Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Shit Teh German Said #28

After I criticized an extremely stupid commercial.
tG: They should put the most critical people in advertising.  You should have been in advertising.
tM: Actually... that's what I put on my college application as my dream job.  Making magazine advertisements.
tG:  I guessed it!

I tossed a lid at the sink, it hit the faucet, bounced out, and landed on the counter.
tG: That's such a big sink....

Discussing the fish tank.
Person: What kind of fish are you going to put in the tank?
tG: Gobblers.
tM: Like alge eaters?
tG: Yeah.

A few days later Teh German is looking at a dive magazine and announces the word he was looking for was GUPPIES.
Nope, they will now forever be known as GOBBLERS.  #NOTSORRY

Discussing a very bad job of lines painted on the road.
tG: That must have been a Monday or Friday job.

tG: Ok, time to release the beast... he walks to the bathroom.

Right after waking up, we're still laying in bed.
tM: Your nostril holes look like kidneys.
tG: Uh... okkkkkk.
tM: I'm just saying if you ever need a special talent and can't think of anything.
tG: Ok, so I have 4 kidneys...

tM: Our birthdays are next month and I don't know what we're going to do.
tG: Tell you what we're gonna do.. we're gonna get older.
tM: 🤦

Discussing the carry-on policy.
tM: There's a no bags policy.
tG: What about douche bags?

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  1. LOL I love Gobblers! I wish I had thought of that when I was a kid. My grandparents had tank gobblers.


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