Friday, January 18, 2019

Five on Friday #179

When I went to type, "FUCKING FINALLY!  IT'S FRIDAY!!!"  The parts of the post that were already written got deleted.  That's pretty much a perfect analogy for my life right now, in case you were wondering.  I feel like I'm on top of everything and then... NOPE... not.


So let's start this over again.  *FACEPALM TIMES ONE MILLIONTY*

EINS - Random Shit

-Have I looked at Snowcation photos to edit them?  NO.  As I tell everyone over and over, I work and school full-time.  Sometimes, I pay attention to my husband and by that I mean, we make/eat dinner together and we watch TV together.

BUTTTT, I did whittle through 5 different programs and finally selected an editing program, which I purchased since it doesn't require a subscription (like Adobe, ugh).  It's called On1 and it combines Photoshop and Lightroom, so we'll see how it goes.  I could probably do Snowcation recaps with just the photos from my phone and then post all the "pretty" pictures after the fact (ya know, maybe next year when I finally get them edited), but I haven't decided.  AKA, I'm lazy AF... and busy.  Please reference the first bullet in this section.

-I caught the sickness again.  I really should have went through with my joke about putting up a biohazard tent around the sick half of the office last week.  And Teh German was also sick, and the Cadets were sick.. so, really, it was inevitable, but, fuck, I was holding out hope.  This morning is the first day I've woken up not feeling like a bag of ass, so that's a positive note.  That said, the longer I remain upright, the worse I feel, so there's that ray of sunshine.

-I had a debacle/debate this weekend over what type of homework tracking system I was going to use this semester.  This is my 4th semester and I still hadn't really narrowed down a homework tracking system that I liked.  My first semester I used a paper planner, but I ultimately stopped using it because I was keeping a paper planner and maintaining the Googly Calendar, which was double work and stupid.  I transitioned to Google Keep my 2nd semester.  The 3rd semester, I would write out a list of what was due that week and mark it off.  I didn't like any of these options.  I wanted something to integrate with Google Calendar, because I like to see ALL of my things at the same time, to plan my time accordingly.

Soooo, I finally found a solution.  MyHomeworkApp.  I actually noticed one of the Cadets using it last semester and I did a test run, but didn't love it.  It's free, which is cool.  But if you pay $5 for the year, then you have export to a calendar, so pay $5, I did.  So nowwwww, I can see my class schedule and my homework assignments on my Google Calendar.  There is a program you can download if you don't want to have to use the website, although the website is where you can access all the settings, I use both.  When I complete a homework assignment, I check it off on the program and it disappears from the calendar.  #WIN

-On Monday, I finally got fed up with my computer BSOD-ing (blue screen of death) me.  It would BSOD, then it would boot to the BIOS, and then I'd tell it to save and quit at the BIOS and it would pretend like I hadn't told it to do anything.  Over and over and over and over and over and over and over.. anddddd of course, when I brought it to Best Buy, the computer booted up like it should and gave me the figurative finger.  When the Geek Squad Dude named Chris told me that I could send it off, but it would take up to 10 business days, I gave him the #AintNobodyGotTimeforDat.  I reminded him I had the warranty, he suggested trading it in, and that's what I did.  Soooooo, if ever someone tells you the Best Buy warranty isn't worth it, they.are.wrong. 

I got the same computer and I paid for a new warranty since when you exchange a computer, it "uses" the warranty.  FINE.  I got the 2 year warranty, so I'm hoping that this computer doesn't give me issues for 2 years and I'll probably take it in for something in 2 years and get a new computer.  It's nominal fee to upgrade your computer every few years, IMO.

-My insurance offers virtual doctor appointments.  Since I went with the high deductible plan this year, I paid $50.  $50 for a doctor to tell me to tough out my cold.  She did prescribe me Flonase and some heavy duty cough syrup.  We already have Flonase from Teh German's former colds and I've got plenty of cough syrup and prescription strength usually just means doubling the OTC dose... $50 though.  Prob would have been $25 if I had the not-high deductible plan.  Glad I can afford either, but still felt like "wasting" $50 to me.

-I brought 2 bags of cookies into the office on Friday and put them on the free-for-all table.  Within an hour an entire unopened bag of cookies disappeared.  2 people validated that there were originally 2 bags, but the unopened bag vanished.  It wasn't found in the trash or on anyone's desk.  We have a food gremlin in the office and it's just so bizarre.  It reminds me of the one time someone found an apple with a bite taken out of it in the fruit basket.  We still have no idea who did that.

-The Citadel doesn't have class on Monday for MLK day, but we have class on Veterans Day every year.

