Monday, January 21, 2019

Weekend Review {01/21}


After work, Teh German and I wound up at the gym at the same time, so we got to workout together, which usually doesn't happen.  In a OMG-you're-so-cute-I'm-going-to-vomit move, we both wore our Rugged Maniac race shirts, without knowing each other was wearing it.  We don't plan these things, this is just the way we are... we're just naturally this cute, Gentle Readers.

After gym time, we headed home, showered, and agreed that we wanted to go out for dinner since we'd been good all week about eating at home.  We agreed on Matt's Burgers in Summerville since it had good reviews on Yelp.  It turned out to be a hole-in-the-wall/Mom and Pop type of place.  We were lucky to get a table since there was only seats for less than 25 people.  The food was pretty good.  The burgers were pretty thin, but we were pleased with our life choice.

After dinner, we headed back home.  Teh German went over for a cigar with Teh PT Husband and I stayed home and laid in bed reading until I was tired.  When I had finally fallen asleep, Teh German came in and I was disgruntled for the rest of the night and couldn't sleep well.  He didn't mean to wake me up OR shine his cell phone flash in my eyes, but it happened and with the sickness that I'm struggling with, all sleeps that I get are precious and when I don't get my sleeps, I'm extra crotchety.


After super shitty sleeps Friday night, I tried to sleep in after Teh German went to work (yes, on Saturday) and that didn't really happen.  Instead, I got up and completed some to-do tasks (apply for an updated passport, purchase Pittsburgh flights, research study abroad things).  I did eventually start on my homework, but didn't get too far into it when Teh PT Wife said she was going to Sam's and asked if I wanted to join. I said yes and we also agreed to go to Target.

At Sam's, we played adult tetris because I didn't get my own cart.  I wasn't planning on purchasing the stuff that I did, buttt we managed to make it work.  After Sam's, we went to Target.  Coincidentally, after seeing photos of the new Oreo varieties on Teh Diver's page, I happened upon an endcap of Oreos and brought home these 2 new flavors:

I'm not gonna lie to you, the MOST STUF is too much Stuf, IMO.  They are good for eating without dunking in milk, but if you don't dunk an Oreo in milk, is it even really an Oreo at that point?  NO.  It's like Double Stuf x2, so you can't even taste the cookie.  Meh.  The Love Oreos are actually pretty good, but also not really for dunking, but they are delicious without milk, so it worked out.  I probably won't eat much of either, so I'll end up bringing them to work.  Also, with the MOST STUF, there's less than half of the cookies you'd get with Double Stuf.  I felt ripped off.  Double Stuf is this Goldilock's selection of "just right."

After getting home, I drove Willow over to Teh PT House, loaded her up with all my purchases, then backed down the street to the house and backed into the garage.  Teh German commented on the motion notifications he got and how weird it was that I left and immediately came back, and it confused him until I explained what happened.

After Teh German got home, we piddled around for a bit.  I scooped poop and eventually, Teh PT Kid came over to hangout with us for the evening since his parents were going out for dinner.  Usually, he doesn't stay with us, buttttt we had big plans!  He's been reading Harry Potter and I've been listening to the audiobook of whatever book he's on and we needed to watch, at least, the first movie!  He's also going to Universal Studios for his birthday at the end of the month and he needs to be prepared for Harry Potter World!

After I was done with poop duty, I sat down with my laptop and I set up Teh PT Kid to take the Pottermore quizes to determine his house and wand.  He seemed less than thrilled to be bothered with my Harry Potter excitement, so I gave up the fight and we loaded up and headed to Willie Jewell's for dinner.  We hadn't been there in a while and Teh PT Kid is a pretty picky eater, so this was a simple solution for everyone.

After we got back home, Teh German loaded up the first movie for us.  I was impressed Teh PT Kid stayed awake.  During the movie, Teh PT Kid and I discussed some points about how the book was different than the movie.  I pointed out actors from other stuff we'd watched to Teh German. 

After the movie ended, Teh PT Kid played on his Kindle while Teh German and I watched The Office.  When Teh PT Wife arrived to pick him up, she gave me a true-friend gift, a peanut butter tart dessert from Hall's Chophouse.

After our episode ended, it was bedtime for the elders.


