Friday, January 25, 2019

Five on Friday #180

EINS - Random Shit

-I skipped my afternoon class Thursday and it was wonderful.  Despite the fact that vet student attendance doesn't actually matter (like regular universities vs The Citadel where Cadet attendance is taken and they get punished if they don't go to class/are late), I make it a point to go to class.  Well, I had to pick up my race packet in Mount Pleasant, so after grabbing lunch at a delicious place (I'll get back to this), I delivered guilt coffee to Teh German and then since I was halfway home, I just went home instead of going back downtown to class.  #FuckIt.

-It didn't help that I woke up Thursday with the DNGAF on extremely high.  I had wanted to sleep in, but Teh German, lovingly, kept waking me up... by shaking me to kiss me when he woke up and then rather than kissing me goodbye before he went downstairs when I was already awake, he did all his stuff downstairs then came back upstairs after to tell me goodbye, which means that was extra time I was awake since noise was being made and I'm sensitive.  I tried go to back to sleep after he left, but my brain was like, nah fuck that too.  So I got up with great disgruntlement and got ready and opted to treat myself with Bojangles...  because I'm an animal.  Coincidentally, it was raining Thursday morning so I checked Waze before I left to see which way I should take to school, assuming that one of the ways would take me by a Bojangles.  None of them did, so I said fuck that and made it happen.  It took me an hour to get to school, which is how long it would have taken if I had went down 26, so whatever.  I was still on time.

-This derichious food place in Mount Pleasant: Vicious Biscuit.  I'd read about it on Yelp before and it had stellar reviews, but we don't make it down to Mt. P very often and since I was in the area for packet pickup, I figured, why not?  Fortunately, there wasn't a wait, like most of the reviews had mentioned, and it was for the best because the noises I made while eating were not appropriate for large crowds.  I already told Teh German that's where I plan on having breakfast after my Saturday race.

-Saturday race..  this one was a whim decision.  I'm doing the Post-Charlie Classic 15k.  I don't think we get participating medals, but the t-shirt hoodie I got was worth the cheap registration fee... although I ordered a size too big since I wasn't sure what kind of hoodie it would be (sweatshirt material or t-shirt material) and when I asked if I could swap for a different size, I was told no.  Add that to the list of shit that makes me stabby.  There are so many different shirt manufacturers and each one does their design differently so no two shirts fit the same.  So how the shit am I supposed to order properly without seeing the shirt or knowing some details about it?

-The biggest reason I signed up for a race, actually 2, was because I need to get off my ass and run, and if I pay to run, then I'll do it.  I also signed up for a half marathon the day before my birthday for several reasons: 1- training, need to do it, 2- it's for a good cause (Save the Lighthouse), 3- it was still cheap (I hate when races tier the prices to increase as it the race gets closer to make more money), 4- I confirmed that half marathon participants receive medals, 5- I've considered doing this race before, but didn't because #Birthday.

-Because I had guilt for eating at the biscuit place without Teh German, I stopped by Metto and ordered frozen coffees for us and delivered his with the confession that I'd went without him to a new place.  He was ok with it because coffee delivery.  #YOLO

-I hope I'm not jinxing myself, but I'm starting to feel 100% again.  I've started tapering off medications so my system doesn't regress back to being poorly due to shock.

-I talked with my German professor about a German study abroad.  It seems simple enough, but I'm not sure if my GI Bill will cover the cost, which is crappy.  There are scholarships I could apply for, but I always feel guilty about receiving scholarships when I actually have an income and I could technically pay out of pocket for it.  Not enough guilt to NOT apply, but still.  Some guilt.

-I spent the majority of Thursday evening writing my scholarship proposal and personal statement.  Riveting stuff.  Also, not having to take any English classes means that I'm not as practiced in generating bullshit to meet a page minimum/limit.  Ugh.  #MeganProblems

-I was crushed to learn that the 2nd of the scholarship applications required a 1 page personal statement and statement of purpose.  The first scholarship application required 1 page for each statement.  So now I have to condense 2 pages onto one.  I have to get rid of my words.  THIS IS A CRISIS, GENTLE READERS!

-The real question is... do I plan to do the study abroad even if I don't get the scholarships and the GI Bill won't pay for it?  That is the most difficult question.  If I don't go, then I have a millionty runs I need to register for.  If I do go, then there will be no runcations in my immediate future.

-You'll be happy to know that I also started working on Snowcation drafts.  This week has been a real shit show in regards to my evening free time, aka I haven't had any, so not much has gotten accomplished, but I'm hoping to have at least part 1 (of 3) done by next Weds.  I think that's reasonable.

-Teh German's professional development activities are "complete".  Quotation marks because professional development is never complete.  I mean, even Teh German says, "There's always room for improvement."  He once said that to my face as a compliment.  I still don't understand.  #LanguageBarrier.

What this really means is that he's probably going to start working on the salt water fish tank this weekend.  Whatevs.  I'll be busy doing homework and running and things.  I may even have to go to school and spend time on campus doing shitty shit for my cybersecurity class because the tasks I completed weren't correct and I found out Thurs night at 9:30.  I also have homework due Monday that has to be completed in the lab which makes me stabby since the technology field is about being able to do things remotely.  W.T.FFFFFFFFFFF.