The best part is, Teh German has to work Saturday and Monday.. so no long weekend for us.  Since he's working, I'll prob work on Monday since it's an optional holiday and save my PTO for another time.

-I owe the finances guy an email response and I need to reach out to the tax guy.  My motivation to do either?  Low to nil.  Ugh, adulting is the worst.

-The ceiling hasn't been repaired after the HVAC debacle in Aug/Sept.  I think I'm going to inquire about this situation to Teh German who was in charge of that.  I'm confident that the HVAC is fine now... 4 months later.  It didn't bother me until Teh Chief Smartass inquired about it.

-I'm torn.  Park of me likes the look of the faded blue/purple my hair has gotten to, but the roots are coming in and it's distracting me when I send snaps.  I still have more blue/purple dye, so I could go get it refreshed or I could just let the roots come in a bit more and let it fade more.  These choices are hard.

-I was going to go to the Chiro today, but instead I wrote this post.  Don't never say I didn't do nothin' for you.  (Update: German class let out early and I was the asshole who showed up 10 minutes before closing.  #WorthIt)

ZWEI - Money Shit

Couldn't figure out what the situation with my credit card was... Yeah I didn't do a Friday post last week, thus my credit card balance warranted a WTF reaction.  Whew.  I usually pay my card off while writing this post, yep almost every week, so I was bit surprised.  So I give you things I purchased in the last 2 weeks.

-All the races...
   Myrtle Beach Half Marathon
   Rugged Maniac 5k
-2019 Charleston Marathon hoodie.
-Parking meters
-Utility bills
-Willow taxes
-Best Buy warranty for the new laptop
-Bojangles after I forgot to thaw my breakfast sammich.
-Lunch on campus when I forgot my lunch at home.
-Citadel sticker for my laptop
-Dog food
-Virtual doc visit
-Prescriptions (because having prescription strength cough syrup on hand is never a bad idea)

DREI - From My Phone Shit

Slim pickins this week because sickness really deters me from finding joy in things, thus no photos.

Bought an SD card in the store to transfer my files from the original laptop.

Herro my precious.
I just brought the box in to set up the computer in a lab before class.

Why do you have to use the stickiest adhesive of all adhesives ever?
I did eventually get the rest of the gunk off, because no one cares what processor I have.

The beasts finally received their Weihnachtsgeschenke (Christmas gifts) from Oma.
Everything was approved by both Pax and Meri.

They got a stuffy and antler each.

So this funnel was over the dumpster (purple, on left) and apparently it got clogged.
I was standing in the stairwell listening to a millionty snaps from Teh Sister, watching them unclog the funnel.
When the crane operator lifted the funnel and it dumped all the shit in the parking lot, I laughed.
When one of the dudes standing around gestured for the guy to raise the funnel higher and almost got hit by a 2nd round of shit falling out of the funnel.  This is ceiling repair stuff, but it included dry wall and insulation and all kinds of metal.
There is no shortage of people on campus who are ready for this project to be over with.
Within an hour and a half the parking lot was cleaned up and the crane was gone.
I didn't check if the funnel was replaced.

A man went to the zoo and there was only one animal, a dog.
It was a shih tzu.
(If this joke doesn't make sense, read it outloud.)

VIER - From the Internet Shit

Soooo uhh.. when I copied all the shit from my computer, I didn't include my Internet funnies/motivational pics.  You get what you get this week.

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. Waking up this morning and NOT feeling like a hot sack of ass.  At least for a short while.  After several hours of being upright, the ass feeling started to return.
  2. A full week of meals planned = no question about dinner = lots of leftovers for the weekend.
  3. Being in the office.  I know that seems weird, but this semester means a lot of time spent at campus and all the fun stuff happens when I'm not in the office.  It's depressing.
  4. Not giving a fuck about laundry sorting.  I sorted out all the laundry, then combined small loads because no fucks given.  I used to care.  Now I'm all about time saved.  This could be #SelfCare.
  5. Light work week.
  6. Adding a little more sugar to my coffee in the mornings.  Not that it wasn't sweet enough before, but a wee bit more made it go from meh to "Dis is derichious".
  7. Remembering to put my breakfast sammiches in the fridge to thaw.  I move them up the day before because of the cheese melding with the big bread, which I give to the dogs, and I want the cheese, so I have to have it not TOO thawed to easily restack my sammich.  It's hard to be me.
  8. 1 full week of school complete.
  9. No complications with getting a new computer and having the means to be able to get a new computer without issues.
  10. Sleeping through my alarm on Thursday morning and still making it to class on time.  When you're sick, this is a solid life achievement.  AND I remembered my lunch.  BOOM BEECHES.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.

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