing I finally found a vendor for a Japanese Maple for the front yard.  They were super awesome and explained the differences in trees to me and listened to me inaccurately describe what I wanted and they were able to show me what would best work for me and let me pick.  Because I was out of town last weekend, I couldn't meet them at the Farmer's Market to pick it up, but I am planning on taking care of that this coming weekend and I'm pumped!

-Pretty sure my bra was crying from being overworked and being tired and relief when I took it off on Monday night.  I wore that poor bra Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.  It wasn't even one of my favorites... so that extra sucked.  Things I've forgotten in the past and won't forget again: pajamas, socks, underwear, toothbrush, and now.. BRAS.  #gross

-I'm a spaz.  When Teh PT Wife tossed one of my Cadbury eggs into the trash that fell out of a bag that was laying on the top of the fridge (she thought it was just laying on the top of the fridge), you'd have thought that someone had been stabbed.  I scanned the garbage for it, but I wasn't digging through the trash for a mini Cadbury egg (only because I knew I had 3 more stashed away).  #MyPrecious

-Teh Dental Hygienist and I bought towels for this weekend since there weren't enough.  She tossed her in the garbage on Monday morning and I'm like, NOPE.  That's a perfect dog towel.  I did pick it off the top of the garbage and put it in it's own grocery bag for the ride home.  #MegantheCheapo

-I haven't been back to the Chiro since I officially started physical therapy.  I struggle paying the Chiro $25 when Teh PT Husband and pop my back and I'm already seeing him for my hip AND paying him $25, which actually goes towards my in-network insurance.

-Teh German gave me a back rub last night.  I bribed him (with things from Asheville) and then had to beg him to actually do it.  Super relaxing......

-Why is Sean Spicer still associated with the US government?  That said, why are soooo many people in leadership roles in the US government still associated with the US government?  I'm embarrassed and I can't figure out how these people remain in their positions.  #Idontknowyou


  1. I love that engagement photo!
    I really need to break out my real cameras again & get back into taking pictures like I used to. Perhaps I'll start with my trip to Houston this weekend..hmm.
    My eyes may have gotten really big at the tossing of the cadbury egg...

  2. Engagement photo was amazing! I hope we get to see more. I was letting your Snapchat images of the flowers but that one is just spectacular! I also hate all the people it's getting to where I void so show media just because I can't stand the people but then I miss the good people and it's a vicious cycle.

  3. Passed/past always confuses me toooooooooo! And yeah, I've noticed on Pandora that older songs do that weird thing where certain parts play only on one side. I guess back then people only listened via stereo and not in headphones so they could do that? Now it doesn't work since I usually just have one headphone in at work :-/


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