Monday, January 28, 2019

Weekend Review {01/28}


Friday was stressful.  I went to work, then had to go to campus early to work on homework since I can only do it on campus, in 2 different classrooms, so options.  /rolleyes.  As a Cadet said to me regarding the situation, "This shit pisses me off because I like doing my homework in my room because I can wear sweatpants there."  Me too, bro, me too.

After German class, I went back to the lab to keep working on the homework.  It took me 3 hours of consistent work.  F.M.L.  Since it was almost 3 by the time I left campus, I just went home instead of going back to work, like I usually do on Fridays.  I skipped the gym since I had a 15k on Saturday, so no guilt.

When I got home, I sat on the couch with my laptop, watching Grace and Frankie until Teh German got home.  This scene is me and Teh Running Bestie.  No less than 3 times has this almost exact conversation taken place after she's insisted that balling up a fitted sheet is not an option.

Caption: This is harder than you said it would be.

Caption: They're round.  They do not fold.

Caption: Anyone that can do this is a powerful witch.


Dis da cutest wittle monkey doodle in da whole wide worlds.

Teh German came home and we agreed to go to the Citadel Student Veterans Association (CSVA) hangout at Holy City Brewing (HCB).  It's not so often that Teh German gets to meet the people that I hang out with at school, so it was a fun adventure.  Also, as I've said before, There is a difference between Megan around military friends vs Megan around civilians.  It's not bad, it's just that I'm a little more coarse around military friends because that's the atmosphere we're all used to.  It's hard to really describe without making myself sound like I'm schizophrenic.  Moving on.

We hung out at HCB for a while and I was starving, so we went to somewhere that I cannot remember for dinner.  I think I had a burger.  Who knows.  I didn't die, that's the important part.  Normally, I check in on Yelp, but nothing from Friday actually showed up on my Yelp check-ins and if it wasn't on the internet it didn't happen.. /shrug.

After dinner, we headed home and it was immediately bedtime.


Saturday morning started at normal weekday time, which is always a disappointment.  I was running the Charlie Post Classic 15k.  I was out of the house by 0630 and I was parked on Sullivans Island by 0715.  I did a social media check, then I opted for a nap in the backseat after burrito-ing myself in a dog comforter from the back.  I set an alarm and tried to sleep.  I didn't really get any sleep, but I did rest, which was nice since I had woken up with a headache.

My alarm went off, again, at 0807 and I slowly roused myself and headed to the start line.  I detoured into the porta potty line, which thankfully moved quickly, as there were only 5 porta potties and a limited amount of time.  While waiting I talked to the people standing with me and one of them was a dude who had placed 3rd in his age group for The Bridge Run.  He admitted his freakish ways.  After shattering his knee cap soon after his win, the 5k race was his running come back.  Spoiler alert: I saw him at his car when I was almost to the finish line and I asked how he did and he said he placed in the top 3 for his age group.  Impressive if you ask me.

Passed by these things on the boring AF course:

I'm going to do a race review on the race, so I won't discuss it here, but meh was my overall feeling.  After the race, Teh German and I met at Vicious Biscuit for post race noms.  #SolidLifeChoice

Teh German had wanted to go to the reopening of the salt water fish store in North Charleston, but when I talked to him, he said there was a super long line and he agreed with me that it 1- wasn't worth the wait, and 2- he really needed to speak to someone in detail for a long time, so the reopening probably wasn't the best day to dominate an employee's time.  He arrived as I was the next person in line to order at Vicious Biscuit.

After breakfast, we headed to the car wash, but when I saw all the cars in line I said, nope, fuck that and left.  Teh German waited it out.  While I showered and vibrated and got in my post-run nap, Teh German was busy cleaning Baloo.  When I finally got up, we didn't have plans so I ended up finishing a book and then we agreed to meet some friends at Craft Conundrum.  I was also hungry again, and needed to be fed.  We agreed to meet them at Zen Asian Fusion beforehand for dinner.

I'm not really sure how long we waited, but it was forever and I was dying of starvation and there was a weird lady at the bar near us who kept inserting herself into the conversations going on near her and it was fucking weird.  When dinner arrived, I scarfed down my sushi roll and I probably could have eaten another half of a sushi roll, but decided on moderation.

After dinner, we headed to Craft Conundrum where we all sat and chatted and I happened to look over at the TV and watched a gymnast face plant into the mats after missing the bar he was reaching for.  I immediately turned to Teh German who confirmed that he had also seen it happen and I started to cackle until I cried.  It was hilarious.

After Craft Conundrum, Teh German and I parted ways with our friends and we went through the Krispy Kreme drive through.  After dessert, we headed home and it was immediately bedtime.


Sunday funday... meh.  I woke up at 0845 and Meri determined I was done with sleepy time.  I got up and handled the beasts and made toast and an egg for breakfast, then set to the homework tasks.

Teh German got up and made coffee, which helped power me through another stretch of homework.  I didn't catch up on the readings I probably should be doing, but they are soooooo boringgggg(uh), but I did finish everything that might need to be turned in, so balance.

While I was doing homework, Teh German went out to do whatever things he does when I do homework.  Before he'd left we had agreed on eating a late lunch/really early dinner rather than making dinner.  When he got home, I informed him that I had probably an hour left, so he entertained himself while I finished up.

Da Mooooooooosie Moose

Her paw was in front of my phone so I couldn't find a place for lunch...
So I'd be trapped on the couch forever to pet her belly.

After getting ready, we headed to Buffalo Wild Wings, which had been our dinner place of choice on Friday night until we realized they were doing renovations.  We went to the Summerville location instead, which did not disappoint us.

After dinner, we headed back home and enjoyed The Office for the rest of the evening.  Jim finally proposed to Pam at the gas station and even Teh German said, "Awwwww."


Verdict: very good weekend!

Teh German and I discussed how it felt like a lazy weekend, but we both accomplished a lot.  January is weird like that I guess.  I really should accomplish these outstanding reading assignments I have, it might help clear stuff up for my classes, or it will just put me to sleep, it's a toss up really.

This week includes:
-more homework that I couldn't finish this weekend, but it's a group assignment, so that will help.
-Teh PT Kid's birthday dinner celebration
-The Yelpies!
-Save the Lighthouse Half on Saturday

I'm super pumped that February is finally upon us.  It's the best month of the year, on principle mostly.

I was considering having a brunch gathering on Sunday, followed up with ice skating... everything ending early enough for Foosball fans to get in front of their TVs in time for that stupid game... but then I remembered that I am running a half marathon on Saturday and my legs will probably not be capable of ice skating the day after.  Soooo, back to the drawing board.  The other option is to just have people come hang out, but I'm not planning on hosting a gathering for football, so I don't overly want people at the house in case they think it's a good idea to stay.  It's not.  I'll probably do the same thing I did last year, make an appearance for the halftime show and then go back home and do homework/Megan things.

My plan C would be a double birthday celebration for myself and Teh German at the same time, hosting an evening gathering during the weekend at some point between our birthdays, but then that means that there won't be a Megan celebration and that makes me sad.  Call me selfish.  It's fine.

IDK, I'm sure I'll figure something out.  But wish me luck, just in case.


  1. -You talking about sushi confirms that I need sushi.
    -I am kind of excited about Football but also...not sure how it will work with the little one and having to work the next day...but mainly excited for the food.

  2. I recently binge watched all of Grace & Frankie & became obsessed!


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