-Did you know that you can find coupons for prescriptions online?  It's true.  My OB/GYN prescribed Lo Loestrin for my hot flashes.  Unfortunately for me and everyone else, there is no generic for this medication since it is so new.  The good thing about this particular medication is that it has the lowest amount of estrogen, which means the significantly less side effects.  While in talks with my insurance provider regarding why a birth control prescription was going to be $129 (yeeeeppp) and the doctor's office about the list of free medications that I suggested the doc prescribe, I was all over the internet researching for generics.  Nothin.  But on the Lo Loestrin website, they have a prescription discount card or something that you can "apply" for (put in your info, click submit, approval form to print pops up).  I printed that sucker out and brought it to the pharmacy and they confirmed that I'd only have to pay $25 per month instead of $129.  OK FINE.  Take my money.

I'm still hoping that the doc can find a FREE.99 prescription, but I'm not sure if the side effects of a free prescription will be worth the cost savings... because ya'll.. I'm a fucking psycho on BC.  It's a roller coaster... NOT of love.

-This week was weird because I didn't have school on Monday but I had work, but Tuesday felt like Monday and Thursday felt like Friday and it was literally fuck this shit o clock at all times all week long.  It's too early in the year for it to be this way already.

-I started listening to Before We Were Yours and then my Harry Potter (3) audiobook came available, so I had to start listening to it because library take backsies are real, yall.  I'm sad and glad, but pretty sad because I was really getting into Before We Were Yours.  I finally gave up on my German audiobook that I was trying to power through.  It wasn't worth it.  When people say there are good and bad book seasons, they are preaching facts.  I was in a bad season, but it looks like I've pulled through.  #PraiseTheBookLords

-There is a onesie bar crawl in Charleston this weekend and Teh German got super excited about it after seeing Teh PT Wife mark that she was interested.  Despite her telling us several times about conflicting plans, Teh German did not seem to get the memo that Teh PT Fam was probably not attending.  I was apathetic about the entire situation.  THEN, Teh German won free VIP tickets through Instagram and now we're going.  That meme about how something sounded like a good idea at the time, but when the time comes you don't want to go?  That's me.  Not just because finding an adult onesie in January is impossible, but also because I have soooo many better things to do.

-Sometimes, I go through Buzzfeed to find internet funnies to share.  Sometimes I also get lured in by the click bait that is "Items You Didn't Know You Needed!"  Almost every single time, none of the items on the lists are anything that I would ever actually spend my money on and most of the items make me think, are people really so stupid they need this shit?

-YA'LL. is still a thing.  For those of you who are like, I've seen that before... or those of you who have no idea.  I spent approximately half of my life in 2003/2004 on the Fastweb website trying to find scholarships for college.  I applied for sooo many scholarships, only to never receive a single cent from any scholarship I applied for via that website.

-That reminds me.  Once upon a time, when I was in 8th grade, Teh Dad paid some company almost $1000 to help me plan for college.  We even went up to App State for a seminar about scholarships and they had "special access" to certain scholarship, blah blah blah.  2 years later they vanished. 

-Through the week I've been trying to find silver linings to shit that really pissed me off or were bad/inconvenient... but I've run out of effort to give to finding silver linings by this point in the week and I only got 5 hours of sleep last night, which is NOT enough for my needs.

-It makes me stabby when I have to do homework at school because being at school more than I already am is annoying.  Part of getting a computer science degree is being able to be ANYWHERE.  Why is that not a thing for my education as well?  This is 2019.

ZWEI - Money Shit

-Household needs (fine, I bought toilet paper and paper towels and toothpaste)
-Charlie Post Classic 15k (tomorrow)
-Save the Lighthouse Half Marathon (Feb 2nd)
-Flights for Pittsburgh in March
-Passport renewal fee
-Passport photo
-Postage to mail passport stuff
-Sweet tea
-Vicious Biscuit lunch
-Metto (guilt) coffee

DREI - From My Phone Shit

$16 for this gem x2

What's faster, hot or cold?
Hot.  You can catch a cold.


I went outside to check for Meri's toys that she likes to sneak outside.
Then I managed to talk myself into scooping poop.
These shitters supervised.

VIER - From the Internet Shit


FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. Completing my programming homework early.
  2. My instructors appreciating my enthusiasm.
  3. Friends who will critique my essays.
  4. Coupons for prescriptions.
  5. Teh German's professional development things... even if I had to do that shit myself.  So like, this makes me happy AND stabby at the same time.  It's complicated.
  6. A lunch date with Teh German at one of our favorite pizza places (Famulari's in West Ashley)
  7. Teh German winning something from an Instagram giveaway, even if I'm less than excited about actually participating.
  8. Unlimited data for me this month after getting a 1GB data reward and having a LOT of carry over data, oops.  I have over 4GB to use this month.  It's never gonna happen.  I can barely use 2GB per month.  #DatWifiLife
  9. Finding my Citadel parking tickets that I never took care of in an old planner.  It made me laugh and sigh because one day I'll have to handle that disaster of a situation.
  10. Applying for scholarships like it's 2003 all over again.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.


  1. -I was sick this weekend and totally DNGAF about my class. This class is suuuuuper slow though so I actually didn't miss anything...yay? Just hoping it doesn't crash all at once later in the semester.
    -My parents also paid $1000 for people to "help" us with the FAFSA and not get audited and in trouble...they were happy because my freshman year I did get a lot of financial help so it felt worth it but looking back I'm worried it wasn't :(
    -Totally bought those meme stickers. Probably still have the tote covered in them somewhere.

  2. Oh. My. God! I need that biscuit in my life RIGHT NOW! I've been sitting here all day feeling sort of hungry but nothing has sounded good. That. That looks good!


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