Sunday morning, I got up for dog duty and finished up my German homework and started my programming assignment.  When Teh German got up, we discussed our plan of action and we agreed to pick up my prescriptions, grab breakfast, and swing by Lowe's.

After seeing on the Facebooks that Brunch Holiday was out, I told Teh German we needed to go there.  He'd not eaten there and I had, so I knew it was delicious.  He agreed that it was delicious, said he still felt hungry after he finished his meal, so that wasn't so good.

After breakfast, we went to pick up my prescriptions and a few random items that I'd forgotten the day before (of course).  I relearned that the $50 virtual doctor visit on Thursday was a fucking waste and that the doc had only prescribed Flonase, of which we have several bottles from Teh German's various sicknesses over the last two years.  She didn't actually prescribe any cough syrup, just suggested an OTC cough syrup.  I also learned that the birth control for my hot flashes will cost me $129 dollars per month.. soooo did NOT fill that prescription either.  Ugh.

We picked up the rest of the items on the list and then headed to Lowe's for a screen repair kit.  Not being able to breathe freely really drains me, so I just waited in the truck while Teh German ran in.  When we got home, I opted to take a nap, which really just resulted in me laying in bed reading until Teh PT Wife texted saying that our SC parents were at their house (Teh PT Wife's parents and Teh PT Husband's parents) and we should come over.  After getting the laundry caught up, I told Teh German we should go socialize and so we headed over.

When it was doggy dinner time, we returned home, fed the beasts, had leftover buffet for dinner, and then we watched The Office until it was bedtime.


Despite Teh German having to work on Saturday, it was still a pretty good weekend.  Since Teh German had to work today, I also chose to work today, rather than burn PTO.  Although, this morning before I rolled out of the bed, it was quite tempting to just have a lazy day.. then I remembered I don't have much in the way of tasking right now, sooo why not get paid?  I know, this is a rough life I lead. 

I almost considered going on a run this morning, but it was 32­­°F, so "too cold."  I also have very little effort to give due to the lingering sickness. 

Other fun facts.. I restarted my hot flashes birth control because the hot flashes are back.  It's really the pits.. but it was a nice non-medicated month.  I can tell a difference between Megan on the pill and Megan not on the pill, which makes me sad.  On the pill Megan is more emotional where Non-medicated Megan just doesn't give a fuck.  On the pill Megan really cries a lot too.  That's super annoying.

I didn't mention it above, but one of the other reasons for super shitty sleeps on Friday was because I reallllllyyyy want to do a study abroad this summer and my brain wouldn't let it go.  Specifically, I want to do a study abroad in Germany and there's a scholarship I could apply for through The Citadel, but I need to speak with my German professor to find out the details.

The biggest issue for my brain is, if I get to do the study abroad, there will be a lot of events that I don't get to take part in.  I also don't want to sign up for said events if I won't be able to attend, so I'm having to put off a few things until I figure out this study abroad situation.  My brain really doesn't like having to wait for things to fall into place, thus the extra shitty sleeps on Friday night.

This week includes:
-Setting up a time to meet with my German professor about the study abroad details and the scholarship.
-Calling my OB/GYN to get a different prescription OR calling my insurance company to find out why the BC isn't covered or if that's the high deductible price.  #FML
-Mailing off my passport renewal form after finding the terrorist pics that we took for Teh German's green card application and the certified marriage license.
-Homework things (of course).
-We potentially have a Yelp brunch on Sunday, if we both get accepted to attend the event.

We're within TWO WEEKS of my birthday!
Currently, there are no celebration plans, so I should figure something out.
Stupidly, the Super Bowl happens to fall on my bday this year, which is the shittiest shit.
I feel like January has lasted forever (that might be due to the sickness), so I'm ready for February.
Teh German and I are still in discussions about where we will be having our birthday dinner this year.  We usually go fancy for our anniversary and a February birthday dinner since his bday is at the end of February.  So we'll see where we end up.

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  1. What's so special about the love Oreos? Just the color? The Most Stuffed looked like way too much so I haven't even attempted. Don't mess with double stuff sucess.

    That SUCKS about BC $! Even when I didn't have insurance, mine was around 40$ a month. Hope it all gets straightened out.


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